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Author: Leila Tan|2024-3-11

For those who live in Singapore, you may have observed that an increasing number of men are choosing hair removal procedures to remove undesirable body hair. Whether for aesthetic, sanitary, or personal reasons, hair removal among males in Singapore is becoming increasingly widespread and accepted. Yet, what are the advantages and disadvantages of hair removal for men? And what are the finest solutions for men who wish to acquire hairless, smooth skin? This article will examine the trend of men's hair removal in Singapore and provide advice and insights for guys interested in hair removal.


The Beginning of Men Hair Removal Trend

Men have been getting rid of hair for a long time. In fact, ancient people like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used a variety of ways to get rid of unwanted hair. But in recent years, there has been a clear rise in the number of men in Singapore who use hair removal services, especially for their chest, back, and pubic areas. Why is this happening? What does that say about the way men in Singapore think?

1. The Change in Social Norms

One reason could be that men in Singapore are influenced by the media and social norms that say a smooth, hairless body is the most attractive thing about a man. According to a study by Dr. Lynne Luciano, a professor of history at California State University, the rise of male hair removal in the West can be traced back to the 1980s and 1990s, when celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and David Beckham showed off their muscular, hairless bodies on screen and in magazines. These pictures set a new standard for male beauty that emphasised a slim, toned body with little or no body hair.

2. Increased awareness in hygiene and appearance

Another reason could be that men in Singapore care more about their health and hygiene and see hair removal as a way to make themselves cleaner and more comfortable. A survey by Philips Singapore found that 76% of men who shave their bodies do so to keep themselves clean, while 58% do it for comfort. Some men may also think that hair removal leads to better sexual performance and satisfaction because they think that having less hair or none at all can make them more sensitive and enjoy intimacy more.

3. Open to discover new things or advanced technology

A third possible reason is that men in Singapore are more willing to try new things with their looks and identities and see hair removal as a way to express themselves and make personal decisions. A report by Euromonitor International stated that Singapore is one of the fastest-growing markets for male grooming products and services in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2019, the market is expected to be worth US$184 million. This shows that men in Singapore are more willing to spend money on their looks and try new things to improve their image and confidence.

No matter why, it's clear that hair removal among men in Singapore is becoming more common and accepted. But it's important to remember that men don't have to get rid of their hair in order to be attractive or masculine. It's a personal choice that each person should make based on their own preferences and level of comfort. As long as hair removal is done safely and responsibly, there is no right or wrong way to do it.


How Different Is It for Men to Remove Unwanted Hair Compared to Women?

Men and women both get rid of hair, but the way they do it, the results they want, and their preferences are different, thus affecting the route for them to discover the most effective treatment. Here are the 2 main differences we covered:

Amount of hair

One of the most obvious differences between men and women is the amount and type of body hair they have. Men have more hair on their bodies than women, especially on their chest, back, arms, and legs. Men's body hair is also thicker and coarser than women's, which makes it more noticeable and harder to get rid of. Women's body hair is usually thinner and lighter than men's, except in the pubic area, where both men and women have the same density and texture of hair.

The motive

Men and women also remove their body hair for different reasons. Women are more likely to get rid of their body hair for aesthetic reasons, like to fit in with social standards of beauty and femininity or to feel more confident and at ease in their own skin. Men may also shave their bodies for aesthetic reasons, like to show off their muscles or attract a partner, but most of the time they do it for practical reasons, like to improve their athletic performance or hygiene.


Pros And Cons of Men's Hair Removal You Should Know

Unwanted hair is always a hassle regardless of what gender you are. For men, there are actually numerous advantages you can harvest if you choose to get rid of certain body hair:

Decreased perspiration and body odour

Excessive body hair can trap perspiration and microorganisms, which can result in unpleasant odour and irritation. Hair removal can help minimise sweating and odour by improving the skin's ability to breathe and maintain its freshness.

Improved comfort

Excessive body hair can be irritating and itchy, particularly in hot and humid climates like Singapore. Hair removal can make you feel more at ease and prevent skin issues such as ingrown hairs, folliculitis, and rashes.

Better appearance

Many men desire a clean and smooth appearance, particularly on their chest, back, arms, and legs. Hair removal can assist improve your appearance and make you appear more confident and beautiful.

Some guys choose to have little or no body hair, either for themselves or for their partners, out of personal preference. Hair removal can help you obtain your ideal appearance and improve your body satisfaction.

Now that we talked about the good sides, it's time to move to the concerns that might probably stop a man from achieving smoother skin.


Hair removal procedures can be costly, particularly if you wish to remove hair from many or extensive regions. Also, you may need to repeat the treatments frequently to preserve the benefits.


Depending on the procedure and your pain tolerance, hair removal treatments can be uncomfortable. Certain treatments, like as waxing and laser, can cause temporary redness, swelling, and irritation.

