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Author: Sophia Man|2024-3-12

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light Treatment, is used to remove unwanted body hair, prevent hair growth and treat pigment or vascular lesions. IPL may target dark hair by employing a broad spectrum of light. Dark hair absorbs light, heats up, and is damaged down to the root, similar to how wearing black on a bright day might cause you to overheat. IPL treatments offer one significant benefit over other hair removal methods such as waxing or plucking: they are permanent. Any live hair follicle that is treated is destroyed and will not regrow. IPL therapy for permanent hair removal is more effective on darker hair and may be less successful on lighter hair. Your undesirable body hair will be decreased after your IPL treatment is completed. Fortunately, New Beauty is happy to give you the best treatment possible through IPL Hair Removal Treatment which aids in the permanent removal of hair strands in areas such as the upper lip, bikini line, and underarms which makes the IPL technology suitable for most skin types.


What Else Does IPL Laser Generally Treat?

Generic IPL laser can be used for more than only eliminating undesirable hair from the body as it is used to reduce or remove other issues such as:

· Hyper pigmentation · Sun exposure · Freckles · Birthmarks · Varicose veins · Broken capillaries on your face · Pimples · Stretch marks · Dark areas from hormonal changes

Preparation for IPL Hair Removal Treatment

New Beauty’s skincare professional will inspect your skin and explain what to expect before your IPL Hair Removal Treatment session. Inform them if you have any skin disorders that may interfere with healing following treatment, such as inflammatory acne or eczema.

Certain activities, drugs, and other items are advised to avoid for two weeks before your treatment by our skincare professional. Activities and medications include:

· intense sunshine · sunbathing salons · wax · chemical peels · collagen infusions · drugs that include aspirin, Advil creams and treatments that focus of vitamin A (RetinA/glycolic acid) that increase the risk of haemorrhage


Procedure for IPL Hair Removal Treatment

Light energy is used in IPL Hair Removal Treatment to target a specific colour in your skin. When the skin is warmed up, the body removes unwanted cells, which eliminates the condition you're being treated for. The IPL Hair Removal Treatment at New Beauty removes ingrown hair permanently, regardless of its thickness and different hair colours.

Unlike lasers, the IPL device emits many wavelengths of pulsing light that target melanin to break down and reveal softer and brighter skin. Because your skin tone becomes more radiant after IPL, you may look younger and it does not harm surrounding skin tissues which allows you to recover rapidly after the treatment session.

Our wellness professional at New Beauty begins by cleaning the area to be treated and does a patch test to ensure you enjoy the maximum benefits of the IPL Hair Removal Treatment. You are also guided to wear protective goggles in order to safeguard your eyes during your treatment. The IPL Hair Removal Treatment handpiece is then used to send out light pulses into your skin to stop hair follicles from growing due to a lack of nutrient supply. This prevents future hair regrowth as well.

During generic IPL hair removal treatment, your skin may sting as a result of the pulses. Some compare the sensation to being snapped with a rubber band. But, New Beauty’s IPL Hair Removal Treatment uses a sapphire cooling spot on the gadget that helps to soothe skin and reduce any discomfort that may arise during the treatment. The IPL Hair Removal Treatment may take 20 to 30 minutes, depending on which region of your body is being treated and how wide the area is.

Six to twelve sessions are recommended by our in-house wellness professionals to obtain the desired outcomes. These treatment sessions should be spaced about a month apart to allow your skin to recuperate.


Benefits of IPL Treatment

Many people are afraid of generic IPL Hair Removal in Singapore because it involves the use of ‘machines’ and the sting they might feel. Yet, the hidden secrets of the IPL Laser of the IPL Hair Removal Treatment at New Beauty are the advantages of eliminating our unwanted hair are priceless. It is the most significant source of hair removal money can purchase. Here are a few short reasons why.

Longer-term savings

Because IPL Hair Removal Treatment provides durable hair removal treatments, the initial outlay is more whether you get it professionally done or have your own at-home IPL Laser equipment. Still, the ongoing ‘maintenance' is much lower. Consider this: you don't have to keep paying for waxing visits for years and years. Compared to tweezing and plucking, that is certainly a no-brainer, but that is like comparing apples to oranges.

Almost painless hair removal method

Shaving is painless. However, the IPL Hair Removal Treatment is far less painful than waxing. Also, when the hair thins and gets sparser, you lose the ability to feel it. It's an excellent method for gently eliminating unwanted hair. What could be more delightful than knowing that the procedure delivers a permanent answer to hair removal?

Enduring hair removal method

There is still disagreement on whether IPL Hair Removal Treatment is a permanent cure for unwanted hair. According to customer research and testimonials, after a sufficient number of IPL Laser treatments, it delivers a lasting effect; nevertheless, remember that the number of treatments varies from person to person. The consequences of the IPL Hair Removal Treatment will make your hair sparser and more refined, and they will be permanent modifications to your hair follicles. Since this hair removal treatment is non-invasive and non-irritant, it is suitable for most people of lighter and darker skin tones.

