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Author: Leila Tan|2024-3-5

Throughout their lives, many men and women struggle with hair loss, and many of us spend a lot of time and money doing so. Fortunately, a scalp care regimen that includes the greatest hair growth serum can lead to thicker hair and new hair development for some people. Although the process of hair growth and loss may appear to be straightforward, it actually consists of four separate phases. To learn more about how hair develops and what can be done to prevent or treat premature hair loss, these hair growth stages have been examined in great detail.


Hair growth cycle

Three phases make up the hair development cycle: anagen, which is the growing phase; catagen, which is the regressing phase; and telogen, which is the resting period. The timing of each phase varies depending on factors like age, diet, and general health. That means there are things you can do to make sure your hair grows in a healthy way along the way.

Anagen: Growing phase

The anagen phase is the first stage of hair development. The hair on your head go through this phase for three to five years, yet for some people, a single hair may continue to grow for seven or more years.

Thankfully, different hair types have different anagen phases. For instance, the anagen phase of pubic and brow hairs is significantly shorter than that of scalp hairs. Your hair follicles are releasing hairs during the anagen phase that will keep growing until they are trimmed or until they reach the end of their life cycle and fall out. Around 90% of the hairs on your head are in the anagen phase at any given time.

Catagen: Transition phase

As the anagen phase concludes, the catagen phase begins and typically lasts 10 days or so. Hair follicles contract and hair development slows down during this chapter. The hair also breaks off from the base of the hair follicle, but it hangs on for a few more days as it grows.

Telogen: Resting phase

Normally, the telogen period lasts three months. Approximately 10 to 15 percent of the hairs on your scalp are in this stage.

During the telogen phase, hairs do not often develop or fall out. In follicles that have recently released hairs during the catagen phase, new hairs begin to form during the telogen phase.

Exogen: Shedding phase

The exogen phase of hair growth is simply an extension of or a component of the telogen stage. Hair sheds off the scalp during the exogen phase, frequently aided by washing and combing. During the exogen period, it is typical to lose 50–100 hairs each day.

While old hairs fall out during the exogen phase, which can last between 2 and 5 months, new hairs are forming in the follicles.


How Do Hair Oil And Hair Serum Vary From One Another?

Serum and hair oil may have comparable textures, but they are not the same. The former is primarily used to nourish and enhance the health of hair because it is designed to permeate through the hair cuticles and into the fibre's cortex. Hair serum is a style product that you can use to protect, shine up, and smooth out your hair.


How hair serum works

With healthy hair follicles, internal hair growth begins. Thus, you might be wondering: How exactly do topical serums work? Rosemary oil, lavender oil, and other naturally occurring substances are often found in serums to help stimulate the scalp, which in turn helps the hair follicles receive essential nutrients and oxygen.

Also, these serums maintain the health and vitality of your existing hair, which is essential if you want to promote length. For instance, some solutions contain antioxidants, which can help fend against free radicals caused by pollution or UV rays. Finally, you'll discover a lot of humectants and oils rich in fatty acids to hydrate the strands and maintain their strength.


What need to be take to consideration before getting a hair serum

Safe for the scalp

We carefully looked for substances that nourish the skin because good skin on the scalp is the foundation for healthy hair development.

Type of hair

We took care to incorporate formulas that address the demands and patterns of multiple strands.

Variety of serums

Certain serums are best used prior to shampooing, while others are intended for leave-in treatments. Some are thin and absorb fast, while others cover the strands in moisture in a thick coating. There are lots of choices available here.

It's important to look at the ingredients in the serum because it is one of the most important parts when it comes to choosing a serum. Flower extract is considered to be one of the best ingredients for a hair serum as it is rich in vitamins A and C as well as vital fatty acids which are helpful for the skin, scalp, and hair.


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Best serum for hair growth journey

Revela Hair Revival Serum

For a healthier looking hair use this technological serum, which contains a ground-breaking ingredient for healthy hair that was discovered using AI, can treat hair loss caused by a variety of factors, including stress and heredity. The overall rating for this serum is highly recomended.


This Grow Gorgeous hair growth serum, helps in achieving dramatically thicker, healthier-looking locks in as little as 4 weeks. With this densifying serum

Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum is a vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and devoid of parabens, sulphates, silicones, phthalates, and mineral oil in their formulation.

The INKEY List Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment

This expertly formulated and affordable alternative is suggested by experts for those with alopecia, also known as androgenetic hair loss.

Monat Hair Thinning Defense

This Monat hair density serum encourages hair growth, density, and scalp health and is completely safe to use daily because it contains caffeine, antioxidants, and melatonin. This serum helps highly in denser looking hair.

Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil

This Tiktok-viral serum was created especially for those with naturally curly hair and contains rosemary oil to calm any irritation and improve blood flow to the scalp. Moreover, peppermint oil, which some study suggests may help stimulate the hair follicle, and coconut oil, which can help control frizz, are added.

Hair Thickness Maximizer Saw Palmetto Serum

If you are experiencing thinning hair, this well regarded combination includes saw palmetto as well as a variety of additional natural oils, including rosemary oil to further promote hair growth and increase hair density and moringa oil for moisture. Remember that since this product contains oil, it should be removed from hair by washing after use.


Advantages of hair growth serum

Gives shines

Hair that has been serum-treated looks stunning and has more shine. It provides the silky soft finish touch for silky softness and shine while totally polishing the hair with perfection. Like a salon, using a shampoo that increases gloss might promote internal growth.

Reduces frizz

A serum can save your hair if you want to address the unmanageable frizz in it. It would aid in hydrating them and enriching their strands with essential oils.

