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Author: Nandhini Sundaram|2023-5-9

A more natural-looking breast has grown more popular among beauty enthusiasts in recent years. It can change your life and boost your confidence and appearance. Additionally, doctors advise that the increased breast size should complement the patient's entire shape. However, having a breast enlargement. is a major decision, so if you're thinking about getting one, you probably have some questions. We will guide you by providing the necessary information about breast enlargement.


Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement, often known as breast implant , breast augmentation or breast enhancement, is a treatment used to improve breast size. Your figure's proportions and your ability to wear clothing can both be improved by enhancing the fullness and projection of your breasts, which can boost your confidence. Women who want larger volume as well as those who have lost their feeling of fullness after giving birth undergo the procedure.

Most frequently, silicone cohesive-gel implants, saline implants, and occasionally fat grafting are used for this. Fat grafting using surplus fat from other parts of your body can also be used to boost breast volume.

Keep in mind that breast augmentation surgery cannot fix droopy or sagging breasts on its own.


Who are eligible to do breast enlargement surgery

In Singapore, breast augmentation should only be performed by board-certified plastic surgeons from the Academy of Medicine. These specialists are qualified professionals who underwent plastic surgery training and were granted certification by the Ministry of Health.

Use caution when searching for medical professionals who provide breast enhancement on the internet. Some clinics might spend money to promote their offerings in search results. To be safe, always make an appointment with the surgeon in advance of the procedure and ask them any questions you have in your mind.


Types of breast enlargement surgery

Breast Implants

In Singapore, there are two different kinds of breast implants: saline implants and silicone implants. The implant can be inserted through a number of surgical incision, the most popular of which being a scar located right below your breast. The implants may be placed above or below the chest muscle are which are also known as pectoralis major.

Plastic gels in silicone shells are used to make silicone breast implants. Silicone implants feel more natural and are less likely to wrinkle. They may, however, spread to your breast and result in lumps.

Saline implants, on the other hand, consist of silicone casings that have been filled with sterile salt water or saline solution. Over time, saline implants are more likely to fold, rupture, or degrade. In the event that they do collapse or burst, the saline will be harmlessly absorbed by your body. Saline implants have the benefit of often being safer in the event of a leak.

Saline breast implants have a tendency to cause greater cosmetic problems than silicone implants, notably, wrinkling and abnormalities of the skin above the breast. Saline implants also have a tendency to be more noticeable and tactile than their silicone counterparts, particularly in women with tiny breasts.

Breast implants, however, are not guaranteed to last a lifetime, and more surgery might be needed in the future to replace one or both implants. It's crucial to regularly examine your implants and breasts in order to spot issues early. Today's silicone breast implants are known to have minimal risks of implant shell rupture and capsule contracture. Silicone breast implants are currently thought to be both safe and technically simple to implant.

Fat Grafting

The procedure of fat transfer breast augmentation involves taking surplus fat cells from the patient's own body and reinjecting them into the breasts. By injecting your own fat from other parts of your body, including your abdomen, hips, and thighs, you can boost the volume of your breasts. Liposuction is used to remove this fat. Compared to breast implants, breast augmentation that uses fat transfer are considered to carry fewer dangers. To firm up sagging breasts, you could also get a breast lift.

The procedure of fat transfer breast augmentation involves taking surplus fat cells from the patient's own body and reinjecting them into the breasts. An added benefit of this operation is that other parts of your body will get thinner as fat is suctioned out of them. Selecting a breast augmentation technique is an individual choice.

If you don't want breast implants but would like slightly larger breasts, you might think about this treatment. Low body fat individuals might not be suitable candidates for fat transfer. More fat cells must be able to be removed by your provider than will be used. That's because some cells pass away as the process progresses. Low body fat individuals could require breast implants instead.


Shapes of breast implants

Round Breast Implants

The typical shape that most women picture when they think of a boob job is a set of round breast implants. This kind of implant aids in achieving greater fullness in the breast's top portion, creating a curvy form with balanced proportions. The ideal alternative for you may be round implants if you want to appear curvier and fuller.

Teardrop-Shaped Breast Implants

Given that they softly slope from the nipple to the breastbone, these implants offer the breasts a more organic shape. Teardrop-shaped implants might be a good option if you want a more discrete, natural effect.


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What breast treatment does our New Beauty offer?

B6 Bust Lift Treatment

This non-invasive, non-surgical breast enhancement procedure stimulates acupoints near the breast tissue to release hormones.

The hormone improves the contour of the breasts, hardens the breast tissues, tightens the breast skin, improves worries about bust shape, and lifts sagging breasts.


Benefits of B6 Bust Lift Treatment

Stimulate hormone secretion

This breast augmentation therapy probe activates mammary glands to secrete hormones for bouncy, firm-looking breasts and prevents sagging breasts by stimulating acupoints.

Adjust Breast Outlines

The breast lift technique probe addresses skin and breast laxity to produce perkier breast size and helps transfer side-breast fat to the front for a centered and full-chested appearance.

Sculpt the golden ratio

Each customer receives a unique breast-care treatment plan from our qualified staff at New Beauty.

