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Author: Leila Tan|2024-3-6

Breast augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgery that enables a woman to have larger breasts or to reconstruct her breast after a mastectomy, changing how she looks. It may also be referred to in other names such as breast reconstruction, breast enhancement, breast enlargement, or breast implant procedure.


Breast augmentation implant

An implant for the breasts or behind the breast muscles on the chest is a silicone shell filled with silicone gel or saline during a breast augmentation. The main objective of breast augmentation, from the viewpoint of a cosmetic surgeon, is to improve a patient's natural proportions and provide a more symmetrical, aesthetically acceptable breast profile. The precise process is customized to match each woman's unique demands.


Goals of breast augmentation

The basic objective of a breast augmentation is to place implants to give the breasts more volume and projection. Women who feel that their natural breast size is insufficient or doesn't suit their aesthetic objectives can benefit from this surgery. Women who desire to make their bodies appear more proportionate can also benefit greatly from it.

For women who are recovering the lost breast fullness following pregnancy and breastfeeding can undergo breast lifts and augmentations as they are a perfect cosmetic treatment for them. These procedures can significantly enhance the appearance of postpartum breasts that may appear "empty" or "flat."


Types of breast implants

Saline implants

Saline breast implants have an outer shell made of silicone that is filled with a sterile saline solution. The saline would be absorbed by your body and eliminated naturally if the implant were to rupture inside your breast. Saline-filled implants have either smooth or textured shells and come in various sizes. Saline has the disadvantage that some claim it makes them easier to see under the skin which frequently creates rippling, and you might feel it. Saline implants can occasionally be overfilled to prevent rippling or wrinkles of the implant shell. Some people claim that the saline implants feel firmer than natural breast tissue.

Silicone Implants

Silicone breast implants are made of silicone gel and have an exterior silicone shell that is filled with silicone gel. They feature smooth or textured shells and come in various sizes. The gel could leak into your breast or remain inside the implant's shell if it were to burst. If you obtain silicone implants, you might need to schedule routine checkups with your plastic surgeon to make sure the implants are functioning properly. Although many individuals believe silicone implants appear and feel more natural, they do have a higher risk of an implant rupture too.


Procedure types

Inframammary fold or Sub-pectoral

This entails making a brief incision in the inframammary fold, a wrinkle found beneath the breast. A tiny, 1 to 2 inch scar is left behind, however it can be easily hidden by the crease. Inframammary fold surgery is used in between 70 and 80 percent of breast augmentation procedures. Older patients or moms benefit from inframammary fold augmentation because age and pregnancy allow for a natural amount of breast sagging. This surgery may result in a more noticeable scar in young, slim, or childless women without a wrinkle under the breasts. A broader access point provided by this sort of incision enables a cosmetic surgeon to precisely install larger silicone implants or gummy bear implants.


An incision is created in the axilla, or armpit during this treatment and the implant is inserted above or below the muscle. An endoscope, a tiny fiber-optic camera is sometimes used by surgeons to aid in the completion of the procedure. Trans-axillary surgery is used in about 10% of breast augmentation procedures. Trans-axillary augmentation has the benefit of leaving no scar on the breast itself. This method of reconstructive surgery may have the drawback of making it harder to set symmetrical implants and correcting post-operative issues may necessitate further incisions on the breast.


An incision is created around the nipple-areolar complex during this treatment and the scar usually disappears into the areola's edge. If a cosmetic surgeon is also conducting a mild to moderate breast lift at the same operation, they frequently employ this style of incision. Women who get peri-aeriolar augmentation may experience more issues with breastfeeding and nipple feeling after the breast surgery, since the incision is so close to the milk-producing areas of the breast. For ladies with very petite breasts who do not have a fold under their breasts, this is considered to be the ideal incision.

Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA)

An incision through the belly button is used in this more recent kind of augmentation. To reach a pocket beneath the breast, an endoscope or tiny fiber-optic camera is tunneled through the incision. After being inflated with saline, the implant is subsequently placed through this tunnel. Only subglandular saline implants can use TUBA. Transumbilical surgery has the benefit of leaving only one scar and leaving the breast without much scar tissue. Implants inserted with TUBA have a somewhat higher risk of being damaged. Surgeons may tunnel under one of the muscles during implantation. You could need a second incision made closer to the breast if there are any issues or if more procedures are required.


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Risks of breast augmentation

Breast implant surgery has its side effects just like any other type of surgery. With your anesthetist, you should also go over the dangers associated with anesthesia. Some of the most prevalent issues that affect at least 1 in 100 women are hemorrhage, or a buildup of blood (haematoma). It may also cause infection and changes to the breast skin's or nipple's sensation including numbness, swelling, or a buildup of fluid around the breast injury to the surrounding tissue as well as a rupture to the implant.