Side effects

Hair removal procedures can potentially have side effects, including skin irritation, infection, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation. If you have sensitive skin or underlying medical issues, these side effects may be more severe than usual.

Although hair removal for males is becoming increasingly popular and acceptable in Singapore, there may still be some social stigma or preconceptions attached to it. Regardless of skin tones and skin types, some individuals may view male hair removal as unnatural, feminine, or vain. You may also endure ridicule or criticism from relatives and friends, but that should not stop you from going after what you wish for!


Options Available for Men to Remove Unwanted Hair

For those braves that would like to discover more methods aside from daily shaving, there are a variety of hair removal options available for you, but let's start from the basics first.


is the most popular and practical way of hair removal for males. Using a razor or an electric shaver to remove hair from the skin's surface. Shaving is inexpensive, simple, and painless, but the results are just temporary. It may be necessary to shave every few days or weeks to maintain smooth skin. Moreover, shaving can lead to ingrown hairs, razor bumps, scrapes, and irritation.


Waxing is a process of hair removal involving the application of hot or cold wax to the skin and the subsequent removal of the wax along with the hair. Waxing is superior to shaving since it removes hair from the root. Over time, waxing might also cause your hair to grow back thinner and softer. Nonetheless, waxing can be quite painful, particularly in sensitive places such as the pubic region. Incorrect waxing can also result in redness, bruising, and infection.


Sugaring is similar to waxing, except instead of wax, a natural paste of sugar, water, and lemon juice is used. Sugaring is reportedly less unpleasant and uncomfortable than waxing. As it adheres exclusively to hair and not skin. Sugaring can also produce longer-lasting effects than shaving and result in finer, slower hair regrowth. However, sugaring might induce discomfort, redness or inflammation following therapy.

Laser hair removal technology

Laser hair removal treatment is a method of hair removal that uses a device to generate pulses of light, and further destroy hair follicles under the skin. Laser hair removal treatments that are done professionally can deliver permanent or semi-permanent outcomes,

Since it inhibits or reduces new hair growth. Lasers can also enhance the texture and tone of your skin by boosting collagen formation. Nonetheless, lasers can be quite costly.

IPL hair removal treatment

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, is utilised to eliminate undesirable body hair, inhibit hair growth, and cure pigmented or vascular lesions. Using a broad spectrum of light, IPL is able to target dark hair. Similar to how wearing black on a sunny day may cause you to overheat, dark hair absorbs light, warms up, and becomes brittle at the roots. IPL treatments have one major advantage over conventional hair removal techniques, such as waxing and plucking: they are permanent. Any living hair follicle that is treated is annihilated and cannot regenerate. IPL therapy for permanent hair removal is more successful on darker hair than on lighter hair. After completing your IPL treatment, you will notice a reduction in unwanted body hair.


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Take on New Beauty's Hair Removal Treatment and Say Farewell to Shaver!

Thankfully, New Beauty is pleased to provide you with the best available treatment through IPL Hair Removal Treatment, which aids in the permanent removal of hair follicles in regions such as the upper lip, bikini line, and underarms, and is safe for most skin types.

IPL Hair Removal Treatment employs light radiation to target a specific skin tone. When the skin is heated, the body destroys undesirable cells, eradicating the condition being treated. The IPL Hair Removal Therapy at New Beauty permanently eliminates ingrown hair, regardless of its thickness or hair colour.

This is a placeholdContrary to lasers, the IPL device generates multiple wavelengths of light pulses that target melanin to break it down and expose softer, brighter skin. Because your skin tone becomes more luminous after IPL, you may appear younger, and because it does not hurt the surrounding skin tissues, you can recover

The wellness specialist at New Beauty begins the treatment by cleansing the region to be treated and performing a patch test to ensure you receive the greatest benefits. You are also instructed to wear protective goggles during your treatment to safeguard your eyes. The IPL Hair Removal Treatment handpiece is then used to send light pulses into the skin to halt the growth of hair follicles due to a shortage of nutrients. This also stops future hair regrowth.

Things to take note after your hair reduction journey

You should wait at least two weeks before getting laser or IPL hair removal treatment if you've been tanning, waxing, plucking, or bleaching your hair. The day before your treatment, shave the region that will be laser-treated. You'll use a cooling gel on your skin and wear goggles to protect your eyes during the session. The device will be moved over your skin, and the technician will apply light pulses. There will be no pain, only a mild tingling feeling.

Depending on the size of the region, the session could last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. For at least 24 hours after treatment, you should stay out of the sun, hot showers, saunas, swimming pools, and exfoliating items. Redness, swelling, and itching are all possible side effects, but they should go away within a few days. You should also use sunscreen and moisturiser on a daily basis. To see the best effects, you may need to schedule many treatments four to six weeks apart.


