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Author: Sophia Man|2024-3-7

As the scientific community explores new horizons that push the boundaries of unknown knowledge, countless adaptations and discoveries have been made in the medical aesthetic industry. A great number of treatments are specially designed to address different bodily issues that help customers to retain a balanced and healthy lifestyle through effective weight loss and fat reduction treatments. One of the main concerns of people today is not attaining the proper body structure of their desire due to excess fat and stubborn fat pockets. Although body fat plays a key role in weight management, we must also maintain muscle mass that is proportional to our body weight. In today’s article, we will be exploring why people opt for the different types of non-surgical body sculpting fat loss procedures in the current market, and also discuss and learn more about New Beauty’s Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment – a non-surgical body sculpting treatment that concurrently reduces targeted fat cells and enhances muscle growth.


Why Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Procedures Are Popular?

The quest for the ideal figure is a prominent topic in society and the media. Men have an reversed pyramid form with wide shoulders narrowing down to a tiny waist, whereas women have a curvaceous figure with a small abdomen-to-hip ratio.

Without favourable biological traits and a disciplined diet and workout plan, achieving these perfect forms with a healthy weight might be tough. People are turning to wellness professionals like us at New Beauty to improve their physical structure, address areas of aesthetic concern, and live a better tomorrow as medical technology develops.

Nonsurgical body contouring solutions are a valuable complement to the aesthetic medical profession. According to the ISAPS report, well over 150,000 nonsurgical fat removal treatments were conducted in 2018, and that figure appears to be increasing as the variety of procedure possibilities expands. Nonsurgical body sculpting technologies now available include high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves (HIFEM), cold treatments, thermal energy, high-intensity focused ultrasound, low-level light laser, radiofrequency, and others.

While these treatments do not produce the same effects as conventional surgical techniques of body contouring, they are an excellent alternative for individuals who choose to bypass the operating theatre.

Now, let us look into a few of the most popular body sculpting treatments in Singapore.


Types of Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Fat Loss Procedures

Freeze therapies

These treatments employ temperatures low enough to eliminate fat cells without causing skin damage. The gadget will vacuum pieces of skin in, and then chill them to kill the subcutaneous fat over a specified period. These treatments can be utilised to remove fat from a variety of therapeutic regions, including the chin, arms, belly, legs, and love handles.

Thermal procedures

These devices employ laser radiation to disrupt the integrity of fat cells, resulting in dead body fat that the body will automatically reject. Heat treatments use devices with flat applicators, making them unsuitable for parts of the body with curves. Having said that, heat treatments are most effective when utilised to burn fat from the belly and thighs.

Treatments with ultrasound energy

Ultrasonic power is a type of therapy that uses ultrasound energy to dissolve fat and is the most time-consuming of the four types. Such treatments last around one hour per appointment. These procedures do not require any machine hookups because the physician will utilise the gadget manually by moving it around. Ultrasound energy devices, which are only for use on the belly, employ mechanical vibrations to pleasantly break down and remove fat.

Laser therapy at low levels (LLLT)

LLLT, or low-level laser therapy, is a newer aspect of photomedicine. Photomedicine is concerned with how light influences illness, damage, and health. When specific light frequencies strike adipose cells, fat cells secrete lipids, or unsaturated fats, which are quickly evacuated by the body's lymphatic system. The treatment typically lasts 10-40 minutes, depending on the specific area, and may be utilised on the waist, tummy, and thighs.

Treatments with radiofrequency energy

Radiofrequency energy devices, a sort of therapy that requires no downtime, use energy to generate heat and kill fat cells. Because they aim for the fluid in these cells, it's critical for patients to be hydrated before their operation, as the treatment will be less efficient if the patient is dehydrated. Throughout this radio frequency energy technique, it is typical to feel heated.

Although these treatments aid in fat loss, they may not tighten the skin or increase muscle mass. If you are looking to not only have a stunning body but also defined muscles, we at New Beauty would like to recommend you our Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment!


Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment – Your Way Towards Fat Reduction and Increased Muscles Strength

Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment at New Beauty is a remarkable process that tightens the body while strengthening muscles and decreasing body fat without requiring surgery.

