B6 Bust Lift Treatment

Achieve Bouncy and Firm Breast Contours! Get Perky with B6 Bust Lift!

What is B6 Bust Lift Treatment?

Breast lift surgery and breast implants are effective to tackle breast shape issues but it does come with their set of side effects. With cosmetic surgery looking into non-surgical advancement, we at New Beauty have also introduced our breast lift procedure - the B6 Bust Lift Treatment! This non-surgical, non-invasive treatment stimulates breast tissue-connected acupoints to activate hormone secretion. The hormone lifts the breast outline, tightens breast skin, firms the breast tissues, and addresses bust shape concerns. Try B6 to get perky and curvaceous breast shapes!

Benefits of B6 Bust Lift Treatment

Stimulate hormone secretion²

This treatment stimulates acupoints to activate mammary glands into hormone secretion for bouncy and firm-looking breasts.

Sculpt the golden ratio²

Our professional team at New Beauty creates a personalised breast-care treatment plan for each customer.

Adjust Breast Outlines²

The breast lift procedure probe helps shift side-breast fat to the front for a centred and full-chested look, addressing skin and breast laxity to give perkier breast size.

Non-invasive Treatment³

The B6 Bust Lift Treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical, making it suitable for most people.

How does the B6 Bust Lift Treatment work?

How does the B6 Bust Lift Treatment work?



The consultant will explain the breast lift treatment theory and procedure to the client. Next, the aesthetic therapist confirms the appropriate massage strength with the client and also finetunes the equipment.



The breast lift equipment probe will be placed at the targeted acupoints to start the acupressure stimulation. The stimulation near the breast tissues and mammary glands promotes hormone and collagen production which is low risk compared to surgical procedure.



Massages shift side-breast fat and back fat to the front for more centred-looking bust shapes. This treatment appeal to ladies with breast shape concerns, as it results in tighter, firmer, more lifted, and heavier-looking breast silhouettes.

Complete the B6 Bust Lift Treatment to enjoy...

Firmed and adjusted breast shapes

Non-invasive equipment stimulates the breast tissue-connected acupoints, which activates the lobes of mammary gland into secreting hormones. The hormones address breast-tissue laxity for firmer-looking breast outlines. Massages also shift side-set fat to the chest for a boosted body curve.

Healthier breast tissue

The breast tissues are mostly fat with a tiny bit of muscle mass. As we age, we lose collagen content, causing the breast tissue and fat to be less supported. Since we rarely train and use our chest muscles, breast laxity is common among older women. The B6 Bust Lift Treatment stimulates the breast tissues' acupoints to promote blood circulation for faster metabolism and healthier pair of breasts.

Safe and non-invasive treatment

B6 Bust Lift Treatment is a non-invasive breast lift method. It stimulates hormone secretion, collagen proliferation and blood circulation naturally. The treatment process does not harm the skin.

Professional and caring service

Our in-house beauticians will carefully follow up on your feedback regarding the treatment. Our beautician will customise the most suitable treatment plan for you for maximal results.

Who is suitable?

This treatment is non-irritating to the skin and is suitable for most skin types.

How many sessions will I need?

We generally recommend customers perform 6 to 12 sessions as a complete course of treatment.

Is there any recovery period?

This treatment does not require significant downtime. You can return to your daily routine if you like.

B6 Bust Lift Treatment: Real Treatment Results

What to do before and after treatment?

Before Treatment

  • Drink plenty of water before treatment to increase the body's metabolism and speed up the blood circulation in the breasts

  • Apply moisturising lotion to the chest before treatment to keep the skin soft and supple

  • Take adequate rest before treatment

After Treatment

  • Do not sleep on your stomach after the treatment. Sleeping on your stomach will press on the chest and prevent blood flow to the breasts.

  • Choose suitable undergarments after the treatment to help maintain the treatment results. Tight clothing may hinder blood circulation.

  • Your skin will be more delicate and sensitive than usual for a few days after the treatment, so please do not take hot showers for one week.

New Beauty: Your Ally in Medical Beauty

Original Equipment

We use genuine instruments from the manufacturer¹ to ensure treatment safety and quality

Years of Experience

Our medical aesthetic team is professionally trained to ensure service quality.

Natural Breast-Care

A non-invasive breast augmentation treatment stimulates acupoints to promote blood circulation and hormone secretion to the breasts, thus lifting breast skin. No form of medication, surgery, or sedatives are used during the treatment.

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What is the theory of the B6 Bust Lift program?

This breast treatment comprises two functions: non-invasive breast line boosting equipment stimulates acupoints connected to the breasts and mammary glands, activating hormone and collagen production, resulting in tighter, firmer, more lifted, and heavier-looking breast silhouettes. In addition, the manual breast massages push forth the fat at the upper back and beside the breasts, resulting in more centred-looking bust shapes.

Can I get curvy with chest exercises?

Chest exercises increase the size of your pectoralis majors, giving you firm and lifted-looking breasts. However, you must put in a lot of patience and commitment to see any visible results. Needless to say, most people give up long before any significant changes take place.

Can I wear shapewear and also undergo the B6 Bust Lift Treatment?

Yes, shapewear can help hold side-breast fat and back fat at the front of the chest, effectively boosting the B6 treatment results. However, picking the wrong size and type of shapewear can worsen your breast shape. Please, consult professionals on choosing suitable shapewear, and only buy shapewear from reputable sources.

Can drinking milk and eating papaya improve breast shape?

Milk is rich in oestrogen, which is said to stimulate female hormone secretion; papaya contains papain which is also said to improve breast health. However, these benefits are unproved and vary among individuals. What's more, drinking too much milk can cause obesity. Papaya, just like other fruits, also contains fruit sugar which you should not consume excessively. To maintain breast shape, you should stick to protein-rich foods like eggs and meat. Vegetarians can opt for collagen-rich food such as snow fungus and cloud ear fungus.

Can breast massages help improve breast outlines?

Breast massage can stimulate acupoints to improve collagen proliferation, blood circulation and hormone secretion, all of which are necessary for lifting breast outlines. Massages can also shift the side-breast fat and back fat back to the front of the chest, making the chest appears more centred. However, manual breast massage may only work on the superficial breast tissue layer and requires a lot of time and effort before any visible results.