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Author: Leila Tan|2024-3-15

Ipl hair removal treatment is considered as one of the most effective and affordable hair removal treatments. Read on to know more about IPL hair removal.


What is IPL hair removal treatments

According to an expert from Bazar, IPL, or known as intense pulsed light, is a type of light therapy that uses powerful light pulses to stimulate or treat certain skin conditions. Home Devices for IPL hair removal deliver very delicate light pulses to the hair root. As a result, your hair enters its resting period, falls out, and gradually less hair grows in that area of your body.


How does IPL hair removal work?

To precisely target and eliminate pigmented or damaged skin cells or hair follicles, IPL uses light radiation. A medical professional will direct various light wavelengths onto the skin using a portable instrument. The skin cells are broken down and heated by this light. The injured tissue is then spontaneously removed by the body.

You can access and safely treat your face, bikini area, and underarms with Ipl technology. IPL can so effectively replace epilators, waxing procedures, and razors.


Benefits of IPL hair removal

1) After shaving, you can use IPL hair removal in the comfort of your own home by applying these mild light flashes to the desired body parts.

2) IPL causes your hair to naturally shed and renew at a significantly slower rate, making it thinner and less apparent.

3) You're advised not to shave for a few weeks prior to getting waxed or epilated because doing so can result in stubbly body hair during the interim. This is not ideal if you want to hit the beach and test out that new swimsuit! With IPL, you won't have to worry about this because shaving is recommended before treatment.

4) As your IPL treatments progress, you'll need to shave less and less. Because of the empty hair follicles, you'll see fewer ingrown hairs and less "shadow" from the stubble.


Side effects of IPL hair removal

1) Your skin may feel a bit sunburned, have a hint of redness, a little of puffiness, and a hint of pain.

2) Moreover, there is a potential that the area of skin where the operation was performed may see a very tiny color change. Your skin may become slightly lighter overall or patchier and darker as a result. Darker "patches" will resemble sun-tanned skin dots that have developed where the light has acted.

3) As your skin will be thin and fragile, there is a chance that the light can cause your skin to overheat, which could lead to blistering or poor scarring.

4) You might be given an antiseptic cream with more potency if you have an infection. Remember that darker skin tones have a higher risk of blistering and scarring than lighter ones since they contain more pigment that may absorb light.


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Preparation for the treatment

Before Treatment

A dermatologist typically advises clients to refrain from the following for two weeks prior to the treatments:

1) Avoid sunbathing and tanning beds, waxing and chemical peels, collagen injections. 2) People should also refrain from applying any perfume or deodorant to the treatment region right before and right after therapy. 3) Make sure the skin you're going to treat doesn't have any open sores, broken skin, or inflamed areas. 4) Microdermabrasion should be avoided since it increases the risk of irritation and unwanted effects following IPL hair removal.

After Treatment

1) After treatment, avoid wearing constrictive clothing because it may irritate your skin. 2) Avoid using saunas, steam rooms, and hot showers. 3) For 24 to 48 hours following the treatment, refrain from using skin care products that can irritate your skin, such as perfume, cleansers, or exfoliators. 4) Use sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin.


Myths about IPL hair removal treatment

Dark skin tones will not benefit from it

The IPL must alter the light intensity when there is more melanin in the skin to prevent the beam from focusing on the skin rather than the hair follicle. When IPL first hit the market, the majority of devices were risky or ineffective for those with darker skin tones because the technology wasn't yet developed to adjust the IPL intensity to a person's skin tone. Whether you have red or blonde hair or you have fair, olive, or dark skin nowadays, there are IPL devices that can automatically adjust the light intensity to match your skin pigmentation. But, it's vital to read the label carefully to make sure you're purchasing the finest IPL for you.

IPL equipment is pricey and needs maintenance

You may remove hair from many body parts while saving money by using IPL at home. While frequent visits to the salon might add up and get pricey, using an IPL unit can help you save money over time. The device's average lifespan is 15 years, so you won't need to purchase additional lamps or lotions to use with it. This means that as time goes on, you'll be saving more and more money.

IPL hair removal is not long-lasting

IPL can gradually reduce the amount of hair on your body, even if it doesn't remove every hair follicle at once. Not all follicles will be "full" of hair when you receive an IPL treatment because hair grows in stages. To get long-lasting, consistently smooth skin, it is necessary to undergo several IPL treatments because only hairs that are in their developing phase can be effectively treated with light.


IPL hair removal lasts how long?

In the comfort of your own home, you can then anticipate continued reduction for up to six months. IPL machines also have a technology that makes sure your treatment will always adjust its intensity level for maximum comfort based on the tone of your skin.



The treated area may seem red or pink just after the operation. This often lasts for four to eight hours. A stinging sensation may also be felt 4 to 6 hours after IPL. This sensation might be similar to a slight sunburn which is a common side effect of the treatment. You may also experience swelling, which often lasts for several days. People should refrain from applying lotion or cosmetics to the treated region for 24 hours following the treatment, or until all the side effects have subsided. Following this, people need to moisturize the treated region at least twice a day for at least three months.


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How frequently should I have IPL procedures for best results?