Aids in nourishing dry hair

Dry hair can be extremely irritating. Lack of moisture may cause them to appear lifeless and dreary. A high-quality serum that leaves your hair with a velvety sheen can make it dry. It protects against humidity (which is the root reason behind dryness). Also, applying a hair serum to hydrate your hair won't make it look greasy.

Detangles the hair

Anyone who has rough, dry, or dehydrated hair may find it difficult to comb it easily or style it whatever they like. One of the main advantages of serum for hair is that it deeply hydrates the strands.

Roots are strengthened

Hair serum, a light liquid, fortifies the hair by giving it nutrition and vital fatty acids.

Safeguards against humidity

Usually, when exposed to dampness, hair becomes lacklustre and damaged. Moreover, prolonged sun exposure makes hair dry and lifeless. Regular hair washing may further exacerbate the problem of excessive hair loss. In order to protect the hair from the heat and humidity in the environment, it is crucial to use a hair serum.


Disadvantages of hair growth serum

Problems with the scalp

The majority of silicone hair serums are not meant to be applied to the scalp. It could clog your pores over time, causing red, swollen, and irritated skin.


Although silicone hair serums are meant to give your hair a glossy shine, using too much can lead to buildup, giving your hair a dull appearance.


Older hair is prone to being fine and brittle. Silicone serums frequently have thick compositions that can weigh down and harm the underlying structure of your delicate strands. Your hair may eventually develop split ends, breakage, or more hair follicles.


How to use

The Best Product For Your Hair Type

You need to locate the product that is ideal for your hair kind. Also, you need to be cautious of the substances. This frequently entails trying out a variety of items before settling on one. Another common misunderstanding is that those with fine hair should avoid using serums because they will flatten their hair. However, people with fine hair can also utilise serums with milder compositions.

If you frequently style your hair, you should use styling solutions that protect your hair from heat damage caused by appliances like flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers.

Thoroughly wash your hair.

Keep in mind that only shampooed hair should be used to apply hair serum. Hair serum, unlike hair mousse or hair sprays, primarily serves to hydrate your hair, while it also aids in styling and detangling. Hair serum's main function is to shield your hair from dirt and pollution. Using it to unwashed hair will therefore be ineffective.

Use a hair serum that is bundled with a matching shampoo and conditioner from the same hair care line if you are trying one out for the first time. Use the hair serum last after giving your hair a good wash and conditioner.

Apply serum on your hair

Take two to six drops of the hair serum and rub your palms together depending on the length and density of your hair and apply directly to your hair line. Make sure your have a towel dried hair or just slightly moist because hair serum works best on freshly damp hair.

Apply the serum to your face-framing hair by flipping it forward and working your way up from the tips of your hair. As the hair serum works effectively on split ends, massage the tips. Once more, flip the hair back, add two to four additional drops of serum and massage it thoroughly from the back to the front of the hair. Once finished, add a few more drops and evenly distribute the serum throughout your hair for effective application.


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Hair Care After Application

Brush your hair downward after thoroughly applying the serum on it. You may untangle your hair quickly using this. Make sure to blow-dry your hair until it is totally dry after using the serum. This is crucial because if your hair is damp, dirt or dust could adhere to your hair and scalp.

If you frequently straighten your hair, it is preferable to apply serum first before using the straightener. Also, the serum will shield your hair from breakage and damage brought on by overheating.


Tips for for healthy hair growth

Apart from using serum to grow gorgeous hair growth, you can follow the following tips as a boost:

Avoid following a rigid diet

According to an expert, dietary restrictions may reduce the amount of resources and nutrients required for hair growth. Moreover, hair development is swiftly stopped when your body is under stress from restricted eating since it has a low priority compared to other biological activities.

Get trims frequently

Although it may seem contradictory, regular trims are necessary if you want long, healthy hair. Reducing the breakage makes your hair appear to be growing more quickly. Because split ends might break, your hair may lose length as well as gloss, volume, and smoothness.

Look into essential oils

In addition to having a pleasant scent, essential oils might aid in promoting hair growth. Research shows, in participants with female pattern baldness after three months, topical application of pumpkin seed oil greatly enhanced hair growth. Larger research is necessary to further support this finding, though.

Less shampooing and more hydration

Your hair's health is impacted by how frequently you shampoo it. Shampooing your hair only two to three times a week allows your natural oils to penetrate your hair, allowing it to hydrate and repair itself, " says one expert.


When Should You Use Serum?

Keep in mind that hair serum works best when used sparingly. Using too much hair serum can make your hair look limp rather than shiny, regardless of how thick or long it is. Using less than a pea-sized amount of serum for thin hair and a quarter-sized amount for thick hair will therefore help to reduce its consumption. To achieve visibly fuller hair and to restore vitality, make it using every week for every day.



There are many serums such as sodium hyaluronate, sodium hydroxide, lactic acid, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and many more that provide many benefits such as giving fuller hair density, moisturising hair, giving voluminous hair etc. So if you are someone who is concerned with your thin hair do not worry, try using any of the serums mentioned above.

Long-term healthy hair development ought to be supported by a healthy lifestyle that includes minimal stress, a balanced diet, and gentle hair care. See a doctor if you think you're losing your hair more quickly than is normal. Treating the underlying issue as soon as possible may help decrease hair loss and retain the healthy hair you still have by interfering with the phases of hair growth.


Can oiled hair be used to apply the serum?

It's preferable to use your hair serum on clean, dry hair to get the most benefit from it. This will assist in reducing frizz and maintaining the smooth, healthy appearance of your hair. Despite the temptation, applying serum to oiled hair won't do anything for it. You'll be able to reap the full rewards of your hair serum and maintain your locks looking their best by applying it after washing and drying your hair.

After using serum, should I wash my hair?

If your hair feels excessively oily after applying serum, you can choose to wash it, but you are not required to. Serum is typically used to keep your hair silky and smooth.


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