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Author: Leila Tan|2024-3-4

Breast enhancement, widely known by patients as breast enlargement, breast augmentation also known by other names such as breast augmentation surgery or breast implant surgery, is a procedure of changing the appearance and size of your breast according to your preferences. Breast augmentation is a procedure that involves fat transfer or breast implants in order to enlarge and reshape your breasts. Alt text: Breast enhancement surgery During the surgery, the implants are inserted under breast tissue or chest muscles. This operation can also correct natural breast size asymmetry, provide a more rounded breast shape, and restore breast volume lost due to pregnancy or weight loss. It's crucial to discuss your options with your physician in order to determine which surgical method and breast implant type is ideal for you.


Type of breast enhancement surgery

Breast implants and fat transfer augmentation are the two main types of breast augmentation surgery.


For the silicone implant, gel is used to fill it. Although for this implant, a silicone shell is used on the external, the term is based on the inner filled silicone gel. Silicone implants are pre-filled and it is considered as non adjustable silicone. Gel implants are a little bit lighter relative to their volume. Moreover, they are less likely to rip and wrinkle.


This is an implant that contains salt water. The name of the shell comes from the fact that it is filled with saltwater and is composed of silicone which is a thin rubber shell. Saline implants are adjustable and arrive empty. If it cracks, it oozes and resembles a prior breast.

Depending on how you want your breasts to feel and look, there are many different alternatives available within those two categories. The most popular kind of breast augmentation uses breast implants. There are various options available for breast implants include:

Saline breast implants

Sterile saline is used to fill these saline implants (salt water). The saline would be absorbed by your body and eliminated naturally if the implant were to rupture inside your breast.

Structured saline breast implants

These implants feature as an interior structure that makes them feel more natural. These implants are filled with sterile saline (salt water) as well.

Silicone breast implants

The silicone implants are made using silicone gel. If you are having silicone implants, you might need to schedule a follow up appointment with the plastic surgeons to make sure the implants are functioning properly.

Form-stable breast implants

Because they maintain their shape even when the implant shell cracks, these implants are frequently referred to as "gummy bear" breast implants. They are firmer than conventional implants and consist of a thicker silicone gel. Form-stable breast implants necessitate a deeper skin incision during surgery.

Round breast implants

These implants frequently provide the appearance of bigger breasts. Because the implants are circular on both sides, even if they rotate out of position, your breast's appearance won't get normally affected.

Smooth breast implants

Compared to other types, these implants feel the softest. Compared to other implants, smooth breast implants typically make breast movement look more natural.

Textured breast implants

These implants induce scar tissue to stick to the implant, which reduces their probability of them moving around inside your breast. Even though it is uncommon, breast implants with textured surfaces are the most frequently affected with breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma which is also known as (BIA-ALCL).


Fat transfer breast augmentation surgery

Your surgeon will use liposuction to remove fat from another part of your body and then inject it into your breasts during a fat transfer breast augmentation. This kind of augmentation is typically chosen by patients who want a modest increase in breast size.

If you want to avoid getting implants but yet want a mild to moderate increase in breast size (12-to-1 cup size), fat transfer breast augmentation may be a nice option for you. But, using implants for breast augmentation is a more dependable and consistent technique if you're seeking for more than a cup size increase.


Why do people get breast augmentations?

There are various reasons why one wishes to get a breast augmentation such as if one believes that their breasts to be small and to alter their appearance or if one of the breasts is smaller than the other and to alter their symmetry. A post-pregnancy decrease in the breast size or a big weight loss can also be the possible reasons why one wants to get the implant.


What can you expect from breast enhancement surgery?

Enhance the balance between the breast and hip outlines or to boost your breasts projection and fullness which can improve your self confidence and self esteem.


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The limitations of breast augmentation surgery

The significant or major sagging of the breasts cannot be corrected by breast augmentation procedure. For sagging breasts to look bigger and raised, a breast lift may be necessary in addition to a breast augmentation. Breast lifting is frequently performed together with breast augmentation surgery or can be done as a separate procedure. You'll get the necessary help from your plastic surgeon in making this choice.


Benefits of breast enhancement

Enhancing Breast Symmetry

Every woman has some degree of breast asymmetry, but for others, the variances in breast size are so obvious that it can impact their self-confidence. An excellent technique to smooth out unequal breasts is with breast augmentation. This operation will enable you to have evenly matched breasts that will fit nicely into apparel, bras, and bathing suits since you can select a different breast implant size, shape, and profile for each breast.

Increase Volume and Curves

Some women are born with naturally tiny breasts that don't give their bodies the desired curvature. A breast augmentation can give you the new look and shape you want, whether your objective is to go up a size or simply fill out your regular apparel in a better way. This is a highly effective approach to add curves and volume to your silhouette because breast implants increase volume to the top of your breasts.