Many people claim that after just a few treatments, their hair is permanently reduced. To prevent those hair bulbs from producing new follicles, some people may need touch-ups every few years. Treatments for IPL hair removal offer a terrific alternative to painful shaving and waxing for long-lasting results. Yet determining how frequently you should have IPL treatments to get the best results might be challenging.

It is advised to receive an IPL treatment every 4-6 weeks in the beginning of your treatments. This period of time gives the therapy time to perform its magic and guarantees that any new hair growth is properly treated. On the other hand, depending on their rate of hair growth, some people might need to modify their treatment regimen. Individuals whose hair grows very quickly could require more regular treatments, while others whose hair grows more slowly might be able to wait longer between sessions.

Nonetheless, this period should never be more than six weeks. You'll notice that your hair is thinner and grows more slowly after each treatment. To sustain benefits, you may eventually just require treatments every few months. Of course, factors including skin texture and tone, hair color, and the area being treated affects how well IPL works.

IPL treatments are best avoided by those with certain skin tones since they may result in skin discoloration. In contrast, people with very light blonde hair or white hair which lack the melanin in their hair follicles which is necessary to absorb the laser light, making treatment less effective.


Where may IPL be used to remove hair?

IPL can be used to remove hair from any part of the body, including the face. In reality, IPL is frequently used to permanently remove facial hair since it is a highly effective technique and can precisely target tiny, fragile places. Additionally, it provides consumers with long-lasting hair removal options for places like the top and upper lip, chin, and sideburns that may make one feel less feminine. IPL is a safe and reliable option for hair removal on the face if you're thinking about it. IPL is not appropriate for everyone, and since your face is your most prominent feature, you should consult with a competent skin technician to see if IPL is a good fit for you before beginning treatment on this part of your body.


IPL Hair Removal Treatment - New Beauty

No matter how thick or dense the unwanted body hair is, IPL hair removal can eradicate it. In order to eradicate the present fuzz or unwanted hairs, IPL heat damages the hair follicle by locating and destroying melanin particles there.

The handpiece releases cold waves through its sapphire cooling spot while removing unwanted hair, reducing any potential redness and irritation and ensuring a comfortable hair removal procedure. The IPL heat also causes the capillaries to constrict, cutting off the nutrients to the hair follicles and thus stopping future hair growth at the hair root!

Benefits of this treatment

Quick hair removal: Without omitting any hair strands, the large square treatment probe tip may cover a wider area of skin at once. Around 500 hair strands can be removed every second with this hair removal procedure.

Brighten skin: IPL laser energy efficiently brightens dull skin tone by stopping the formation of new hair strands and destroying melanin within the hair follicles.

Comfortable experience: In order to reduce potential redness and irritation when removing hair, the handpiece releases cold waves through its sapphire cooling spot. This creates a soothing hair removal experience.

Maintain silky skin: The growth of hair strands gradually slows down as the treatment cycle continues. After finishing the complete course of treatment, you won't have any extra body hair.

How does this treatment works

Step 1: The customer will receive an explanation from the aesthetic therapist on the IPL Hair Removal Treatment's philosophy and process. giving the client treatment. A patch test will be conducted to see how the client reacts to the probe and the energy level. A set of safety eyewear for the client to use throughout the process should be provided.

Step 2: Before using IPL, the therapist will clean the targeted body part. The handpiece emits IPL to target melanin, preventing the growth of hair follicles without harming the tissues of the surrounding skin.

Step 3: The handpiece's sapphire cooling spot cools the skin while simultaneously soothing it to lessen discomfort. covertly to lessen discomfort. The therapist evaluates the therapy outcomes following the procedure to guarantee its efficacy.


What do you need to do?

Before treatment

To avoid dry skin before the treatment, drink plenty of water. Prior to treatment, avoid exposing your treatment region to too much sunlight. Before therapy, get enough rest.

After treatment

After the procedure for hair removal, liberally moisten the area. This lessens the redness that is typical of most laser hair removal procedures. Avoid using hot water to rinse the full body hair removal area. Wearing tight clothing puts pressure on the skin and hair follicles, therefore avoid doing so. Do not shave the hair removal area for a week following the IPL Hair Removal Therapy to prevent skin damage.


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Overall IPL hair removal technique is known as effective and affordable. If you are considering getting an IPL hair removal treatment , it is highly recommended to consult a doctor to get their side of opinion as well as pick the right hair removal treatment that suits your skin type and texture.


IPL hair removal: Is it painful?

This question has probably received a variety of answers, as the reaction actually relies on your pain threshold. You might feel a light flick during flashes, but never anything approaching the agony you’d experience during waxing or threading.

Do all types of body hair react to IPL?

IPL may be risky or safe for the majority of skin types. The technique used and the skin problem being treated are what matters. The IPL uses cutoff filters to restrict some light types while still having a wide spectrum of light. These cutoff filters often increase device security but decrease power.

IPL: Is it safe to use near sensitive areas?

It's crucial to remember that some body parts, like the bikini line, may be more delicate than others and call for a gentler method of hair removal. Nevertheless, you should avoid using your IPL on particularly delicate parts like the genitalia, nipples, or the anus because this could result in inflammation.


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