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Author: Leila Tan|2024-3-11

The presence of hair is normal. There are, however, a few actions you can take at home to prevent regrowth. However, many natural hair removal treatments that claim to permanently prevent regrowth are useless. Here is a summary of some of the most common - and unproductive - approaches, so that you may avoid wasting time on them.


Why Do People Prefer Completely Hairless Nowadays?

A quick survey of male acquaintances in Singapore finds that around one in five shaves beneath the arm, not for cosmetic reasons, but because they believe it feels cleaner. These are facts that you do not learn until you are required to write on grooming practices. It is amazing to see how grooming and aesthetic standards vary between cultures and evolve as society progresses.

For women, if a lady has more androgen hormones than usual, she might get too much hair on her body or face. Androstenedione and testosterone are two of these hormones. The female hormone oestrogen makes hair on the body soft and fine. Androgens, like testosterone, are male sex hormones that are responsible for masculine traits like facial hair and coarse body hair, and that's where all the searches about permanent hair removal surfaced.


Debunking Myths About Natural Hair Removal Treatments

Most people's hair growth cycles are between 4 to 7 years. This is where the common misconception originates that you need to start over with new hair every seven years. Theoretically, yes, because by now the hair has cycled out and new hair is growing in. The anagen period, when treated hair is at its healthiest, only lasts about two to three weeks. Some follicles may stay dormant for weeks or even months. By knowing this, you would know these methods below will not help you to remove unwanted hair at all.

Pumice stone

Pumice stones are used to exfoliate and soften the skin, but contrary to common belief, they do not prevent the regrowth of undesirable hair if rubbed over the area. Even if your skin feels softer there, hair will continue to grow. You should avoid scraping away good skin along with the dead and dry skin. Cutting yourself in this way raises the prospect of bleeding and subsequent infection. This is why you should never use a pumice stone on damaged skin or wounds that are still healing.


Turmeric is an ingredient that has been used for hundreds of years in many different cultures because it helps reduce inflammation and kills bacteria. Even though there is no scientific proof that turmeric can get rid of body hair for good, it has been used in some cultures as a natural way to get rid of hair. In Tamil Nadu, India, a study was done at the Department of Dermatology to find out if using turmeric slows hair growth and stops acne. It showed that people who used turmeric didn't have less hair growth than people who didn't use turmeric. Since turmeric makes both hair and skin yellow, the hair is less noticeable because it blends in with the skin. So, the study came to the conclusion that turmeric does not slow the growth of hair.

Oatmeal (sometimes with honey)

You can't just rub a bunch of muesli into hair and have it magically disappear. Ironically, oats are full of nutrients like fibre, zinc, iron, omega-6 fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids that are good for hair (PUFAs). All of these things work together to wake up hair follicles that are sleeping and make hair grow. Using it regularly will make your hair look thicker, longer, and stronger, which is the complete opposite of your goal.

It is important to note that by pulling hair on androgen-stimulated areas such as the face, chest, or back, you will activate hair follicles rather than kill them. In fact, this would also stimulate the hair follicles surrounding the primary hair follicle, so prepare yourself for more unwanted hair in androgen-rich areas. However, this does not apply to hair on the arms and legs because they are not affected by androgens; therefore, you may use turmeric or any other pulling method on the arms and legs. Therefore, avoid using any tugging techniques on the face, chest, or back.


The Actual Hair Removal Remedies You Can Do At Home

As the aforementioned all-natural methods for hair removal have been shown to be ineffective, it is now much simpler to determine what you may accomplish at home. Reason being, none of these natural remedies are designed for effective hair removal. The following are legitimate options for hair removal at home that won't disrupt your peace of mind.

Using depilatory creams

Depilatory creams and lotions are helpful to eliminate unwanted hair. After shaving, they leave the skin smooth for several days. They are a simple, affordable, and painless way to show off your beautiful skin.

When used properly, depilatory creams are risk-free and painless. Sensitive formulations are designed to be even softer than the original formulations, but they have the same efficacy. Even if you have used them successfully in the past, you should always undergo a patch test prior to using them because your body's chemistry is always changing.

In contrast to waxing, hair removal lotions are painless. Waxing, on the other hand, can be quite uncomfortable. Nevertheless, waxing is the most efficient technique for longer-lasting effects.


Shaving involves the removal of surface hair. Waxing eliminates hair from its base, resulting in benefits that can last up to four weeks. Waxing at home is a terrific way to attain professional results at a fraction of the cost of a salon visit. Some persons may question if waxing is superior to shaving. Certainly, if you desire longer-lasting results.

Many places, including the face, legs, underarms, and bikini line, can be waxed. Some can remove even the shortest of hairs. Wax can be made from either sugar or resin. Moreover, resin wax can be separated into cold and warm kinds. Here's the distinction:

Sugar Wax vs Regular Wax

Sugar wax is distinguished from ordinary wax by its composition, application method, and ease of removal from the skin.

Sugar wax is made of sugar and water, which may be less irritating to skin that is particularly delicate. You can view videos on the Internet that demonstrate how to cook sugar wax on the cooker if you so wish. Wax consists of beeswax, resins, and oils, amongst other components. Many waxing professionals advise putting sugar wax from the hair's tip to its root, which is the opposite of how hair grows, then removing it in the other manner. This is in contrast to typical wax, which is applied from root to tip and removed from tip to root. Remember to remove the wax in the opposite direction of its application.

