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Author: Leila Tan|2024-3-2

Waxing, whether soft or hard, cold or hot wax, has long been a popular procedure for ladies and men to get rid of unwanted body hair. However, for those who have never tried it, waxing may appear to be more difficult to manage and uncomfortable than shaving or applying depilatory cream. Also, waxing yourself at home can result in different results as compared to using a professional service. Find out what's the difference below.


Why Waxing Is A Better Choice To Remove Hair

Waxing is a common way to get rid of unwanted hair. It includes putting hot or cold wax on the skin and pulling it off with the hair. Waxing is better than other ways to get rid of hair, like cutting, plucking, or using depilatory creams, in a number of ways. Some of the things that are good about waxing are:

* Waxing pulls hair out by the root, so it takes longer for hair to grow back. Shaving only lasts a few days, but waxing can last up to three or four weeks. In the long run, this saves you time and money because you don't have to wax or shave as often.

* Waxing makes it less likely that you will get razor bumps, ingrown hairs, or skin sensitivity. When you shave, the hair is cut at an angle, leaving sharp tips that can curl back into the skin and cause these problems. When you wax, the whole hair shaft is pulled out. This leaves a smooth surface that is less likely to cause irritation or an infection.

* Over time, waxing can make hair grow back thinner and softer. When you shave, you show the blunt end of the hair shaft, which can make the hair look longer and coarser. Waxing makes the hair follicle weaker and makes it smaller, which can cause hair to grow back thinner and less visible.

* Waxing can make the face smoother and get rid of dead skin cells. Shaving can also remove dead skin cells, but it can also make the skin dry and flaky. When you wax, a thin layer of skin comes off with the hair. This can make your face feel and look better. By getting rid of dirt and oil from the face, waxing can also help stop clogged pores and acne.


Comparison Between Waxing Hair Removal At Home & Hair Removal Services

To those who never tried wax as their hair removal method, wax actually comes in two main forms: soft wax and hard wax. Most of the time, soft wax is put on with a cloth strip and taken off quickly. Hard wax is put on without a strip, and it has to dry before it can be taken off. Both types of wax can be used at home or in a salon, but they are different in some ways.


The price is one change. Waxing at home is cheaper than going to a salon because all you have to buy is the wax and the tools to apply it. When you get waxed at a salon, you have to pay for the service, the tip, and maybe even other products or services. But waxing at home may take more time and work because you have to get the wax ready, heat it up, apply it properly, and clean up afterward. Waxing at a professional place may be easier and faster because you can trust the technician's skill and experience.

Newbie friendliness

Another difference is how good something is. If you are new to waxing or have sensitive skin, you might not get the same results at home as you would at a professional place. You could end up with hair removal that isn't even, or even result in ingrown hairs, discomfort, or an infection. Waxing at a professional centre may give you better results because the technician can use the right type of wax for your skin and hair, change the temperature and pressure, and follow the right rules for cleanliness and hygiene. But waxing at a professional place could also put you at risk for things like allergic reactions, burns, or cross-contamination.


The comfort is the third difference. If you wax at home, you can choose when, where, and how much pain to put up with. This may give you more privacy and control over the process. You might also feel more happy and at ease in your own home. When you go to a professional waxing place, you may feel more nervous or embarrassed because you have to show your body parts to a stranger and listen to what they say or think about you. But if you go to a professional place, the technician can help you relax, distract you from the pain, and tell you how to take care of yourself afterward.


Aftercare After Remove Unwanted Hair with Wax

Waxing can also cause side effects like redness, itching, ingrown hairs, and infections. It is important to follow some aftercare tips after waxing to avoid and treat these problems.

- Put a lotion or cream on the shaved area to make it feel better. This can help calm the face and make it less red. Look for things like aloe vera, chamomile, or tea tree oil in the goods you buy.

- Don't touch the waxed area or scratch it. This can let germs in, which can lead to an infection or swelling. If the area is itchy or hurting you, put a cold cloth or ice pack on it.

- Stay out of the sun, tanning beds, hot baths, saunas, and pools for at least 24 hours after getting waxed. These can make your skin itch and make you more likely to get a sunburn or an infection.

- Once every few days, gently scrub the waxed area. This can help keep the skin smooth and stop hairs from growing back into the skin. Use a gentle scrub or loofah and try not to rub too hard.

- Every day, moisten the area that was waxed. This can help keep the skin moist and stop it from getting dry or flaky. Use a gentle moisturiser that doesn't have any scent and won't clog your pores.

If you follow these treatment tips, you can get the benefits of waxing without any of the bad things. But you should see a doctor right away if you have severe pain, swelling, pus, fever, or an allergic response after waxing.


Eliminate Your Hair Growth with New Beauty

IPL, which stands for "Intense Pulsed Light Treatment," is used to get rid of unwanted hair, stop hair from growing back, and treat pigment or vascular blemishes. IPL may be able to get rid of dark hair by using a wide range of light. Dark hair soaks up light, heats up, and gets damaged all the way down to the roots, just like wearing black on a sunny day might make you feel too hot. IPL treatments have one big advantage over other ways to get rid of hair, like waxing or plucking: they last forever. If you fix a live hair follicle, it will die and won't grow back. IPL treatment can remove hair permanently, but it works better on darker hair and may not work as well on lighter hair.

