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Author: Leila Tan|2024-3-1

Are you someone who's looking for a natural breast enlargement procedure? or looking for a non surgical procedure to enhance your breast? Then you are at the right place! Mostly we have heard about breast implants procedure to enlarge the breast size using silicone or saline implants. But do you know that, you can change your breast size a few cup sizes without any implants! Without the need for an implant to be inserted, a treatment called natural breast augmentation can give you larger breasts. This breast augmentation procedure is called fat transfer. This technique uses your own fat cells to transfer the fat which is also known as fat grafting to enhance the breasts. You can get a fat transfer breast augmentation on its own or to improve the outcomes of a breast implant. Alt text: Example of how fat transfer works With natural breast augmentations, your own fat is used to enlarge your natural breasts and improve their form. There are many board-certified plastic surgeons, who have extensive knowledge of fat grafting procedures, such as breast augmentation via fat transfer, who can help you with this procedure. Your surgeon will discuss your expectations for the procedure and your goals for breast augmentation with you during your initial consultation.


Benefits of fat transfer breast augmentation

But, it's crucial to assess the benefits and drawbacks of fat transfer breast augmentation before deciding whether the operation is good for you and your goals.

The following are advantages of structural fat grafting for breast augmentation:

A natural process

This technique uses body fat as opposed to saline or silicone. It lessens scarring and prevents rejection. A fat transfer surgery can be a dream come true if your objective is to produce curves that look natural. You can achieve the exact contours you want by using your body's own fat as opposed to an artificial implant in regions like your face, breasts, or butt. You don't need to worry about your breasts appearing or feeling unnatural because the fat is entirely natural.

Longer lasting outcome

Whereas other implants might eventually need to be replaced, fat transfer is irreversible.

Less scars

While all surgical procedures leave some degree of scarring, fat transfers leave quite little, concealable traces. In fact, even in the most exposing swimwear, it is quite improbable that your scars would be visible to anyone after the vast majority of fat transfers. There are almost any scars when the fat is injected into your breasts during the fat transfer operation through incredibly small incisions. Due to the almost complete lack of scarring caused by these small incisions, the appearance is more natural.

Less Downtime

Men and women can typically return home the same day as their fat transfer treatment. Due to the extremely individualized nature of fat transfers, each patient's experience varies depending on their particular treatment strategy. In general, you can anticipate a recuperation period of a few days to one week. In comparison, typical implant procedures require a recuperation period of two to four weeks before you may resume your regular activities.

Entire Body Reshape

When you are removing fat from various areas of the body, your entire body is transformed, giving you a twofold benefit. You acquire larger breasts while losing fat from areas you may have wanted to lose fat from. You can have a flatter stomach, fewer love handles, and naturally enlarged breasts as a result of the liposuction used in the fat transfer procedure.


Risk of fat transfer breast augmentation

There are few downsides when it comes to fat grafting. For example, you may not have liberty to choose the implant size or having your exact desired final results.

Bleeding and bruising

Excessive blood as a result of fat transfer.

Fat cell death (necrosis)

Fat cells die when they undergo fat necrosis. It is the main danger associated with fat transfer breast augmentation and other fat grafting procedures. Fat cells start to die when they don't receive enough oxygenated blood throughout the transfer process. Your breast tissue may develop lumps and bubbles caused by dead fat cells.


The method is regarded as minimally invasive. Little incisions are made to inject the fat. Also, because the fat is your own body fat, there is less chance of rejection or a negative reaction. Unfortunately, there is a chance of infection with any surgery.


Fat transfer breast augmentation is more expensive than other breast augmentation treatments because you're essentially getting two surgeries (liposuction and breast augmentation).

The likelihood of these risks and consequences as well as how they would be handled should be discussed with the surgeon.


Are you a good candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation?

Most female candidates are qualified. For instance, some women with insufficient skin for implants can have fat transferred into their breasts to increase their size. Good candidates for natural breast augmentation often include:

Good health

Non-smokers or can quite before the transfer

An asymmetrical breast shape

Possesses sufficient extra body fat to transfer her breasts

Not receiving any therapy for breast cancer

Not breastfeeding or pregnant


Recovery from Fat Grafting

How quickly you recover from structural fat grafting largely relies on how many fat donors your doctor uses. For at least a week, you'll probably have swelling and bruising in those locations. Although your breasts may be bruised and swollen, you usually won't feel much pain.

Recovery from liposuction frequently requires more time than recovery following breast augmentation. You could get some edoema and discomfort where the fat is eliminated. The surgeons might give you a compression garment to wear while you heal, depending on where the fat was removed. However, because we don't want to compress the freshly enhanced breast tissue, it is advised not to wear a compression garment over your breasts.

In approximately a week, you might be able to go back to work. While mild swelling can last for up to six months, the majority of bruising and swelling should go gone in approximately three weeks.


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Before the Procedure

You will meet with the surgical team to learn more about structural fat grafting for breast enlargement and to view before and after photos of completed procedures. You will talk about your medical background and the procedure's objectives. You will be examined by the surgeon, and a team member will take pictures of your body. These images will be utilized to develop a special surgical strategy for you.