After surgery, some women discover that their breasts do not seem as they had hoped. Breasts may occasionally feel lumpy, be uneven, have dimples, or have hardened. The nipples might be unequal at times, which can lead to issues. During screening exams, the implants may also make it more difficult to find breast cancer. After surgery, some women with breast implants are able to nurse while others are unable to.


Cost of breast augmentation

The cost of the breast augmentation surgery varies from patient to patient. This cost depends on the type of implant used, location, surgical fees, the cost of the anesthetist, the medication, the dressings and the support garments.


Finding the right plastic surgeons

Ensure that your cosmetic surgeon is board certified because this will guarantee that they have received specialized training and have experience in cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentation.

For your protection, make sure your procedure will be performed in a facility that has received accreditation. Last but not least, don't pick a breast augmentation surgeon based solely on cost. Your success and safety are intangible. To assist a patient in fitting breast augmentation into their budget, the majority of cosmetic surgeons provide a variety of financing options.

Get a list of surgeons to use as a starting point for your investigation into breast implants. Consult with friends who have undergone breast augmentation. Speak with your gynecologist or primary care provider. Schedule a free consultation with each surgeon on your list once you have one.


Choices of implant

These are some options you might plan discussing during your consultation session.

Filling types

Silicone gel and saline. Although neither is "optimal," you should take into account the differences in price, texture, and incision needs. Even though there is no proof that silicone exposure can lead to any diseases in people, some ladies opt to have their implants filled with saline. You can find the ideal implant kind for you with the assistance of your cosmetic surgeon.


Patients undergoing augmentation have a choice between two implant surface types: smooth and textured. The surface of textured implants is covered in tiny bumps. These implants were created in an effort to lower the chance of contracture which is a problem some women have following breast augmentation. The surface of smooth implants is smooth rather than lumpy. Smooth implants are preferred by many surgeons because they feel softer and more natural.


Saline and Silicone gel implants can come in either a teardrop or a circular form. Shaped implants give your breast profile a gradually sloping appearance, whereas round implants often result in a fuller upper pole which is the top area of your breast. Women who have had sections of their breast removed through a previous procedure, such as mastectomy reconstruction, may be a good candidate for tear drop or contoured implants.


The sizes of breast implants range from roughly 150cc to 800cc or more. For the finest possible symmetry, many patients require different-sized breast implants in each breast. Your choice of size is influenced by your current breast size, your individual objectives, and the advice of your cosmetic surgeon.


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B6 Bust Lift Treatment - New Beauty

This non-invasive, non-surgical procedure activates hormone release by stimulating acupoints near the breast tissue. The hormone improves concerns about bust shape by lifting the breast contour, tightening the breast skin, and firming the breast tissues. To acquire svelte and curvy breast shapes, try B6!

How does this treatment work?

Restoring hormone secretion: This procedure activates acupoints to cause the mammary glands to release hormones that give breasts a bouncy and firm appearance.

Modify Breast Outlines: The breast lift technique probe addresses skin and breast laxity to produce perkier breast size and helps transfer side-breast fat to the front for a centered and full-chested appearance.

Sculpt the golden ratio: Each customer receives a unique breast-care treatment plan from our qualified staff at New Beauty.

Non-invasive Treatment: The B6 Bust Lift Treatment is suited for the majority of people because it is non-invasive and non-surgical.

Benefit of this treatment

Step 1: The expert will walk the customer through the theory and process of the breast lift treatment. The aesthetician then adjusts the device and confirms with the customer the proper massage intensity.

Step 2: To begin the acupressure stimulation, the breast lift device probe will be positioned at the desired acupoints. When compared to surgery, the stimulation close to the breast tissues and mammary glands promotes hormone and collagen formation.

Step 3: Massages move back and side fat to the front for bust shapes that look more centered. As a result of this procedure, breast shapes appear tighter, firmer, more elevated, and heavier, which appeals to women who are self-conscious about their breast form.



Breast augmentations are a frequent cosmetic procedure that typically results in high patient satisfaction. The dangers and potential negative effects of having breast augmentation surgery must be carefully considered. The best approach to determine whether breast augmentation is the correct procedure for you is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.


Does my breast implant surgery get covered by my insurance?

Breast augmentation is typically regarded as elective cosmetic surgery, so insurance companies won't pay for the treatment or any required follow-up visits. Also, if you decide to have your implants removed in the future, your insurance may not pay for the process. Thus, it's crucial to get your doctor's fees in writing.

Can you undo breast augmentation?

Yes, a plastic surgeon can do breast implant removal surgery to remove your implants. Many women who have undergone breast implant surgery will need another breast implant treatment in the future because breast implants are not guaranteed to last a lifetime.

How long does it take to recover from breast augmentation?

Recovery times for breast augmentation surgeries can vary based on the type of breast augmentation you underwent and your general health because everyone heals differently. Full recovery often takes six to eight weeks.


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