The technology's premise is contingent on high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation of both the muscles and nerve tissue excitement. This technique enables you to produce a smaller physique, modify the contours, and minimise local fat deposits while firming and strengthening the muscles.


Suitable Body Areas for Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment

The Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment is ideal for targeted areas of fat and muscles such as:

· Abdomen · Thighs · Arms · Calves · Buttocks · Waist


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How Does the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment Operate?

Using modern HIFEM high-intensity electromagnetic technology that penetrates 7cm deep into the skin's SMAS layer, involuntary muscular spasms of up to 36,000 supramaximal contractions are produced, which are unable to reach during even the most rigorous exercises. The muscles of the treated region are subjected to supramaximal contractions during the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment, as a result of which fat cells are burnt. Under the direction of our in-house physician, muscle contractions gradually increase in intensity. Muscle contractions are uniform over the whole area of the targeted body area.

The amplitude of the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment, is gradually increased until the pain limit is achieved and sustained at a degree that is both pleasant and induces the strongest muscle spasms. Muscles adjust to brand-new strains by changing their underlying structural properties, which results in the production of new muscle fibres and the development of myofibrils. By straining, the muscles expend a considerable number of calories that they acquire from fat cells, causing the number of fat cells to naturally decrease without the need for any treatment.


The Perks of Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment

Decreases fat cells and increases muscle mass

The gadget of the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment is intended to increase the tone and strength of the muscles of the belly, thighs, arms, and legs, while also helping to firm and strengthen the buttocks, by utilising a totally new technique - high-intensity focused electromagnetic treatment HIFEM.

Thorough treatment experience

The Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment device's HIFEM technology generates approximately 36,000 involuntary muscle contractions in a single operation, and the energy pulses penetrate 7cm deep into the skin. This sort of muscular contraction is supramaximal, which indicates it is unable to be achieved by exercise, voluntary muscle tension, or relaxation. This non-surgical body sculpting treatment enhances muscle strength in the targeted regions, making them appear more slender and slimmer.

Non-invasive treatment

The Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment is low risk and does not utilise any form of external anaesthesia, surgery, injections or medications. During the procedure, intense but comfortable muscle contractions can be experienced in the treated zone.

Minimal downtime

You can return to your everyday happenings almost instantly after the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment.


The Fundamentals

Although we have discussed many other fat loss procedures which are non-surgical, the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment not only reduces fat cells but also enhances muscle mass.

So if you’re looking for a way to tone up quickly and safely, we recommend the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment. This non-surgical body sculpting treatment uses fat cells as an energy source to define muscles, gradually decreasing the number of fat cells in the treated area. Plus, there’s minimal downtime required – you can go back to work or your everyday routine soon after your appointment.

Ready to give it a try? Book your appointment today and tone up your body with the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment!


How is the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment diverse from other non-surgical body sculpting treatments?

This is a one-of-a-kind technique that targets both fat deposits and muscles. Other technologies are effective as well, but just on body fat. To appear beautiful, you must not only remove subcutaneous fat but also tighten and tone the muscles, which again is critical in getting the desired outcome. Because Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment does not utilise heat or cold, there is no danger of burning, inflammation, or bruising if used.

Is the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment painful?

The Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment is a low-risk, low-pain technique. The method is akin to rigorous strength training. You simply lie back and rest throughout them. Individuals who have undergone the MediSculpt surgery concur that it was somewhat painless.

Is there a long recovery period after the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment?

Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment provides less downtime than other treatments. You will feel as if you have just finished a workout following the operation, and you will be able to resume your normal activities practically immediately.

When will I notice the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment outcomes?

It is determined by your age, health appearance, body mass index, and a variety of other factors. After the first few sessions of the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment, you will notice an improvement. Pronounced improvements often occur two weeks after the last session and continue to progress for many weeks after the course of treatments is completed.

How long do the results of the Medisculpt Body Sculpting Treatment last?

With a balanced diet that is high in protein and low in fat, the results of the operations can endure for 6-12 months.


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