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Author: Leila Tan|2024-3-12

Your family history and genes have a role in breast size, but so do your lifestyle, exercise habits, body weight, and age. Most women breast size stops increasing beyond the age of 23, according to research. This is because hormones released during puberty, which cause fat to build up in the breast, are primarily responsible for breast development. While some people may decide to have breast enhancement surgery, this is not your only choice if you want to increase the size of your cup. Some may choose to go with natural breast enhancement pills. These goods advertise a "all-natural solution" rated breast enhancement formula that will provide the appearance of bigger breasts. Nonetheless, it may raise a lot of health issues and questions for some people. So in this article, we will take a look at how much this breast enhancement product or supplements works and is it effective formulation is it safe to consume?


What is breast enhancement pills

A common claim made for breast enlargement supplements is that they are a risk-free, and all natural alternative way to grow woman's breast size. They frequently contain phytoestrogens, which promote the formation of breast tissue resulting in increased breast shape, and substances that have endocrine system-altering effects.

There is no scientific proof to support the efficacy of any breast enlargement supplements, notwithstanding ancient legend regarding employing herbs for the purpose. In certain cases, companies have fabricated their testimonies.


Ingredients used in Breast Enhancement supplements

Many different compounds make the claim to enlarge the bust. These range from substances that can be found in a plant or herbal form to naturally occurring substances in food, such as phytoestrogens. Depending on the manufacturer, the specific ingredients may range from wild yam extract to Siberian ginseng root, to cayenne fruit and guarana seed. These are but a few instances; the manufacturer should include all of the components on the label.

- Mexican Wild Yam: This plant has a substance called diosgenin that is thought to act as a precursor to oestrogen in the body, hence enlarging the breasts. - Blessed thistle: This herb promotes lactation and increases the size and firmness of the breasts. - Dandelion Root: Dandelion root purportedly stimulates breast tissue while also detoxifying it.

Some other ingredients that may be found in the pills are:

- Barley - Black cohosh - Dong quai - Fennel - Fenugreek - Hops - Kava


How they work?

These chemicals 'trick' your body into thinking you're pregnant by mimicking natural hormonal effects of the female sex hormone oestrogen. The theory is that this will increase oestrogen production in your body, just like it would during pregnancy, and cause your breasts to expand (without producing milk, so the manufacturers claim).

Some of the companies that make these drugs claim that if you take them, you can gain two to three full cup size and sizes in your breasts in about three months.


Do the pills really work?

The effectiveness of these items as a substitute for surgical breast augmentation is still unknown. Although women have testified that using herbal treatments increased the size of their breasts, there are no clinical research to back up these claims. The effectiveness of these products cannot be determined based on the claims made in their advertising, notwithstanding low quality of the sincere testimonies.

Furthermore, using these medications may actually harm your health, increasing your chance of breast cancer if you are postmenopausal. Any medications you might be taking may also interfere with the herbs in the pills.


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Are they safe?

No one can formally certify that breast augmentation creams and tablets are safe because the data about breast enhancement formulas is unclear. Plant ingredients may not be safe for general consumption without the advice and supervision of a medical practitioner because they may be contraindicated for different persons in different circumstances. These herbs can negatively interact with each other, with medications you're taking for specific medical issues, or with other herbal therapies.

It is typically thought some risks involved to take breast enlargement pills because it is impossible to determine whether the dose and concentration of some herbal elements are safe.


Side Effects

Headaches, stomach pains, diarrhoea, vomiting, unwanted weight gain and nausea are typical side effects of taking breast enlargement tablets. Rarely, you can experience an allergic reaction to one of the breast enlargement pill's ingredients. The contents in the breast enlargement pills will determine any potential adverse effects and contraindications.

The plants that are frequently used in breast enlargement pills are listed here, along with any potential negative effects.

- Chasteberry: This can conflict with hormone replacement therapy or birth control medications. - Fenugreek: This ingredient might exacerbate asthma symptoms or induce diarrhoea. - Astragalus: This may result in diarrhoea, alter blood sugar or blood pressure levels, or both. - Dong quai: If you have blood issues or are going to undergo surgery, dong quai should not be taken as it can slow blood coagulation and increase the risk of bleeding both during and after surgery.

However, you should speak with your doctor right away if you have any concerns or if your period changes after you start using breast enlargement pills.


Safest and Most Effective Breast Enhancement method

B6 Bust Lift Treatment - New Beauty

This non-invasive, non-surgical breast enhancement procedure stimulates acupoints near the breast tissue to release hormones. The hormone improves the contour of the breasts, hardens the breast tissues, tightens the breast skin, improves worries about bust shape, and lifts sagging breasts. To acquire svelte and curvy breast shapes, try B6!


What can you get from this treatment?

Firmed and adjusted breast shapes

Non-invasive technology engages the mammary gland lobes to secrete hormones by stimulating the acupoints associated to the breast tissue. For firmer-looking breast outlines, the hormones address slack breast tissue. Moreover, massages move side-set fat to the cheat for an improved body curvature.