During Procedure

Typically, the entire operation takes three hours. During general anesthesia, natural breast enlargement will be carried out.

You should plan to arrive at the surgical center an hour before your procedure is scheduled to begin and stay until at least an hour after it is finished. Once you are released from general anesthesia, you should have an adult drive you home. 24 hours following surgery, a friend or loved one should stay with you. Your surgeon will carefully inject fat into numerous locations on and near the breasts after removing the fat cells from your donor area.


Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Incisions

Liposuction is the first stage of a two-part process for natural breast growth. A donor area of the body is selected during liposuction, which is typically the hips, love handles, or abdomen. After that, the fat cells are injected into the breasts.

Liposuction incisions are typically minor and undetectable. A few cuts will be made on the agreed-upon donor location by your surgeon. She will utilize these incisions to implant a small tube known as a cannula, which is used to split up fat cells before suctioning them out.

Your fat cells will be removed and then injected with the use of tiny needles right into the breasts. As no actual incisions are done, there shouldn't be any scarring as a result of the fat transfer. Instead, your surgeon will make a few tiny punctures in the breast skin that resemble a shot. These stains should vanish with time.


Choose a plastic surgeon

You will live with the decision you make with your cosmetic surgeon for many years, if not your entire life. You'll feel more like yourself after a successful treatment, which will boost your confidence for years to come. On the other side, having an inexperienced surgeon perform the procedure raises the likelihood of unfavorable outcomes.

Verify the cosmetic surgeon's certification

There are many plastic surgeons available but not all are professionally certified. Make sure that the surgeons are professionally certified.

Verify the surgeon's expertise in the particular surgeries you choose.

You can imagine how operating on a nose with bone, cartilage, and breathing passages would be quite different from operating on a breast, which is primarily composed of soft tissue. Each area of cosmetic surgery requires different skills. Due to this, the discipline of cosmetic surgery allows for several subspecialties. Choose a cosmetic surgeon who is board certified and has a lot of expertise performing the operation you're thinking about.

Be mindful of how the staff and surgeon make you feel

Surgery is a significant event, and the road to your new appearance may be rocky. You must be completely at ease around your cosmetic surgeon and their support staff. Choose a cosmetic surgeon in whose care you have complete faith for your safety and outcomes.


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It causes less significant overall alterations to breast size while resolving subtle concerns.

First off, breast fat transfer is perfect for patients who merely want a small modification in their breasts' size or form. For instance, breast fat transfer is frequently the best way to correct an asymmetry between the right and left breasts. Alternatively, more subtle modifications can be achieved with this process (unlike typical augmentation). For instance, a tiny bit of fat can be put to the area above the nipple or to another particular location where adding volume will improve appearance.

It eliminates extra body fat.

Finally, individuals who want to enlarge their breasts while also lowering body fat in other areas can benefit greatly from breast fat transfer. It's important to note that less fat is typically removed during breast fat transfer than would be removed during a conventional liposuction operation. However for many patients who want to alter the overall appearance of their silhouette, the overall impact can still be effective.

It's the best natural alternative.

Last but not least, a lot of patients discover that breast fat transfer is a more organic way to achieve their desire for larger, fuller breasts. Their own body fat is just being moved from one place to another, not a foreign object being injected into the breast. This not only makes the substance being used less invasive, but it also gives patients who get breast augmentations the natural appearance they almost universally want.



If you are hoping to enlarge your breast without breast augmentation surgery, then consider a fat transfer procedure. Do your observations so that you will know if a fat transfer can provide the alterations you want in your breasts before you decide whether to have the operation. A fat transfer might not always be able to provide you the desired rise in breast size.

A breast augmentation doesn't elevate your breasts, either. We can combine a breast lift with your fat transfer if you have sagging breasts and want to enhance your breast profile while increasing the size of your breasts.

Consult your doctors if you're thinking of getting a fat transfer along with a breast augmentation. Remember to do your own research before consulting a plastic surgeon so that you can have a broad idea of how this procedure works.


In the event that I get natural breast augmentation, where will the fat come from?

It typically removes fat from the butt, thighs, and abdomen. If you wish to get breast augmentation with fat transfer, the surgeons will work with you to find the best spot.

Do breasts with fat transfer last?

In comparison to conventional breast implants, fat transfer breast augmentation can produce long-lasting results that may age with your body even more naturally. Adopt good lifestyle practices including quitting smoking if you do, eating a balanced diet, obtaining regular exercise, and stress management to help sustain the effects of your fat transfer breast enlargement.

Is breast augmentation using fat transfer painful?

You shouldn't experience any pain or discomfort during the comparatively simple surgery of fat transfer breast augmentation because it is done under general anesthetic. You can feel painful, sore, swollen, and bruised for the first several days following your fat transfer breast augmentation. With the right aftercare and pain relief techniques, these side effects are comparable to those that follow a conventional breast augmentation with implants and are often manageable.

How Much Fat Is Used in the Transfer of Breast Fat?

To alter the overall shape and cup size of the breasts, only a few hundred milliliters of fat are typically injected. This will always depend on the adjustments the patient would like to see made to the procedure's final outcomes.


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