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Author: Sophia Man|2024-3-6

You force your eyes open in the morning, feeling groggy. You push your body out of the snuggly bed and shift towards the bathroom. There is a long and busy day ahead of you, and you must make yourself presentable ASAP. You look into the mirror, and what do you see? Your first obstacle of the day: a pair of swollen and gnarly eye bags. Eye bags can descend upon all of us, but not every set has the exact cause. So, before you panic-buy the “ultimate eye bag-eliminating eye cream” (psst, it doesn’t exist), you might want to learn the following common eye bag causes. This way, you can remove your eye bags with some simple and cheap, yet scientifically-backed remedies, presented later on. If you want to revive luminous and youthful eyes, especially if you have more chronic or persistent eye bags, you will want to see the last tip!


6 Common Causes of Under Eye Bags

Salty Foods

No need to feel guilty—living in Hong Kong means abundant restaurants and take-out options within hand’s reach. We also consume instant foods so often that it’s so easy to overeat salt.

Have you ever felt thirsty after eating salty meals? Normally, your blood contains a healthy sodium level (salinity). However, when you overeat salt, the sodium level in your blood flow increases dramatically.

Since water likes sodium, water molecules are drawn from within cells to the blood, causing skin cells to shrink.

To dilute the high salinity level of the blood, your kidney, the control centre of waste removal, attempts to retain water molecules by closing the gate on water expulsion.

The result? Fluid retention within your blood vessels causes them to swell, which leads to bloating and puffy under eyes!

What’s worse, sodium slowly accumulates in your kidney with a long-term salty diet, developing into kidney stones eventually!

The solution is, of course, to eat less salt. No need to fret if you have just finished a big packet of salty fries—a one-time salty meal will only bring you temporary puffy eye bags. Just drink more water to dilute the puffiness.

Sleeping Position

How do you sleep? It turns out your sleeping position can affect how your under-eye area looks the following day.

It’s all about gravity: your bodily fluid and fat pool downward towards the mattress when you sleep.

So, if you are a side sleeper or stomach sleeper, you might find your face and eyes particularly puffy in the morning.

Such eye bags are mostly temporary. But after a long period, the fluid and fat may reside in your lower eyelids, leading to more stubborn puffy eyes!

To combat gravity-induced eye bags, it’s best to sleep on your back. You can also put an extra pillow under your head as long as you’re comfortable, so your forehead is higher than your chin. This way, your bodily fluid and fat flow down towards your body, preventing bloating eyes!

Bad Sleep Schedule

We have all been there: bedtime is approaching, but the latest drama show is just too good! So? You stay up for hours to binge the whole season in one go.

Late-night procrastination means insufficient sleep, which overworks your eyes and eye area. When your eyes get tired, the oxygen level drops, dilating the eye area’s blood vessels. This slows down the blood flow, causing blood and water to collect at the eyelids, giving you baggy eyes and dark circles!

If you sleep poorly constantly, your eye area blood circulation will eventually become poor. This leads to unhealthy skin underneath the eyes and permanently droopy eye bags!

There is no other way around it: avoid fatigue-induced eye bags by getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. This way, you not only avoid looking like a zombie in the morning, but also take care of your eyesight and eyeballs’ health.

Aging Process

We all know it’s inevitable, yet it still hurts when it happens: as we age, our skin begins to get loose and wrinkly.

For most women in their late 20s, their orbicularis muscles start to weaken. The loss of support makes the fat tissues cushioning the eye bags (orbital fat) drop, resulting in protruding under eye bag fat, giving you obvious and tiring baggy eyes that won’t go away!

For most women in their late 20s, their orbicularis muscles start to weaken. The loss of support makes the fat tissues cushioning the eye bags (orbital fat) drop, resulting in protruding under eye bag fat, giving you obvious and tiring baggy eyes that won’t go away!

While aging is natural, you can prevent premature aging-induce eye bags by avoiding direct sun exposure. As you grow older, the collagen content in your skin tissues decreases. Collagen holds water and plumps the skin. UV rays can destroy the collagen within your skin tissues, leading to premature aging with dry, hollow, droopy skin.

