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Author: Sophia Man|2024-3-6

No pair of breasts are identical to another pair as each woman has a unique set of genetic components, age, and hormonal regulations that can alter the size and shape of your breasts. Boobs are a component of both men's and women's sexual physiology. Boobs can both be practical (for nursing) and erotic for all of us ladies. Man breasts serve no purpose. Both nipples and areolae are obvious portions of chest anatomy that differ from one individual to another due to genetic variants. In this article, we will look into the anatomy of the female breasts, a closer look into the functions of the mammary glands and ways to enhance your breast size via mammary gland simulation. These methods also include New Beauty Australia’s B6 Breast Enhancement – a non-invasive breast enhancement treatment that stimulates acupoints at mammary glands to secrete hormones for the perky and full breast!


What Constitutes Breasts?

Female breasts are comprised of various kinds of tissue. Muscles have connected the breasts towards the ribcage but are not included in the breast structure. One of the various forms of breast tissue are:

Sweat gland

Glands, also known as lobules, generate breastmilk.

Fatty tissue

This tissue influences the size of the chest.

Fibres or fibrous tissue

Elastic tissue anchors glandular and fat tissue in the breasts.


What Does the Breast Anatomy Encompass?

Female breast biology is divided into several sections, which include:


Every breast is divided into fifteen to twenty lobes or divisions. This lobe, like sprockets on a wheel, encircles the nipple area.

Glomerular tissue (lobules)

These little pieces of cells that are found inside the lobe contain small bulblike ducts that generate milk.


The nip is located in the areola's centre. The nipple contains approximately nine lactiferous ducts as well as neurons.


The areola is indeed the dark-coloured circle of skin that surrounds the nipple. Montgomery's ducts, which are found on areolae, produce a lubricating oil. During nursing, this lubricant prevents the nipple and epidermis from stinging.

Blood capillaries

Blood vessels transport oxygen and nutrients all across the chest, breast, and body.

Lymphatic arteries

These tubes, which are components of the lymph system, convey lymph, a liquid that aids the immune system's ability in preventing infection. Lymphatic vessels link to lymph glands, or nodes, which can be located underneath the underarm, in the chest, and elsewhere.

Nerve endings

Because nips have thousands of sensory neurons, they are acutely susceptible to pressure and excitement.

Mammary nodes/ glands

These tiny tubes, known as ducts, transport breast milk from glandular tissue to the nipples.


What is a Mammary Gland?

Humans as well as other mammalian breasts include mammary glands. Mammary glands, which also are controlled by the endocrine system, respond to chemical alterations that occur throughout both during and after pregnancy. Breastfeeding, often known as milk output, is controlled by the mammary glands.

Cancer, which typically develops in the mammary or breast ducts, is the most dangerous issue to breast well-being. According to statistics, one in every eight women will acquire breast cancer over their lifespan. Anaemia, cysts, tumours, and early-stage development are some disorders that can damage the breast glands.

The chest contains the mammary glands. They form in couples from modified sebaceous glands. Mammary glands are already present throughout all persons, irrespective of gender. However, only individuals who experience an oestrogen spike throughout adolescence will still have fully established mammary glands and breasts. Individuals who experience a rush of testosterone throughout adolescence have undeveloped mammary glands and fail to grow breasts.

The exterior breast does have a high nipple and a darker region around it termed the areola. Essentially, the breast contains 15-20 lobes of mammary glands that radiate outward from the nipple in a round.


What Is the Purpose of Mammary Glands?

Hormones play an essential role in facilitating the primary function of the mammary glands, milk production.

Mammary glands develop with the aid of oestrogen, as it helps them to spread out and store extra milk. Oestrogen and growth regulators stimulate the growth and advancement of the mammary glands throughout adolescence. The milk tubes and breast swell during childbearing as oestrogen and progesterone levels rise.

Prolactin aids in the growth of mammary glands and milk composition. Progesterone promotes the growth of lobules in readiness for breastfeeding, as well as the enlargement of blood capillaries in the bosom following ovulation, which adds to chest enlargement and soreness. Milk is ejected from the glands as a result of oxytocin.

Lactating breasts atrophy when oestrogen synthesis declines around menopause, leading the bosom to look gentler and far less full throughout aging.


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Natural Ways to Enlarge Breasts

After all, boob size can alter within controlled situations. So, by increasing weight, women can organically expand their mammary glands. Extra kilogrammes enhance the capacity of the mammary ducts as well. Throughout pregnancy or breastfeeding, the very same thing occurs.