Deflated breasts

Breasts might sag and appear deflated due to various reasons such as breastfeeding, ageing, or weight loss. Your breasts can be filled back in and restored by augmentation for bigger, perkier breasts. Be sure to discuss any additional procedures with your doctor to ensure the outcomes you want. A breast lift may be required in conjunction.

Boost Your Confidence

The person loses confidence and feels inferior when speaking with others if they are not content with the way their breasts naturally look. The finest option for boosting a woman's self-esteem and comfort level is breast augmentation.

Rebuild Breasts After a Mastectomy

Breast cancer is a difficult condition. Breast augmentation is done using a woman's body tissue or silicone or saline breast implants after a mastectomy to achieve the desired shape and size. This can help cancer patients feel more like themselves and restore their breasts.


Side effect of breast enhancement

As well as benefits, there is some possible complications arise in a breast augmentation surgery, such as:

Saline implants rupture and deflate. As saline closely resembles the body's own electrolyte balance, when a saline implant rupture, the saline is absorbed by the body. But, if saline spills out, the implant could collapse.

Implants ruptures of silicone implant. Modern silicone implants are made to catch any silicone that escapes. A rupture, however, is extremely uncommon to give patients symptoms. In actuality, the majority of individuals will undergo a "silent rupture" with no symptoms.

Complications with breastfeeding. Many people have no issues continuing to breastfeed following an augmentation. But occasionally, breast-feeding can be hampered by implant surgery.

Issues with wound healing or scarring. Risks can arise when surgical incisions are made, even though one study found that just 1% of breast augmentation patients disapproved of their scars.

Hematomas, blood clots, and other problems following surgery. To lower the likelihood of these issues, closely adhere to your doctor's advice.


Choosing a plastic surgeon

Choosing your plastic surgeon for the surgery is one of the most important factors deciding on the surgery. The ideal surgeon will be skilled and experienced enough to perform work that is both safe and attractive. On the other hand, a bad surgeon might damage you. If you've made the decision to go ahead with the surgery, you've probably spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to find a reputable plastic surgeon.

Below are given some tips on how to find the right plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation surgery:

Seek for a plastic surgeon with board certification. Examine their surgical method and style. Try to find a trustworthy person by asking around you. Also keep in mind that your surgeon should ask you questions and make you feel at ease around. Check out the place and make sure it's comfortable. Ensures that the surgical facility is accredited and the surgeon shouldn't try to offer you too many other services.


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How to prepare for the surgery?

Before the surgery, purchase a blood test and use certain prescriptions or change the dosage of your present ones. Give up smoking and don't consume particular foods or drinks as it could affect the surgery. Medications such as aspirin and several anti-inflammatory medications should not be taken as they can cause more bleeding.


During the surgery

Your plastic surgeon will make a single cut (incision) in one of three locations to install the breast implant such as your breast's underarm crease (inframammary), beneath your arm (axillary) and between your nipples (periareolar)

The surgeon will separate your breast tissue from the muscles and connective tissue of your chest after making an incision. As a result, there is a pocket either in front of or behind the outermost muscle of the chest wall (pectoral muscle). The implant will be positioned in the centre of this pocket behind your nipple by the surgeon.


After the procedure

After surgery, there may be some swelling and pain for a few weeks. Bruising is also conceivable. Scars should lighten with time but not totally vanish. Using a compression bandage or sports bra could be beneficial for further support and alignment of the breast implants while you're recuperating. Moreover, your surgeon might recommend painkillers.

Follow your surgeon's recommendations for when to resume your normal activities. You might be able to go back to work in a few weeks if you don't have a physically demanding job. For at least two weeks, refrain from engaging in any demanding activities that could increase your heart rate or blood pressure.


Recovery time from breast augmentation surgery

Recovery times can vary because every woman is unique. Recovery times can be influenced by a number of variables, including implant size and type, placement, and even the surgeon's surgical expertise. Recovery times for breast augmentation surgeries can vary based on the type of breast augmentation you underwent and your general health because everyone heals differently. Full recovery often takes six to eight weeks.


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Breast augmentations are a frequent cosmetic procedure that typically results in high patient satisfaction. The dangers and potential negative effects of having breast augmentation surgery must be carefully considered.

After breast augmentation, your breasts will also keep ageing. The way your breasts look may also change depending on your weight. You may require more surgery to address these problems if you grow to be unsatisfied with the way your breasts look.


How soon after a breast augmentation should I visit my doctor?

Immediately get in touch with your doctor if you see any possible risks such as abnormal drainage from your incision site, such as pus or breaking your stitches after the surgery. A swelling or stiffness that is accompanied by pain or pressure in one or both of your breasts.

What about breast augmentation and insurance?

Breast augmentation is typically regarded as elective cosmetic surgery, so insurance companies won't pay for the treatment or any required follow-up visits.

Can I breastfeed while having breast enhancement?

Your breast's nerves and ducts may be affected by breast augmentation surgery, which may have an impact on your ability to breastfeed. Milk production is typically less affected by breast implants positioned below your muscle than by implants positioned above your muscle.


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