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Author: Leila Tan|2024-3-10

How has rebel wilson weight loss journey been? What she did to lost weight and you can follow this tips on your own weight loss journey!


Rebel Wilson Workout Plan

Rebel has increased her level of activity significantly since the end of Cats, even though her eating plan has helped her shed a lot of weight and keep it off. Her workouts are also quite challenging.

Even though she switches up her routine every week, her workouts are generally the same. She is able to observe outcomes and make the necessary corrections thanks to this.

Rebel has the following weekly workout schedule:

1. Mon: HIIT workout 2. Weight training on Tuesday 3. Wednesday: A day of active rest 4. On Thursday, perform HIIT. 5. Friday's TRX workout 6. Saturday: A day of active rest 7. Sunday's HIIT workout


Cardio is a significant part of Rebel Wilson's workout regimen. She tries to be active every day whenever she can, even though the gym undoubtedly raises her heart rate.

Just walking can help you reduce excess body fat, it's not necessary to walk quickly or uphill. simply go for a daily hour-long walk.. Rebel strolls and hikes. She uses a fitness tracker to hold herself accountable and make sure she gets enough steps each day. She will go for hour-long walks every day.

She'll include 100-metre sprints in her walks if she needs a more challenging workout.

She emphasises walking as a workout that anybody can perform, even without a personal trainer, which is my preferred form of cardio.


Rebel enjoys focusing on cardio exercises, but she also enjoys resistance training a lot. And for good reason: it aids in her daily fat burning, toning, and weight loss.

She does work out with a personal trainer who combines bodyweight workouts, tyre flips, TRX, and conventional strength training methods like lifting free weights into her regimen.


Rebel has recently been using TRX exercises to increase her flexibility, balance, and strength. Rebel may utilise her bodyweight during the exercises to help her grow muscle thanks to the suspension straps.

In addition to producing excellent strength training, this also enables her to tone her muscles without adding a lot of mass.

Recall that one of the best methods to develop functional strength—strength you'll utilise in your regular activities—is through bodyweight training.


Rebel does many high-intensity interval training programmes in addition to TRX and weight training. She can use these to mix a rigorous exercise with both cardio and strength training.

Her trainer made her perform tyre flips, battle rope fights, and stair sprints.

I suggest this workout if you want to give HIIT exercises a try. You'll get a good workout that works all of your body's muscular groups.



Rebel Wilson's Weight Loss Diet

She first started losing weight while she was filming Cats, largely as a result of how physically hard the entire production was. She moved regularly and practised choreography for the majority of her waking hours. She was able to reduce weight in a healthy way thanks to that and the hot set.

She resolved to continue running with that progress in order to gain fitness and better her health. She adopted the Mayr Method diet at the VivaMayr medical detox and health clinic in Austria for her diet.



The Mayr diet first places tight restrictions on processed foods, dairy, gluten, and other major food allergies.

The idea behind the diet is that the limitations would aid in better food digestion and allow your stomach to recover from any harm caused by unhealthy habits and processed junk food. She made the decision to drink more water, eat less sugar and junk food, and stick to a high-protein diet consisting of vegan protein smoothies, chicken breast, and salmon.

You must chew your meal up to 40 times before swallowing it as part of the diet. This makes it easier to chew the food and enables you to pay attention to what you're eating. Moreover, meals are taken four hours apart and are beverage-free.

The Mayr Way also exhorts individuals to refrain from using devices when consuming food.


Rebel keeps breakfast straightforward and begins with a substantial serving of good protein. On certain days, this entails serving eggs with raw or barely sautéed spinach. Some use a smoothie or protein shake that is vegan.

Everything she has planned for the rest of the day and how much time she has available will all be factors.


The comic balances his lunchtime diet with fresh veggies and lean proteins. Lunchtime favourites include salads with grilled turkey breast, cured salmon, or even seasoned tofu.

The Mayr diet permits her to indulge in some warm grains like polenta served with veggies of her choosing if she's not in the mood for a salad. When she's really pressed for time, she'll grab a smoothie packed with seasonal fresh fruit and leafy greens like spinach and kale.

The Mayr diet encourages thorough chewing and savouring of your food even if they are unquestionably nutritious and can be a nutrient-dense meal replacement with the correct protein powders. That's difficult to accomplish with a smoothie.


Most days, dinner is essentially a smaller version of lunch. Rebel must adhere to one important limitation, though. After 3 o'clock, she's not supposed to eat any raw veggies.

According to the hypothesis, since raw veggies take longer for your body to digest, it will have less time to break down the fibre and minerals before you go to bed. This implies that throughout the night, your digestive system will have to work harder.

By avoiding raw meals, you'll be able to digest your dinner and absorb its nutrients before bed, providing your digestive system a nighttime break that it deserves.


Rebel had to give up coffee, sugar, and alcohol for the first two weeks of the Mayr diet. Yet after the two weeks, she was able to resume eating a few little portions without jeopardising her progress.

She rarely consumes alcohol and prefers to sip green tea over coffee.