After your IPL Hair Removal Treatment is done, you will have less body hair that you don't want. Thanks to IPL Hair Removal Treatment, New Beauty is happy to give you the best care possible. This treatment helps get rid of hair permanently in places like the upper lip, waistline and underarms, and it works for most skin types.

In this treatment, a certain colour on your skin is targeted by a beam of light. When the skin is warmed up, the body gets rid of dead cells, which gets rid of the problem you're trying to treat. The IPL Hair Removal Treatment at New Beauty gets rid of ingrown hairs for good, no matter how thick or light the hair is.

The IPL device, unlike lasers, sends out many different types of pulsing light that target melanin to break it down and make the skin softer and brighter. Because IPL makes your skin tone more radiant, you may look younger. It also doesn't hurt the skin cells around it, so you can heal quickly after a treatment session.

A lot of people are scared of generic IPL Hair Removal in Singapore because it uses "machines" and might hurt. Still, the benefits of getting rid of unwanted hair are worth far more than the cost of the IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment at New Beauty, and here are just a few short ones:

Removes both thick and thin hair

IPL energy goes deep into the hair shafts to reach the melanin there. After taking in the strong light energy, melanin breaks down. This treatment goes after the hair cells to slow hair growth until it stops. When the capillaries shrink, they can't send nutrients to the hair cells. This stops hair from growing back.

Almost painless experience

The IPL Hair Removal Treatment, on the other hand, hurts a lot less than waxing. Also, you can't feel it when the hair gets thinner and less dense, with few. It's a great way to get rid of unwanted hair in a gentle way. What could be better than knowing that the process will take care of hair removal for good?

Less dark shadows and wrinkles

When we shave our underarms, there is always a black shadow, and by the end of the day, our underarms look like they need another shave. Even though the hair won't be long, the black stubble and shadow will make people feel uneasy. IPL Hair Removal Treatment stops hair follicles from growing, which makes hair smaller and less noticeable. You won't have a black shadow or beard any more.

Brighten your skin

When skin and body hair rub against each other, it causes melanocytes to make more melanin, which leads to discoloration. IPL energy can get to the dermis and break down hidden melanin. The photothermal action caused by IPL also helps collagen grow. Both of these make the skin in the treatment area look healthy and firm.

Longer-term savings

IPL Hair Removal Treatment works for a long time, but the starting cost is higher when compared between going to a professional or constantly using warm wax at home. Still, the cost of maintenance is much smaller. Think about this: you don't have to keep paying for waxing appointments for a long time. That's a no-brainer compared to tweezing and pulling, but that's like comparing apples and oranges.


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Last Thought

In the end, both waxing at home and at a professional salon have their own pros and cons. Which one you choose relies on your own tastes, budget, skill level, and goals. You could try both ways to see which one works best for you. Although waxing can be a great way to get rid of hair and make your skin smooth and hair-free. But there are some problems with it that you should think about before you decide to try it.

To those who wish to overcome this issue once and for all, consider hair removal services like IPL treatment is a smarter choice as you will be able to get it resolved once and for all in the long run. Visit New Beauty for a trial to experience smooth and bright skin today!


1.What is skin taut and how can I improve it?

Skin taut is a term that refers to the elasticity and firmness of the skin. It is influenced by factors such as age, genetics, hydration, sun exposure, and lifestyle habits. Skin taut can affect the appearance and health of the skin. Here are some common questions and answers about skin taut. There are some ways to improve your skin taut, such as moisturising regularly, using sunscreen, eating a balanced diet, drinking enough water, quitting smoking, and exercising.

2.How do wax strips work? What are they?

A wax strip is a thin piece of cloth that has wax on one side. It is used to get rid of unwanted hair. When wax strips are put on the skin and quickly pulled off, the hair is pulled out from the roots. Wax strips can be used on the legs, arms, bikini area, face, and other parts of the body. Wax strips are an easy, cheap way to get smooth, hair-free skin at home or on the go.

3.What to do about fine hair with wax?

Waxing can make it hard to get rid of fine hairs because they might not stick well to the wax or break off instead of coming out. To make it easier to get rid of fine hairs with wax, you should: - Scrub your skin before waxing to get rid of dead skin cells and lift the hairs. - Instead of using soft wax, use hard wax, which can grab small hairs better and doesn't need a strip. - Put a small layer of wax on the surface and let it dry completely before taking it off. - Quickly and firmly pull the wax off all at once.

4.Can wax strips be used on skin that is sensitive?

Even if you don't have sensitive skin, wax strips can make your skin hot, irritated, and cause hairs to grow back in. If you have sensitive skin, you should: Do a patch test on a small part of your skin 24 hours before using wax strips to see if you have any bad reactions. - Choose wax strips that are made for sensitive skin, like those with aloe vera or chamomile, which are soothing ingredients. - Don't wax areas that are red, broken, or have an infection. - To calm your face after getting waxed, use a cold compress or aloe vera gel.

5.Is IPL Hair Removal Treatment suitable for everyone?

The old way of using lasers to get rid of hair only works for people with lighter skin and darker hair. IPL Hair Removal Treatment employs a specific IPL wavelength that is appropriate for a variety of body regions, including the face, upper lip, armpits, back, legs, and arms, among others. Thus, this treatment can target both small and large areas of your body, resulting in fewer ingrown hairs compared to methods like waxing or shaving.


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