However, natural remedies for breast enhancement only provide a brief impact: it is worthwhile to lose some weight and stop nursing because the chest not only reduces to its original level, and also droops dramatically, and stretch marks can develop.

Other in-house remedies you can try include:

Attempt some breast workouts

The workout will not make your breast bigger. The appropriate workouts, on the contrary hand, can be quite beneficial for building the pectorals beneath the breasts, in addition to the shoulders and back muscles. This might make your breast look bigger, firmer, and tighter.

Among the workouts to try are: wall press push-up Extending the chest press The Serpent Pose

Maintain a better posture

There is no disadvantage to providing a decent stance. While great posture will not actually increase the size of the breasts, it will make them seem perkier.

Stability, endurance, and elasticity are also aided by perfect posture. Also, it aids in the strengthening of the belly and spinal erectors.

The following exercises will assist you in bettering your stance: - Infant Pose - planks workout - The Cat-Cow Pose

Contemplate buying a new bra.

Most women wear an incorrect bra size. According to a study, 70% of women wear underwear that is excessively small, while 10% wear a bra that is excessively big.

A bra that is overly snug may compress the bosom, causing them to look small. It may also produce unsightly leaking along the sides and behind.

A bra that is too big will not lift the breast, causing them to appear droopy. Wearing an out-of-date bra is also harmful. Bras expand in the washing machine and may no longer have a place in accordance with the measurement on the tag after several washes.

It's possible that your favourite bra has to be changed into one that actually fits. Well-fitting underwear may stimulate and highlight your breast, enhancing their appearance despite their size. When you go bra shopping, think about undergoing professional adjustments.

These methods may help to increase the size of your mammary glands and in turn, enhance the size of your breasts. With the plentiful number of breast enhancement treatments, breast enhancement creams, breast reconstruction surgery, breast implants, and breast augmentation surgery, it can be challenging to select the right treatment that caters to the increase in boob size and prevent sagging boobs in older women.

Thankfully, the B6 Breast Enhancement at New Beauty Australia uses a non-invasive acupressure machine that stimulates the mammary glands to secrete hormones to increase the size of the breast and also induce collagen production for perky and full breasts!


B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment: Say No to Sagging Boobs Today!

Round, firm and perky are the words we use to define a young pair of breasts. But with passing age, the secretion of hormones oestrogen and progesterone will decrease due to menopause and this causes breasts to become saggy and droopy. With the B6 Breast Enhancement, you can now obtain bigger, rounder and perkier breasts that fit your ideal boob goals.

The B6 Breast Enhancement uses an acupressure machine that excites acupoints located near mammary gland tissue and breast tissue thus activating hormone secretion of progesterone and oestrogen. These hormones induce collagen production in the breasts as it begins to tighten and lift up the breasts. The acupressure machine also helps to tighten excess skin found in the sides of breasts and shift fat cells to the upper cheats area for larger boob size and a deeper cleavage. This creates naturally lifted breasts with an improvement in their overall health.



If you're looking for a natural way to lift and enlarge your breasts, look no further than the B6 Breast Enhancement. Our acupressure machine helps stimulate collagen production near the mammary glands, which helps lift and support the breasts.

Plus, our treatments are more affordable and cause less damage than other breast enhancement methods. So book your appointment today and start enjoying your new, lifted breasts with the B6 Breast Enhancement!


What are mammary glands?

Mammary glands are the milk tube or milk glands that carry breast milk during breastfeeding.

Who is suited for the B6 Breast Enhancement?

The B6 Breast Enhancement is suited for individuals with sagging boobs, droopy boobs, auxiliary breasts, abnormal breasts, excess side-breast fat, asymmetrical breasts and smaller breasts. It is also suited for people who want to increase their breast shape and increase the connective tissue in the breast.

How many sessions of the B6 Breast Enhancement will I need to participate in?

You will need to partake in 6 to 12 sessions of the B6 Breast Enhancement to see effective and increased breast size and rounder breast shape.

Does the B6 Breast Enhancement cause any pain?

The B6 Breast Enhancement does not cause any pain or discomfort to the sensitive and delicate breast skin cells as it does not utilise any surgical incisions, injections, or local anaesthesia during its course. Unlike breast augmentation surgery and breast implant that can cause pain, the B6 Breast Enhancement does not have any severe side effects post-treatment as well.

Do I need a long recovery time after the B6 Breast Enhancement?

No, after undergoing the B6 Breast Enhancement, you do not need to allocate a special time as it is a non-invasive breast enhancement treatment and you can return to your daily routines as soon as treatment ends.


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