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Author: Sophia Man|2024-3-4

A breast lifting procedure also known as mastopexy is a surgical operation that removes extra skin, decreases body fat percentage at the breast and tightens the enduring tissue to cure drooping breasts. As a consequence, the breasts are less saggy and more contoured. In consonance with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), since 2000, surgical breast enhancements have increased by 70%. This method is currently more effective than other surgical breast treatments such as breast implants. But, any sort of surgical breast enhancement treatment has high-risk factors that may cause side effects to cup size, milk ducts, breast tissue and other important hormones in the breasts. Alt Text: Non-surgical option for perkier breasts Despite their growing popularity, non-surgical breast lifts are being chosen by many patients as a way to reduce fatty tissue in the breasts and increase bust size. Non-surgical breast enhancement procedure is often for those that do not entail any surgery or incisions. You also do not need general anaesthesia for these procedures. Non-surgical breast enhancement methods are debatably safer since they do not have the high risk associated with mastopexy, that includes: a. Infection b. Bleeding c. Scarring


Methods for Non-Surgical Bust Enhancement

Non-surgical breast enhancement procedures will not produce the same theatrical effects as regular mastopexy. They are, nevertheless, worth considering if you want perkier breasts with lower danger and price.

Here are eight non-surgical breast lift alternatives to increase the effects of breast size to consider with a dermatologist or cosmetic specialists to determine whether they're suited for you.

Aptos threading

The Aptos threading treatment is intended to shift the skin surrounding your breasts physically. This therapy, dubbed the "breast feather lift," employs tiny barbed Aptos threads. A surgeon uses a hypodermic needle to implant the lines underneath your skin. After that, the strands are tied together and dragged up towards the collarbone.

Notwithstanding implanted threads, this Aptos technique is a non-invasive breast lifting procedure with results that can last up to two years. Unlike typical incisions, it does not leave scars, and the threads disintegrate in 1–2 years.

Caci bust treatment

The Caci bust therapy was initially developed as a muscular damage treatment. It targets the muscles in your chest. A surgeon uses a portable instrument to direct electric pulses to the muscles around your breasts after measuring body fat percentage present in the patient. The ultimate result of this breast enhancement procedure is better-toned chest muscles that aid in raising and smoothing your busts.

Like other method of muscular strengthening, your outcomes are based on time and regularity. A surgeon would require treatments a few times each week to see comprehensive benefits for many weeks.

Laser treatments

High-powered energy beams are used in laser treatment to eliminate dead skin cells whereas stimulating collagen formation. As a result, laser treatments for breast enhancement are frequently utilised for advanced wrinkle therapy, age spots, and scarring.

Increased collagen production may provide a tiny increase in the elasticity of your chest skin area, but the "lifting" effects will be transient and mild at most. Repeated treatments are also required to notice any visible benefits.

A fragment of the difficulty is that the tendons in your breast tissue aren't produced in the similar manner as those in your face, so you might not get the same tightening benefits in your breasts as you would in your facial skin.

Scarring, bleeding, and discomfort are all risks of laser treatments. This treatment may also entail changes in skin colour.


Another sort of therapy that stimulates collagen is thermal. It works by using radiofrequency to tighten the fibres in your skin. A cosmetic surgeon will use a gadget called the ThermaCool during the procedure to assist transmit radiofrequency deeper into the skin layers. You should see tighter skin right away after the Thermage treatment.

Tightened collagen fibres in the breast area can help improve the appearance of your natural outlines. However, because these results are temporary, you must repeat your therapy. Thermage is most effective in situations of moderate sagging.

The Renuvion™/J-Plasma® device

Renuvion™/J-Plasma® is a revolutionary technique for low invasive tightening. Cold plasma energy stimulates skin to contract as well as collagen formation.

The Renuvion™/J-Plasma® gadget uses helium gas ionised with radio frequency (RF) radiation to offer rejuvenating benefits to the target region while also defining natural features of the body. The procedure is comparable to Thermage in that the plastic surgeon inserts a handpiece under the skin that needs to be tightened and treats it with plasma energy.

There are minimal immediate benefits, with visible results requiring many months to emerge as new collagen is formed. Typically, just one therapy is required.