Non-invasive Treatment

The B6 Bust Lift Treatment is suited for the majority of people because it is non-invasive and non-surgical.


How does the B6 Bust Lift Treatment work

Step 1: The expert will walk the customer through the theory and process of the breast lift treatment. The aesthetician then adjusts the device and confirms with the customer the proper massage intensity.

Step 2: To begin the acupressure stimulation, the probe from the breast lift apparatus will be positioned at the selected acupoints. In comparison to surgery, the stimulation close to the breast tissues and mammary glands encourages the formation of hormones and collagen.

Step 3: Massages move back and side fat to the front for bust shapes that look more centered. As a result of this procedure, breast shapes appear tighter, firmer, more lifted, and heavier, which appeals to women with side-set, asymmetrical, and droopy chests.


What to expect from B6 Bust Lift Treatment

Firmed and adjusted breast shapes

Non-invasive technology engages the mammary gland lobes to secrete hormones by stimulating the acupoints associated with the breast tissue. For firmer-looking breast outlines, the hormones address slack breast tissue. Additionally, massages move side-set fat to the cheat for an improved body curvature.

Healthier breast tissue

The majority of the breast tissue is made up of fat, with very little muscle. Age-related collagen loss makes it harder for the breast tissue and fat to be sustained. Older women frequently experience breast laxity since we don't regularly exercise and activate our chest muscles.

The B6 Bust Lift Treatment stimulates the acupoints in the breast tissues to encourage blood flow, resulting in a quicker metabolism and a healthier set of breasts.

Safe and non-invasive treatment

A non-invasive breast lift technique is the B6 Bust Lift Treatment. It naturally promotes collagen growth, hormone secretion, and blood circulation. The skin is not harmed during the treatment process.

Professional and caring service

Your treatment related comments will be carefully followed up on by our on staff beauticians. For the best results, our esthetician will create a treatment plan specifically for you.


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What to do before and after treatment?

Before Treatment

1) Drink plenty of water prior to treatment to boost metabolism and hasten blood flow to the breasts. 2) To keep the skin on your chest soft and supple before treatment, apply a moisturizing lotion. 3) Before therapy, get enough rest.

After Treatment

1) Avoid sleeping on your stomach the night after treatment. The chest will be compressed while sleeping on your stomach, obstructing blood flow to the breasts. 2) After the treatment, use appropriate undergarments to assist retain the outcomes of the treatment. Blood circulation may be hampered by tight clothes. 3) Please refrain from taking hot showers for a week because your skin will be more delicate and sensitive than usual for a few days following the treatment.


The Recovery Process

It typically takes 2 to 4 weeks for a breast augmentation to fully recuperate.

After surgery, you can immediately return home and return in two weeks for the removal of your stitches. After a few weeks of surgery, you can return to do your daily tasks.


Proper care

The care of your breast implants should start during your breast augmentation recuperation in order to increase their longevity. For instance, during recovery, your plastic surgeon may suggest you wear a support garment or surgical bra.

If you don't follow this advice, the lack of support may eventually cause more sagging. Always stick to your plastic surgeon's recommendations for annual exams and routine self-inspections.



A breast augmentation procedure can improve your life. Finding a reputable plastic surgeon and doing as much research as you can on the procedure are essential for a positive breast augmentation experience.

However, you must be cautious of any breast implant surgery carried out by unlicensed professionals or beauticians. It is crucial for the patient to be able to communicate with the surgeon their objectives and concerns so that the surgeon can adopt the best course of action. Through this you possibly can avoid getting any complications and infection as well.

Again keep in mind that the significant sagging of the breasts is not corrected by breast augmentation. For sagging breasts to look bigger and raised, a breast lift may be necessary in addition to a breast augmentation. Breast lifting is frequently performed concurrently with breast augmentation surgery or can necessitate a separate procedure.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of a breast augmentation?

The typical lifespan of today's implants is over ten years, with a one percent annual increase in the risk of rupture. Therefore, your risk of rupture or other issues increases as your implants get older. Breast implants frequently last 20 years or longer in good condition.

The most natural-feeling breast implant is which?

Saline substitutes for breast implants don't typically feel as natural as silicone ones do. This is especially true of the "gummy bear" breast implant, which is filled with a cohesive gel that almost exactly replicates the sensation of actual breast flesh.

Is it possible to achieve breast enhancement without implants?

Yes. Without employing implants, fat grafting can enlarge the breasts. In essence, it involves two steps and, while not noninvasive, is less invasive than breast augmentation surgery. Liposuction is a component of fat grafting's initial process.

Can I do breastfeeding with breast augmentation?

Your breast's nerves and ducts may be affected by breast augmentation surgery, which may have an impact on your ability to breastfeed. Milk production is typically less affected by breast implants positioned below your muscle than by implants positioned above your muscle.

Your areola is the area where surgical incisions are most likely to result in decreased milk production. Before getting a breast augmentation, it's crucial to discuss your breastfeeding intentions with your plastic surgeon.


What is the lifespan of a breast augmentation?

The most natural-feeling breast implant is which?

Is it possible to achieve breast enhancement without implants?

Can I do breastfeeding with breast augmentation?


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