Rebel claimed that she makes an effort to maintain a general, healthy balance. In her interview with People, she clarifies, "That doesn't imply every week is a healthy week." There is nothing you can do to change the fact that some weeks are simply write-offs.

She admits to having a big sugar appetite and grabbing a donut anytime she has the chance, but she doesn't let that get in the way of her work.



Tips Rebel Wilson Used to Shed Pounds and Keep Them Off

Establishing Objectives

The Australian native gave her fans some advice about following through before she left on her journey. "Keep going even if you have to crawl to achieve your goals; it will be worthwhile. Strive to put in a little amount of effort every day," she advised in a May 2020 Instagram post. I am aware that certain days are unbearably difficult, making you want to give up and irritated by the lack of forward movement. However, fantastic things are on their way.

Accept imperfections.

Wilson hasn't followed any rigid diet plans or exercised "like a beast." Instead, she wants to "address health from all angles" and says she will be kind to herself if she skips a day or eats something that isn't in line with her Mayr Method eating plan.

Clearly state your "why."

Wilson's "why" was to become healthy so she may possibly have children later. (Wilson's polycystic ovarian syndrome diagnosis came in her 20s.) Also, it was to overcome her emotional eating and feel better about herself while doing so.

Realise your true self.

Wilson penned a letter to herself at the beginning of 2020 to help her feel more committed to taking care of her health.

Select the exercise that you enjoy most.

She walks a lot, which is how she gets most of her exercise. Wilson states in the Live, "It is free and it's safe." She will put on a podcast or a book and simply wander the streets of whichever town she is in.

Wilson strives to workout for 60 minutes on six out of the seven days of the week (walking or working with one of her personal trainers). Every week, there is a relaxation day. Wilson also demonstrated how she uses a vodka bottle as an on-the-go arm workout on Instagram.

Dial in your dietary habits.

An Australian native offered some advice, "I should have known this, but I didn't really know it until this year, that you can't outtrain a lousy diet. When she was younger, she would frequently eat fast food, or she would believe that one strenuous workout gave her permission to consume 3,000 or 4,000 calories that day.

Her objective was to limit her daily caloric intake to 1,500 calories or less during the "Year of Health," but now that she's in maintenance mode, Wilson has increased it to 2,000 to 2,500. Wilson found that a high-protein diet makes her feel the best after some testing. Although she doesn't always "eat clean," she focuses on how food makes her body feel and tries to eat slowly and deliberately.

Self love

She admits on the Live that she is a really confident, skilled, accomplished person, yet I still suffer from having poor self-worth and simply not accepting myself." Wilson claimed that editing out emotional writing was incredibly useful.

To ensure that her feelings are not suppressed, she sets a 12-minute timer, writes down all of her feelings, and concludes by listing one to five things she is grateful for that day.She has come to the conclusion that the scale's reading has nothing to do with it during those reflections.

Wilson informs BBC, "I'm pleased that the point that it wasn't just about losing weight but about becoming healthier in general has been understood. That's what I'm trying to inspire in other people; that ought to be the aim, not to conform to whatever society's idea of beauty is for that particular year."


The pitch perfect film star, states in the Live that she uses a meditation app to "get back into her body" when she is feeling stressed out (here are five that we at EatingWell adore).

"Go outside, men, and start walking. Drink water, research the healthiest meals to feed your body, and, if you're like me and struggle with emotional eating, learn how to deal with it "The Instagram video ends with Wilson's statement. These are wise remarks from a woman who calls herself "Fit Amy" now.


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My Takeaway

Her health journey is very inspiring and motivating for all who want to lose weight. From Rebel's journey , it's needed to be noted that having a healthy lifestyle is the most crucial element in losing weight.

It's important to have some sense of self control over the food that we consume. Try to maintain a healthy diet by eating healthy food and at the same time, do not feel guilty to eat a few fries or an out burger every once in a while. Over controlling your food intake can lead to stress eating after having a sad or stressful day.




The pitch perfect star diet and exercise regimen make one thing very clear: losing weight requires effort. If you want to achieve significant and long-lasting benefits, it will take effort and dedication to your overall health and wellbeing.

Also remember a healthy journey takes time and it takes effort and patience. So keep a reminder to be gentle and kind with yourself. Start with small changes as you start to incorporate more healthy eating habits and if you are craving for some sweet food maybe eat half of it. Other than that, try to move every day like simply walking, and etc. Fitness journey doesn't have to be hard and you just simply need to be focused and patient. Keep it as a goal to see yourself at your healthiest version.

Rebel revealed "“It doesn't help to be hard on yourself, but I know what it's like to feel guilty and not great after eating too much. But if you're like me, just know YOU are more than just your weight. Your weight doesn't define you. Just try your best to be healthy and don't be so hard on yourself. Be the best version of you.”


Is there any diet plan Rebel Wilson follows?

It is known that Rebel Wilson follows a high protein diet.

Are there any other ways to lose weight other than food and workout?

Increasing your water intake can help you in losing weight. 12 participants in a 2014 study who drank 500 mL of cold or room temperature water noticed an increase in their energy use. In the 90 minutes after consuming the water, they burnt 2 to 3 percent more calories than usual.


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