Vampire breast lift

As an anti-aging technique, the vampire breast lift (VBL) involves using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood. The general purpose of undergoing VBL is to raise your breasts somewhat, comparable to wearing a push-up bra. While this technique does not address drooping breasts, it can offer the illusion of a lift due to enhanced blood circulation and fewer visible fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

A VBL, like other cosmetic operations, is carried out by cosmetic and dermatologic surgeons. The benefits are seen gradually over a few months, with the total effects lasting a couple of years. This breasts augmentation treatment is not suggested for pregnant or nursing women and those with a hereditary background of breast cancer.

Botox injections

Botox injections or known as Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles beneath the skin. This medication contributes to a smoothing result on the skin's surface. Botox was initially licenced to treat wrinkles and fine lines, and it has since been used to treat persistent migraines.

While some doctors may inject Botox in the pectoral region to avoid slouching shoulders, the FDA has not authorised this treatment as a breast-lifting procedure. The effects are mild and might last up to four months.

Dermal fillers

Other shots, such as those used for the face, are being investigated to be used at the breast region. These include dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acids (HA), such as Juvéderm and Restylane.

Sculptra, a poly-L lactic acid dermal filler, is the most often used dermal filler. When injected, it lasts for several months. It promotes the body's production of young collagen in the treated region. Typically, numerous treatments are required to observe any effect.

Cosmetic fillers, while non-invasive, aren't regarded as go-to treatments for the breast region because of a lack of long-term studies on their efficacy and are yet to be approved by the FDA for breast injection.


Other Non-Surgical Methods for Fuller Breasts

Although there are many choices for improving the size and texture of your breasts that also include hormone therapy, it is advisable to understand and know what you need from these treatments.

Fortunately, New Beauty has conjured the latest and painless way to enhance the skin of your busts. The B6 Bust Lift Treatment is a revolutionary bust lifting treatment specially designed to tighten tissues in the breasts and form firmer, fuller, and perkier bosoms.


B6 Bust Lift Treatment: Natural Hormone Secretion and Collagen Production

The B6 Bust Lift Treatment at New Beauty helps to stimulate acupoints on the breasts that stimulate hormone secretion to give fuller and perkier breasts. The B6 Bust Lift Treatment uses a non-invasive breast lift equipment probe that targets acupoints near mammary glands and breast tissue to generate collagen proliferation and increase blood circulation.

This non-surgical breast augmentation treatment also aids in shifting fat cells at the side of the breasts to the front thus increasing the chance of a balanced and full-chested appearance. The B6 Bust Lift Treatment also addresses issues of breast laxity by increasing the blood flow in the breast tissues for higher metabolism which increases the health of your breasts.



As technological advancements leap forwards every day, it is promising to notice there are developments in the aesthetic beauty industries as well. Even though that may be the case, you need to evaluate and understand the benefits as well as the side effects of these non-surgical treatments.

It is wise if you consult with our top physicians at New Beauty to further explain to you the complete detail of the B6 Bust Lift Treatment. Make the best choice for you and boost your self-esteem through the sky.


Why do breasts begin to sag as women age?

As the aging process begins, the mammary glands and breast tissue begin to lose collagen and hormone secretion that supports the breasts and maintains their shape. Due to this decrease, the sagging skin of the breasts can be seen with time. Stored fat also becomes evident due to decrease metabolic rate in the breasts.

What are the factors that affect the shape and size of breasts?

Well-known factors such as genetics, body shape, body weight, body fat percentage and age come into play when discussing breast shape and size. Other factors also include pregnancy, menopause and menstrual cycle which have a major impact on the size of your breasts.

Are there exercises for obtaining curvy and fuller breasts?

There are multiple exercises available to make your breasts appear fuller and perkier as they target your pectoralis major muscles to reduce stored fat on the side of your bust. But, a great amount of time and commitment is needed before you can see the results of your hard work.

Who is suitable for this B6 Bust Lift Treatment?

This non-invasive breast enhancement treatment does not cause irritation to the sensitive breast skin and breast tissue which makes it suitable for most skin tones and types. But, your individual suitability will be carefully evaluated after a detailed analysis by our in-house wellness professionals before the treatment.

How many sessions will I need to undergo for the B6 Bust Lift Treatment?

The B6 Bust Lift Treatment is usually recommended to perform 10 to 12 times as a complete course of treatment. If you want to uplift your breasts further, you can consult with New Beauty’s expert consultants for additional sessions.


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