Healthier breast tissue

The breast tissues primarily consist of fat, with very little muscle. Age-related collagen loss makes it harder for the breast tissue and fat to be sustained. Older women frequently experience breast laxity since we don't regularly exercise and activate our chest muscles. The B6 Bust Lift Therapy stimulates the acupoints in the breast tissues to encourage blood flow, resulting in a quicker metabolism and a healthier set of breasts.

Safe and non-invasive treatment

A non-invasive breast lift technique is the B6 Bust Lift Procedure. It naturally promotes collagen growth, hormone secretion, and blood circulation. The skin is not harmed during the treatment process.

Professional and caring service

Your treatment-related comments will be carefully followed up on by our on-staff beauticians. For the best results, our esthetician will create a treatment plan specifically for you.


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How does the B6 Bust Lift Treatment work?

Step 1: The expert will walk the customer through the theory and process of the breast lift treatment. The aesthetician then adjusts the device and confirms with the customer the proper massage intensity.

Step 2: To begin the acupressure stimulation, the probe from the breast lift apparatus will be positioned at the selected acupoints. In comparison to surgery, the stimulation close to the breast tissues and mammary glands encourages the formation of hormones and collagen.

Step 3: Massages move back and side fat to the front for bust shapes that look fuller form more centred. As a result of this procedure, breast shapes appear tighter, firmer, more lifted, and heavier, which appeals to women with side-set, asymmetrical, and droopy chests.


Breast Lifts

Your breasts can be lifted and reshaped with a breast lift. It is possible to enlarge your breasts without increasing the size of your bust or with the use of breast implants. It is a frequent operation that can undo the effects of gravity, huge weight swings, pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, and other undesirable downward curves. Breasts are "lifted" to give them a firmer contour and position.

Firmer Breast Appearance

In addition to sitting high on the chest, you want your breasts to feel and look firmer. It may feel as though your breasts are deflated if you have sagging. By raising the breasts, we provide them fresh support, allowing them to keep their hard appearance.

Attractive Breast Look

Breasts that are deflated may lose the appealing form you may be aiming for. We can restore a more beautiful and supple breast form by elevating the breast tissue.

Decreased Breast Irritation

Skin discomfort brought on by extra skin can result from low sitting or sagging breasts. In addition to performing a small breast reduction during your breast lift, we can also minimise the amount of extra breast skin to lessen uncomfortable chafing.

During your appointment, your plastic surgeon can help you decide if a breast lift alone or a combination of procedures will help you get the results you want.


Natural ways to enhance breast size and shape

There are many other effective alternative to enhance the look and shape of your breast.


Nuts, fruits, and dairy items can all help to naturally expand the breasts. These nutritious dishes can guarantee results in a month.


For thousands of years, yoga has been used as a natural therapeutic method. It helps you fight diseases within and links the body and the psyche. Moreover, this ancient art can help you if you want to make your breasts appear larger. These are some yoga poses that will enlarge your bust.


Of course, one of the finest methods to enlarge the breasts is massage. What organic creams or oils may you use to massage your breasts, then? What you should know is as follows:

- Hempseed oil - Creams for enlarging the breast - Olive oil - Fennel seed oil


This is all you need to know about the many activities that can make your breasts bigger. To achieve fuller, noticeably, perkier breasts and breast fullness, follow the following exercises.

Wall presses

1. To perform this exercise, you must stand in front of a wall and place your palms on the wall with the height of your chest as your reference point. 2. Slowly bend your elbows, touch your head to the wall, then gently return to the starting position. 3. Repeat this action at least ten to fifteen times. 4. Attempt to perform this workout three times.

Horizontal chest press

1. Put your arms out in front of you. 2. Your arms should be bent 90 degrees. 3. Open your arms as widely as you can and reunite the two of them. 4. You have one minute to complete this exercise.



There are many other options to change the appearance of your breasts, breast enhancement pills is one of them but they are not considered as the most effective or safest method. If you have decided to take breast enhancement pills, it is suggested to seek doctor's approval first as they know well about unsafe ingredients and the ingredients in the pills.


How soon do breast enlargement pills start to work?

According to some producers, women who use the pills could start to experience benefits in as little as two weeks. Unfortunately, no clinical investigation has ever been conducted to demonstrate whether or how quickly these pills function.

Are the outcomes long-lasting?

There is no clinical evidence to support the manufacturers of breast augmentation pills' claims that the outcomes are 85% or 90% permanent.

Will birth control pills increase the size of my breasts?

Yes. Not everyone who uses birth control tablets, nevertheless, will notice a growth in breast size. If they do, the size will probably only slightly rise. Several birth control tablets contain oestrogen and progestin, the hormones responsible for the formation cell growth of breast tissue, which can increase breast growth in some women.

Do vitamins aid in breast development?

No. While taking vitamins will improve your general health, there is no evidence that they can increase breast size. Certain vitamins, like vitamin D, can help ensure the health of your breasts and reduce the chance of breast cancer.

Are breast augmentation tablets preferable than breast augmentation creams?

It is impossible to determine whether breast augmentation creams or tablets are superior to one another because none has been scientifically confirmed to work. Creams have the advantage over tablets in that they often cost less to purchase and are likely to have fewer negative effects.


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