Cold waxes do not need to be heated prior to application to the skin. Nevertheless, hot waxes must be heated before application. This causes them to become mushy and spreadable. Hot and cold waxes are both applied and removed in the opposite direction of hair growth. In addition, sugar wax is water-soluble, thus any residue can be easily removed with water. If the residue is formed of resin, baby oil or specialised wipes will be more effective than baby wipes.


The method with the longest history. When you shave, you remove undesirable hair with a razor. Single-blade razors remove hair from the skin's surface, as opposed to depilatory creams and waxes, which remove hair from a deeper level.

There are numerous sorts of razors, such as straight edge, safety, and electric. Because shaving eliminates the hair's ends, it may create a jagged edge that causes the hair to grow back coarse. In addition, razors can cause cuts, nicks, and razor burn, a type of skin irritation. Unlike shaving, hair removal creams do not cause razor burn or ingrown hairs, and their effects last for many more days.


When tweezing, metal tweezers are used to remove one hair from its root at a time. Tweezing is appropriate for small places where only a few hairs need to be removed, such as the eyebrows.

You may either pluck your eyebrows at home or have a salon professional do it for you. Tweezing is a tedious process because each hair must be pulled separately. Moreover, care should be taken to prevent ingrown hairs, infections, and scars. Always guarantee the cleanliness of your tweezers. Because it is so precise and time-consuming, tweezing should be used in conjunction with other hair removal methods to eliminate any stray hairs left behind.


The process of removing hair from its root is known as epilation. This can be achieved through plucking, waxing, or threading, when doubled and twisted threads are used to pull hair from the follicle. Electrical epilators provide a similar purpose to tweezers, albeit much more quickly and hence more painfully. In comparison to shaving, epilation is superior since it removes hair from its root.


Are Natural Remedies Good for Permanent Hair Removal?
Here Are Other Ways to Remove Hair More Efficiently

While removing hair at home has many advantages, the fact that the results are only temporary is a major negative. At-home methods mentioned above such as the use of razors, waxing kits, or lotions can only get rid of hair at the surface of the skin, therefore it will grow back in a matter of days.

Professional hair removal services can provide you with longer-lasting results. Permanently reducing unwanted hair with these treatments below is possible for most skin tone and skin types.


Electrolysis is a way to get rid of hair for good. Electrolysis works by sending an electrical current through the skin to target individual hairs, sent it to the hair's root and killing it. Because it's usually done by a trained professional, the process can be expensive and take a long time. It might take more than one visit for the effects to last. Some people find the process painful as well.

Laser hair removal treatment

In laser hair removal treatments, a laser or concentrated beam of light is focused on the hair follicle to stop or slow hair growth. Laser treatments can be expensive, and most people need more than one. Laser hair removal treatments work best when the colour of the skin and hair are very different from each other.

IPL hair removal treatment

IPL is becoming more and more popular as a way to get rid of hair because it gently and painlessly gets rid of armpit hair, doesn't hurt the skin, and gives you smooth armpits that last for a long time if you keep getting it done. It can also make dull skin look better on people of all ages and skin types. IPL therapy is at the top of the list of noninvasive ways to improve the look of skin because it gives patients the best results.


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The End of Hairily Ever After: New Beauty's IPL Hair Removal Treatment

A beam of intense pulsed light is used to target a certain skin tone during the IPL Hair Removal Treatment at New Beauty. When the skin is warmed, the body eliminates dead cells, thereby eliminating the issue being treated. In contrast to lasers, the IPL therapy equipment emits multiple wavelengths of pulsating light that target melanin to break it down, resulting in softer, brighter skin. Moreover, this IPL technique does not harm the surrounding skin tissue, allowing for a speedy recovery following treatment.

In contrast to conventional IPL treatments, the specialist will first cleanse the area to be treated and then conduct a patch test to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from the IPL Hair Removal Therapy. Throughout your treatment, you will also be instructed to wear protective eyewear. The therapy handpiece is then used to emit light pulses into the skin, which starve hair follicles of nourishment and halt their growth. Moreover, this prevents future hair growth.

The pulses may cause your skin to sting during the therapy. Several individuals report feeling as if a rubber band were snapping them. Moreover, New Beauty's IPL Hair Removal Treatment features a sapphire cooling zone on the device, which helps to relax the skin and reduce any pain that may occur throughout the treatment. Depending on whatever portion of the body is being treated and the size of the area, these hair removal treatments can last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Visit New Beauty if you want permanent hair removal without the hassle of doing it yourself at home!


Is it necessary to get rid of hair in sensitive areas?

It's up to you whether you want to do permanent hair removal for your legs, armpits, or a sensitive area. People who like to get rid of their pubic hair often say they do it for comfort, routine, and sexual confidence.

Other than removing hair, what additional advantages does IPL Hair Removal Treatment have?

The energy from the IPL beams stops hair from growing and destroys melanin in the hair follicles, leaving the skin visibly more radiant.

What part of the body does the IPL Hair Removal Treatment focus on?

IPL Hair Removal Treatment uses a specific IPL wavelength that works on a wide range of body parts, such as the face, upper lip, armpits, back, legs, arms, and more. The IPL Hair Removal Treatment can be used on both thin-skinned and thick-skinned body parts.

Is everyone suitable for the treatment?

Conventional laser hair removal method is only suitable for individuals with fair complexion and dark hair. To see whether this treatment is effective for you, please register online for a trial. The trial includes a complimentary consultation and expert hair analysis. The professionals from New Beauty will assist you in determining your hair type, optimal treatment method and treatment sessions.

Is the treatment comfortable?

Our IPL Hair Removal Treatment handpiece has a cooling system built right in. This system cools the skin surface right away where the laser energy touches it. During the treatment process, the burning sensations are stopped by the cooling system.


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