Less visibility of stubbles or dark shadow

We all despise the fact that there is a black shadow after shaving our underarms, and our underarms look like they require another shave at the end of the day. Hairs won’t be long, but black stubble and shadow make people nervous. The IPL Hair Removal Treatment inhibits hair follicle development, making hair thinner and less visible. You will no longer have a black shadow or stubble.

Brighter skin reveals

The IPL Hair Removal Treatment at New Beauty emits photothermal energy that stimulates collagen production to brighten and tighten the skin. This gives you smooth, hairless skin that is soft and firm due to the new collagen regeneration.


Does The IPL Hair Removal Treatment Have Any Adverse Effects?

Tiny, high-heat lasers are used in IPL Hair Removal Treatment. Following the procedure, the generic IPL hair removal treatments may produce transient negative effects. The most noticeable side effects include:

Irritation and redness

IPL hair removal might cause temporary discomfort. Redness and swelling may be visible in the treated region. Nonetheless, these impacts are minimal. They are frequently the exact effects you may see following other forms of hair removal, such as waxing. Overall discomfort should subside after a few hours following the operation. To assist in minimising swelling and pain, ice packs are normally recommended to apply.

But, the IPL Hair Removal Treatment at New Beauty utilises a sapphire cooling pad that calms down any skin inflammation or potential redness that may occur. Ultimately, the skin will feel little discomfort during the hair removal process.


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IPL Hair Removal Treatment

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Who Shouldn’t Get IPL Treatment?

See your doctor first if you are pregnant, have a skin issue, or are on medicine for another ailment,

IPL Hair Removal Treatment is not recommended if you:

· You are light-sensitive · You have recently tanned your skin using sunshine, tanning beds, or tanning lotions · Possibility of skin cancer · Use of retinoid cream · Skin resurfacing problem · Severe scarring · Keloid scar tissue


What Does Recovery from IPL Hair Removal Treatment Look Like?

After you finish, you may feel like you have been sunburned for 4-6 hours. You must also:

· Avoid wearing cosmetics if your skin is irritated. · Apply a moisturising moisturiser. · Avoid washing the treated area with hot water · Prevent wearing tight clothes as it applies pressure to the treated skin · Avoid shaving the delicate skin area to prevent skin damage

Our trained consultants will contact you after each treatment and advise you when it is okay to resume your usual skincare regimen. It might take a week for the skin to return to its natural state.



If you're looking for a hair removal treatment that is low-risk and non-invasive, look no further than the IPL Hair Removal Treatment at New Beauty. With our sapphire cooling pad, you'll enjoy an instant calm and comfortable experience with little to no risk of skin inflammation or redness. Plus, there's no need to go home and apply ice packs after your appointment - you're good to go! So what are you waiting for?

Book your appointment today and start enjoying hairless, smooth skin!


Why do people go for hair removal treatments?

There are a number of reasons why most individuals prefer hair removal treatments, and the aspects include: · Saves time · Less sensitive to skin · Quick treatment method

What is the principle of the IPL Hair Removal Treatment?

The IPL Hair Removal Treatment at New Beauty utilises photothermal induced IPL energy that removes unwanted body hair up to 500 strands per second, notwithstanding the thickness and density of hair. The IPL Hair Removal Treatment directly aims and breaks down melanin particles that lay in the dermis layer of the skin and also induces collagen production for smoother, brighter and tighter skin. The IPL Hair Removal Treatment is a comfortable hair removal experience without the agony of skin irritation to give you long-lasting results with minimal hair regrowth.

What makes the IPL Hair Removal Treatment different from generic IPL and laser hair removal treatments?

Most IPL and laser hair removal treatments can cause skin redness, pigmentation issues and inflammation as side effects that will eventually fade away. If you participate in these hair removal treatments, you will be asked to apply cold ice packs to the treated area to calm the downside effects mentioned above. Unlike traditional laser or IPL treatments, the IPL Hair Removal Treatment encompasses a sapphire cooling spot that soothes treated skin from redness and inflammation that may occur post-treatment. This way, the treatment instantly calms down your skin to feel less discomfort as the treatment progresses.

How does the IPL Hair Removal Treatment cause longer-lasting hair removal effects?

The IPL Hair Removal Treatment cuts off the nutrient supply that supports the growth of unwanted hair strands. With reduced nutrients, the hair follicles will weaken and gradually stop growing to give you smooth, hairless skin that endures for a long period.

Is there any downtime needed after the IPL Hair Removal Treatment?

The IPL Hair Removal Treatment at New Beauty does not require a significantly longer recovery period as this treatment is non-invasive and non-irritant. Most customers are able to return to their regular routines a few hours after the treatment.


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IPL Hair Removal Treatment

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