Therefore, you should wear protective barriers when outdoors, such as wide-brimmed hats, umbrellas, or sunglasses. Most importantly, you must wear non-irritating sunscreens daily.

Unfortunately, you will have a very tough time removing aging-induced eyebags once they are here. However, you can temporarily lessen their appearance by using moisturizing eye creams containing hyaluronic acid.

You may also consider anti-aging eye serum, though these topical products don’t work very well, as aging happens deep within the skin.

Don’t fret, as there is still hope for you! Read on if you want to revive youthful, radiant eyes completely!

Allergic Reaction

Do you sneeze like crazy whenever you are near dust, pollen, or furry animals? Perhaps you have a seasonal allergy?

Common allergic reactions include running nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, tired and tearful eyes, under-eye circles, and puffy eye bags.

Luckily, these allergy-induced eye bags aren’t here to stay. They should go away once you have taken your antihistamine. Another way to clear these eye bags fast is to clear up your sinus congestion with a neti pot.

Hormonal Change (temporary)

If you are taking hormonal prescriptions, such as birth control pills or fertility therapy, you may have already experienced some changes in your body and skin.

Common changes include increased appetite, textured skin, and hormonal eye bags.

Your menstrual cycle can also bring you temporary eye bags. Women with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) also experience other symptoms, including erratic mood changes, sensitive breasts, cravings (usually for sweets) and drowsiness.

You should maintain a healthy diet with lots of water intake to reduce PMS symptoms during menstruation. Over–the–counter PMS medications can also lessen the appearance of your eye bags.


Under Eye Bags Home Remedies

Waking up with a baggy pair of eye bags can be panic-inducing.

Especially if you have a busy day packed with important meetings ahead of you!

Lucky for you, here are three home remedies that are scientifically proven to work for relieving puffy eyes quickly!

These remedies take 10 to 15 minutes, allowing you to calm your eye bags right before rushing out of the door!

Keep in mind that these remedies are most effective only for the more temporary eye puffiness. If your eye bags are more chronic or long-termed, you might want to read until the very end!

Green Tea and Caffeine

Do you enjoy your daily doses of invigorating coffee and soothing green tea? It turns out these beverages are not just great for consumption, but also work wonders for your eyes!

Save your used green tea bags or coffee drip bags after you have finished the drinks, squeeze out the excess liquid, leave them in the fridge to cool, and put them over your eyes!

Both green tea and coffee contain caffeine. Caffeine can seep through your skin to shrink your expanded blood vessels, thus relaxing your oedema-induced puffy eyes.

Caffeine’s anti-inflammatory properties are also ideal for calming down allergy-induced eye bags.

You may also search for some eye creams with caffeine or green tea extracts.

Cold Compress

Have you tried putting slices of cucumber on your eyes? It’s a cliche because it works.

Cold and moisturizing cold compresses can hydrate your eye area skin, restoring the water molecules in the skin tissues, and plumping and firming your eyes.

The cooling effect is not only relaxing, but also helps soothe inflammation and blood vessel expansion, which speeds up blood flow for oedema relief. You will have a pair of tight, gleaming eyes in no time!

You can make cold compresses with many things. The easiest way is to put a clear and soaked towel into the fridge, and then take it out when it’s cold. Drape it over your eyes and enjoy for 10 to 15 minutes!

You can also buy gel patches and ice patches for the under eyes! These products are specifically shaped to fit your under eyes snuggly, so that all your lower eyelid areas get the care they deserve!

To hydrate your eye bags simultaneously, use two thin slices of cold cucumber. Better yet: pop your favourite moisturizing eye masks in the fridge overnight, and use them as usual in the morning.

Eye Area Massage

No need to go to a spa for high-end massage treatment; simply learn the following lymphatic massage steps to rejuvenate your eye area!