Tips To Have Your Very Own Hair Removal Session at Home

If you were to do it at home instead of letting a professional complete it for you, you might be wondering how to do it at home without spending too much time or money. As we mentioned, there are a lot of ways to get rid of hair, like shaving, waxing, plucking, threading, and using creams or devices. But some of these methods can be painful, messy, or cause ingrown hairs or irritation.

If you are someone who is open to exploring more natural and device-free ways to get hair removal done, sugaring has many advantages over other ways to get rid of hair. It is made from natural ingredients, cheap, easy to make and use, and kind to the skin. It can also remove dead skin cells and slow hair growth over time. Sugaring can be used to get rid of hair from any part of the body, including the chest, back, arms, legs, and even the face. But you shouldn't put sugar on sensitive places like the genitalia or nipples.

The steps and things you'll need at home for sugaring

1. Get the things you need. You'll need to:

- 1 cup of finely ground sugar - A 1/4 cup of water - 1/4 cup lemon juice (preferably fresh) - A saucepan - A wooden spoon - Thermometer for candy (optional) - A lidded glass jar - Some cotton strips (you can cut up an old T-shirt or use waxing strips) - A spatula or butter knife - A little baby powder or cornflour - Some moisturiser or aloe vera gel

2. Get the sugar paste going. Stir the sugar, water, and lemon juice together in a saucepan over medium-high heat until the sugar is dissolved. Bring everything to a boil, and then turn the heat down to medium-low. Let it cook on low heat until it turns golden brown and thick. Depending on your stove and pan, this could take anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. You can check the temperature of the mixture with a candy thermometer. When it is ready, it should be around 250°F (120°C). Make sure neither the mixture nor you get too hot.

3. Put the sugar paste in a glass jar and let it cool down until it is warm but not hot. You can keep the unused sugar paste in the jar with the lid for up to a month in a cool place.

4. Get your skin ready for sugaring. Wash and dry the place you want to get rid of hair. Spread talcum powder or cornflour on your skin to soak up any oil or moisture. This will help the sugar paste stay on your hair instead of your skin.

5. Use the sugar paste to put on your skin. Using a spatula or butter knife, scoop out some sugar paste and spread it on your skin in the opposite direction of how your hair grows. The thin, even layer of sugar paste should be used. Press a strip of cotton over the sugar paste and firmly smooth it down.

6. Quickly pull the cotton strip off in the direction that your hair grows. With one hand, pull your skin tight, and with the other, quickly pull off the strip in a straight line with your skin. Do not pull your skin up or away from you, as this could cause bruising or irritation. As the hair is pulled out from the roots, you might feel some pain, but it should go away quickly.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all of the hair you don't want is gone from the area you want. You can use the same piece of cotton more than once until it stops sticking. If the sugar paste gets too hard or cold, you can warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds.

8. After sugaring, clean and soothe your skin. Use warm water and a mild soap to get rid of any sugar paste that might still be on your skin. Use a soft towel to dry your skin, then put some moisturiser or aloe vera gel on it to keep it hydrated and calm. And Voila, your skin will be smooth and hair-free for up to four weeks.



Always remember to pick the one that best fits your needs, preferences, and bank account. There is absolutely no reason to feel bad or guilty about removing unwanted hair. It's a decision you make for yourself that could boost your happiness and confidence. Remember, you deserve to look and feel your best!


In what ways does shaving assist men?

Having your facial hair shaved off can make you seem and feel more polished and presentable. It can also lessen unpleasant odours, perspiration, and hair that rubs against skin. Hair removal for men has many benefits, including an increase in cleanliness and ease of movement.

How many different approaches are there to shaving a man's face?

Shaving, waxing, tweezing, depilatory lotions, and electric shavers are just some of the hair removal options for guys. Ingrown hairs, scrapes, burns, and rashes are just some of the transient, painful, and embarrassing adverse effects of these procedures. Laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal treatments use light radiation to damage the hair follicles and prevent them from growing back, providing a permanent and painless cure.

When using a laser or IPL, how does the process go down?

The melanin pigment in hair is what laser and IPL light pulses are aiming for when they remove hair. The hair absorbs the light energy and turns it into heat, damaging the hair follicle and preventing it from producing new hair. The treatment is quick, gentle, and effective on a wide variety of skin tones and hair hues.

Are there any cultural or social taboos in Singapore about men getting their hair removed?

Men's grooming and hair removal have become less of a taboo in recent years, but there are still some cultural and social taboos in Singapore that come with it. Some people might think that men who shave their bodies are vain, girly, or even weak. But these stereotypes are slowly going away as more men start grooming themselves and caring about how they look. In the end, whether or not to get rid of body hair is a personal choice that shouldn't be based on societal norms or stereotypes but on what each person wants and needs.

What to do if I want to remove hair but I have easily irritated skin?

If hair removal is causing a skin problem or if you suddenly have a great deal more unwanted hair, a board-certified dermatologist can explain what's going on and propose the best course of action.


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