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Author: Sophia Man|2024-3-7

Curviness and perky looks are a desired characteristic of an attractive bosom. It is more significant to a certain than volume. You undergo a significant amount of physical and biochemical changes as a woman throughout your existence. To mention only some, pregnancy, nursing, menstruation, and weight changes. These factors might diminish the youthfulness of your breasts and make them appear saggy or droopy. Thankfully, there are treatments available to halt the drooping process and keep your breasts perky for a longer amount of time as women age. Cosmetic products, sufficient support, a workout, and a couple of lifestyle adjustments can all assist you in maintaining your bosom bouncy for a longer duration of time. They can only reduce the progression of sagging, never halt it or restore your beautiful youthful breasts. The one and only approach to accomplish this are through aesthetic breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation, breast enlargement surgery, surgical removal, and liposuction are some of the techniques to restore the appearance and feel of your breasts while increasing breast volume. In this article we will look into the different types of surgical breast augmentation methods, the risks that follow after undergoing them and how New Beauty Australia’s B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment uses massage techniques at acupoints of the natural breast tissue to give them a fuller and perkier look.


How Many Kinds of Surgical Breast Augmentation Procedures Are There?

Implants and liposuction augmentation are the two basic kinds of breast augmentation procedures. There are other alternatives in these two types depending on how you desire your breasts to appear and feel. Some implants are only permitted by the FDA within certain ages. Before deciding on breast augmentation, it's critical to thoroughly study and understand the benefits and detriments of every option, as well as consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

The liposuction breast augmentation procedure is when your physician utilises suction to extract fat from this other portion of your body and deposit it into your breasts. This form of augmenting is typically used for women who seek a minimal increase in boob size. In most circumstances, your physician will extract fat from any of these sites:

· The stomach · The sides (the sides and lower portion of your stomach) · The back and thighs

One of the most popular kinds of breast augmentation is breast implants. Alternatives for Breast implants include:

Saline implants

This type of breast implant is made of sterile saline or known as salt water. If the saline implants burst within the breast, the body can receive the saltwater and eliminate it normally.

Breast implants made of structured saline

This sort of breast implant is made of sterile saline/saltwater and contains an interior design that makes them appear more natural.

Silicone implants

Silicone gel is used to make these implants and if the silicone implant ruptures, the fluid may remain inside the case or flow inside your breast. If you have silicone breast implants, you may be required to visit your cosmetic surgeon on a frequent basis to ensure that they are functioning correctly.

Breast implants that are form-stable

Because they retain their form even when the implant casing cracks, these implants are sometimes referred to as gummy bear breast implants. They are stiffer and constructed of a denser silicone gel than traditional implants. Form-stable breast implants necessitate a larger cut in the skin during operation.

Breast implants that are round

Such implants often help breasts appear fuller. Because the implants are spherical all around, it usually does not even affect the appearance of the bust if they spin out of position.

Breast implants that are smooth

Smooth breast implants are the softest of all the different types of implants. Smooth breast implants typically appear more genuine than some other implants.

Breast implants with texture

This breast implant procedure can cause scar tissue to cling to the implant, making it a little less difficult for it to wander around within the breast. Although rare, breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is more common in patients who already have breast implants with contours.


Can The Breasts Augmentation Procedure Be Reversed?

Yes, breast implant removal surgery can be performed by a plastic surgeon. Because breast implants are also not promised to last for a lifespan, many women who have undergone breast implant surgery will require another treatment in the future.

· Replacing the existing breast implants with fresh implants is one of these treatments. · Relocating current breast implants. · Removal of breast implants without replacement.


Possible Adverse Effects of Surgical Breast Enhancement Procedure

Similar to any surgical procedure, there will be side effects and the possibility of problems that come with breasts augmentation as well

· Pain and swelling and higher susceptibility in the nipple region · Damage is a possible side effect of undergoing cosmetic surgery for breasts · Loss of blood · Inflammation

Though uncommon, pressing problems of surgery for breast augmentation might include:

· Infections · Scar repair complications · Hematoma (accumulation of blood in the surgical area)

Breast augmentation surgery causes complications which may develop over time and usually involve:

Scar tissue formation

This is frequently referred to as capsular contracture.

