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About New Beauty

New Beauty has 21 years of professional medical beauty experience and is a brand under the Hong Kong listed medical aesthetic group. So far, through customised treatments, countless customers have achieved satisfactory results. We provide a variety of skin and body management treatments, including skin care, slimming and body sculpting, eye brightening, hair growth, IPL hair removal, pain management, etc., allowing you to solve all medical and aesthetic needs at one stop.

Our branches are located in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China, with over 100 branches around the world, providing targeted aesthetic treatments for our customers. New Beauty mainly provides non-invasive and painless medical beauty treatments, and believes that safe and effective solutions can achieve optimal aesthetic and slimming results for you. We welcome you to explore with us, contact us now, and customize the most suitable aesthetic solutions for you.

Star Treatments

Sculpt Your Dream Body

Allows you to quickly lose excess fat through various fat-reducing technology aimed at destroying fat cells and tissues for natural expulsion via metabolism. Even if you lack exercise, our safe treatments can effectively slim and shape your body.

Slimming & Fat Loss Treatments

Sculpt Your Dream Body

Sculpt Your Dream Body

Why Choose New Beauty?

Personalized Treatment Plan

Everyone’s skin and body issues are different. New Beauty formulates the most suitable treatment plan according to individual needs, so that results can be maximized.

Therapists with Years of Experience

So far, New Beauty has 21 years of medical aesthetic experience. Our experienced therapists provide the highest quality and most sincere service, based on personalized needs, to each and every customer.

Professional Skin, Body and Hair Analysis

Only by truly understanding various skin, body and hair problems can we effectively solve them. New Beauty is equipped with professional analysis devices to identify individual aesthetic needs and plan targeted treatments.

Efficient and Safe Machines

New Beauty has a variety of world-class equipment and treatments to ensure that customers can quickly see significant results. Most of the our equipments have several certifications, so you can feel safe and secure.

New Beauty One-Stop
Medical Aesthetic Centre

With years of professional experience, New Beauty has been supported by countless customers and witnessed millions of successful cases, resulting in healthier and more beautiful skin and body. In order to provide customers with better service, we are committed to utilising efficient and safe treatments and equipment, and working with strictly trained therapists to ensure that every customer can get the most satisfactory treatment experience.

New Beauty
Customer Journey

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Beauty Treatment Now

Detailed Treatment Consultation
Before starting any aesthetic treatments, New Beauty’s consultant will provide a detailed treatment consultation, explaining the relevant philosophies, techniques, effects and precautions. Feel free to check with our consultants if you have any doubts on the expected results of the treatment.
Condition Analysis
Knowing your skin and body shape problems allow us to arrange a more suitable treatment. New Beauty uses high-tech equipment to check the skin condition, body fat distribution, hair growth for each customer, to best determine your aesthetic needs and provide suitable treatment plans.
Undergoing Treatment
All our medical and aesthetic treatments meet the specified safety standards, and the equipment and equipment have passed the relevant standards. New Beauty’s therapists will professional administer the equipment improve your targeted concerns. After the treatment is completed, our therapists will advice you on aftercare procedures to ensure that treatment effects are optimal.
Results and Review
After completing your personalized treatment plan, and you will experience results quickly. If you want longer-lasting treatment effects, you can choose to continue with the treatments provided by New Beauty or any other treatmnets as needed.
Sharing Your Feedback
Your valuable feedbacks will make New Beauty’s services more advanced and developed. We welcome you to share any feedback from after-treatment, service satisfaction, treatment effects, etc. after completing the treatment, so that we can continue to improve and become a better, higher quality medical aesthetic center.

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