1. Apply a generous amount of eye cream on your eye area before massaging. Dragging your finger across dry eyelids can hurt the skin and cause wrinkles! 2. While massaging, remember to use gentle pressure like typing on your keyboard. 3. Put two fingers of your right hand at the right temple to stabilize your right eyelids. 4. Take your left hand, and put two fingers at the outer corner of your right eye. Draw gentle, slow, circular motions across your right side eye bag towards your inner corner. Repeat about ten times. 5. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to your left eye bag. 6. Curl your two index fingers. Place the middle knuckles at the inner corners of your eyes. The back of your hands should be facing left and right, respectively. 7. Apply gentle pressure and slowly drag your knuckles from the inner to outer eye corners. Repeat about ten times

These simple massages help unclog lymphatic vessels to speed up fluid drainage, giving you tighter, healthier and more sparkly eyes!


R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

While home remedies can relieve mild puffiness, only professional medical aesthetic therapies can target and remove long-term eye bags.

Eye bag surgery and under-eye fillers are not your best options: these treatments are invasive and risky. No matter the precautions, there are always risks of bruising, internal bleeding and scarring. In addition, botched procedures are possible, and you may even suffer from eye damage!

Why not remove eye bags risk-freely? Why not enjoy painless eye care without downtime? Why not protect your valuable eyes with a non-surgical option?

New Beauty R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment incorporates advanced triple-wavelength radiofrequency technology. The radiofrequency energy seeps through your skin to dissolve excess eye bag fat. The variety of wavelengths allows the energy to reach all outer, middle, and inner skin layers of your eye bags, removing your eye bags evenly and thoroughly.

The radiofrequency energy also stimulates collagen production in your eye areas. New collagen makes your eyes firm, bouncy and hydrated, magically reversing your perceived age by years!

Besides eye bags, R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment is also effective towards under-eye dark circles, eye wrinkles and tear troughs.

This acclaimed treatment is used and approved by clients of all skin tones and types. Our users praise the R6 for how comfortable it is. Unlike surgery and filler, R6 requires no anaesthesia, incisions, injections or medication, bringing no wounds, scars, or other side effects to your skin and body.

R6 can remove severe eye bags with as few as ten sessions! There’s no need for recovery time after each session, meaning you can immediately jump back to work and other duties post-session!

Do you want to experience the R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment for yourself? Book your FREE trial now, completed with a complimentary skin analysis by our professional beauty experts!


Can under-eye bags go away naturally?

Some eye bags are temporary. These eye bags are caused by a few all-nighters, allergic reactions, or salty meals. The blood vessels expand and withhold too much water in the blood, leading to water retention-induced eye bags. These eye bags should disappear after a while. However, these eye bags can start to reside if they occur too frequently. Moreover, eye bags due to loose orbital fat, muscles or skin are more permanent and will not go away naturally.

Are there more reasons for under-eye puffiness?

Besides the most common causes, other factors, such as having an overly sedentary lifestyle, drinking too much alcohol, kidney dysfunction, or thyroid issues (e.g. Graves disease), can result in water retention, thus giving you puffy under eyes!

How does the R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment technology work?

The R6 technology combines three wavelengths of radiofrequency energy. Your beautician will use the treatment probe to emit the energy into your eye bag areas. The triple-wavelength energy reaches your outer, middle, and inner skin layers, dissolving eye bag fat for natural lymphatic drainage. What’s more, the radiofrequency energy stimulates collagen proliferation for tighter and bouncier under-eyes. The energy also enhances the blood flow for better eye area metabolism, thereby reducing water retention. In the end, your eyes will become firmer, more lively, and more youthful!

How does the R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment feel?

The R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment uses non-invasive radiofrequency energy. The energy seeps into your eye bag area to dissolve the accumulated fat. The energy brings no pain or irritation, and gives you a warm sensation at most.

How can I care for my eyes after the R6 Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

First and foremost, you must apply moisturizing eye masks frequently. Eye masks can relieve dryness and extend your treatment results. To prevent overworking your eyes, you should also rest your eyes for 3 minutes per half an hour. In addition, you mustn’t apply skin care products which can cause irritation for two weeks. You should also avoid photothermal treatments for two weeks. Lastly, avoid sun exposure to the eye area.


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