The implants begin to sagging

Your breasts may sag as a result of gravity, inadequate placement and more.


Symmastia occurs if your breast implants move towards the centre of the chest muscles, giving the illusion of a single undivided breast.

The liquid surrounding the breast implant

This is sometimes referred to as an abscess.

Implant shrinkage or bursting

There is a possibility for the breast implant procedure to backfire which can cause them to become smaller or explode out of their implant shell. Implants are not intended to be permanent. You may require additional surgery in the future.

Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)

This immunological breast cancer is extremely rare; however, it has occurred in women who have had breast implants with rough or bumpy surfaces. Indications such as fluctuation in breast size or form changes, oedema, or abnormalities may appear between two and eight years following the implant operation.

Breast augmentation procedures can be daunting especially if you are sensitive to pain. Not to mention the tons of complications that come with surgical breast implants that may cause more harm than benefits for perky breasts.

Are there any other breast enhancement procedures that have a longer effect and are less invasive than surgical options?


B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment: A Non-Surgical Method to Get Perky Breasts!

Saggy boobs or unnatural breast shapes in women can lead them towards emotional and mental distress as breasts are one of the factors that lift women’s self-esteem. The breast tissue is made of fewer muscle tissues and more fat cells. Due to several factors such as age and lack of exercise, the amount of collagen in the breasts begins to decrease, resulting in loose supportive breast tissue that ultimately causes saggy boobs.

The B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment at New Beauty Australia is a miraculous non-surgical and natural breast enhancement procedure that does not utilise any form of incision, surgical equipment or anaesthesia. Instead, it uses an acupressure machine that helps to stimulate acupoints that are close to breast tissue and mammary glands. This act causes the secretion of hormones that aid your breasts in becoming perkier and fuller. The secretion of hormones has a domino effect on the breast tissue and mammary glands as it stimulates collagen production which supports the connective tissues on the breasts, giving birth to a rounder and tightened breast with an increased cup size.

Moreover, the B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment also encompasses manual massage techniques that shift excess breasts skin and fat on the side and upper segment of your breasts to give you more centred-looking, younger and natural breasts.

The B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment is a far better option compared to the breast augmentation procedures mentioned above as it is non-invasive and painless. This breast enhancement treatment uses a natural method to improve the health of the breasts and stimulates acupoints that induce collagen production.


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The Final Note

So if you’re looking for a painless and affordable way to enhance your breasts, look no further than B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment at New Beauty Australia. Our team of experts are passionate about helping women feel more confident in their own skin, and we know that this treatment can do just that.

Book your appointment now to reshape and rejuvenate your breasts while increasing their size – the results will speak for themselves!


Why do women choose to go for breast enhancement treatments?

There are many reasons that lead to choosing the right breast enhancement treatment and they include side breasts, excess breast skin, saggy breasts, small breasts, asymmetrical breasts, and many more. These can be caused by hormonal imbalance, genetics, food consumption, lack of exercise, pregnancy, menopause, puberty and others.

Are there severe side effects to surgical breast augmentation compared to the B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment?

Yes, the side effects after undergoing generic breast augmentation procedures can cause long-term effects that lead to lowered health benefits for the breasts. Inflammation, soreness and infections are some of the mild side effects that mare occur after a breast augmentation procedure. The more severe forms of complications include wound healing issues, implant rupture, sagging implants and others.Compared to the general breast augmentation procedure, the B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment is a better option in terms of safety and comfort as this treatment does not utilise any needles, medications, anaesthesia or incisions.

Who is suitable for the B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment?

This all-natural breast enhancement treatment is suitable for women who want to increase their breast size and address breast issues that include smaller breasts, sagging breasts, excess fat at the side of breasts and more. The B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment is also non-irritating to the skin as bodes well with different skin types and skin tones.

How many sessions of the B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment will I need to see the effect?

We at New Beauty Australia recommend you undergo 6 to 12 sessions of the B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment as a complete course of treatment. You can see the difference in breast shape and breast size within the first few sessions.

Is there a long recovery time after the B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment?

After proceeding with the B6 Breast Enhancement Treatment, you do not need to allocate a significant amount of time to recover. Most customers have responded well to the treatment and mentioned that they have returned to work within the same day.


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