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Author: Leila Tan|2023-4-13

"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” – Ayurvedic Proverb Dieting isn't only about losing weight. Changing our diet could lead to weight loss but more importantly it can be a catapult for a healthy lifestyle where you can improve your habits, follow healthy dietary habits , focus on your overall health and adapt to an active lifestyle. Following a diet plan can be easy. You just need to start eating right. However, in this fast paced world, there are many unhealthy foods available to us easily and they are cheap too but do we know that eating those unhealthy foods on a daily basis can lead to chronic illness. Following the right diet can help your illness such as high blood pressure and diabetes. The number of diets that are available can make dieting difficult and confusing to get started. Different diets work differently for each and every individual. Remember that all our bodies are not similar and what works for others might not work for you. Some diets work by restraining your appetite to reduce your food intake while the other one suggests you restrict your calorie intake by cutting out important nutrients. Rather than taking fad diets to plan for weight loss, why don't follow a proper diet. Some focus on eating the right food and making habit changes rather than limiting certain food. Rather than promoting fat diets, there are many easy and healthy diet plans for weight loss that consist of food that we can find in our kitchen. This can enable you to lose weight just by making some simple changes to your diet. This option provides us many health benefits which do not only focus on weight loss. In this article we will provide you with the best diet plans that work the best for you and your overall health. Let's get into the plan!


Diet Plan

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration to come up with a right meal plan. One’s nutritional information which comes based on the gender and body mass index is crucial. This can impact nutritional information a lot as a male dietary requirements vary from that of a female. Geographical location plays an important role as well because the diets in each geographical location varies. So, the meal preferences come into play as the consumption of food by a vegetarian or vegan differ a lot from a non-vegetarian.

Following nutrient-dense foods with a well balanced diet and staying hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water are essentials and can provide health benefits that go beyond the number on the scale. To create healthy eating habits it is important to make lasting changes where you can stick with it for life which is really impactful.

We have come up with a 7 day meal plan which is ideal for weight loss. But it is known that only long term weight loss is healthy and it is only possible by making healthy and right food choices on a daily basis. The yo-yo diet is very hard to follow and it is not healthy for your body as well as your mind. Following a

This diet consists of only 1200 calories and should not be followed by any individual without consulting their nutritionist. While 1200 calories can be the basic calorie intake, it may not be fulfilling for some individuals. So, this is designed to be built upon by doubling or tripling the green leafy vegetables. serving at any given opportunities and adding fruits as a snack.

You can also add some protein at all your meals if you are feeling like it's not enough food for you. The combo of fiber from produce and lean protein makes this an easy and affordable plan that'll help you lose weight safely one meal at a time. You can also add your daily vitamin during this diet period.

Weight Loss Diet Plan Day 1

Start your day with cucumber water.

Breakfast = Combine 3/4 cup bran flakes, 1 banana and 1 cup fat-free milk in a bowl.

Lunch = Pita sandwich with 1 mini whole wheat pita Serve with mozzarella string cheese and 2 kiwis.

Dinner = Dal and vegetables along with a Roti/Chapati for dinner.

Weight Loss Diet Plan Day 2

Start your day with cucumber water.

Breakfast = Layer 1/2 toasted English muffin with 1 ounce reduced-fat cheese, 1 sliced tomato sliced, 1 cup steamed and drained spinach and 1 poached egg. Serve with one grapefruit

Lunch = Make black bean salad by adding 1/2 cup canned black beans, 1/2 cup orange slices, chopped red bell peppers, red onion, scallions with 1 teaspoon vinegar. Serve over salad greens and alongside a piece of fruit.

Dinner =Brush 4 ounces boneless, skinless chicken breast with barbecue sauce and grill. Garnish chicken with chopped scallions and a squeeze of lime juice. Mix some garlic, olive oil and tomatoes and serve with 1/2 plain baked or sweet potato.

Weight Loss Diet Plan Day 3

Start your day with cucumber water.

Breakfast = Oats porridge and mixed nuts for breakfast.

Lunch = Roti/Chapati with dal and veggie for lunch.

Dinner = Complete the day's food intake with steamed rice and veggie.

Weight Loss Diet Plan Day 4

Start your day with cucumber water.

Breakfast = Blend 1 cup frozen berries, 1/2 banana, and 8 ounces of low- or fat-free milk into a smoothie.

Lunch = For lunch, have methi rice along with lentil curry.

Dinner = End your day with sautéed vegetables and green chutney.

Weight Loss Diet Plan Day 5

Start your day with cucumber water.

Breakfast = Multigrain Toast and Skim Milk Yogurt.

Lunch = To make a chicken salad, toss 4 ounces shredded skinless roast chicken breast with 1/4 cup sliced red grapes, 1 tablespoon slivered almonds or nuts of choice, 1/4 cup chopped celery, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise and 1 tablespoon plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt.

Dinner =Serve 4 ounces steamed shrimp with 1 baked potato topped with 3 tablespoons salsa and 1 tablespoon unsweetened Greek yogurt, plus 3 cups spinach, steamed. Finish the meal off with 1 ounce of chocolate.

Weight Loss Diet Plan Day 6

Start your day with cucumber water.

Breakfast = Start Day 4 with a Fruit and Nuts Yogurt Smoothie and Egg Omelette

Lunch = Heat 1 cup tomato soup and serve with a sandwich made with 1 mini whole-wheat pita, 3 ounces thinly sliced roast beef, 1 teaspoon horseradish, mustard, tomato slices and lettuce. Eat with 2 cups raw veggies and 1/4 cup of hummus.

Dinner = Serve 4 ounces poached salmon with a slaw made by tossing 1 1/4 cups coleslaw mix and 2 sliced scallions with 1 tablespoon of rice vinegar and 1 1/2 teaspoons olive oil. Add spices, herbs and seasoning as desired.

Weight Loss Diet Plan Day 7

Start your day with cucumber water.

Breakfast = On Day 6, have idli with sambar for breakfast.

Lunch = For lunch, Roti/Chapati with curd and veggie

Dinner = End dinner on a healthy note with low fat paneer curry and Roti/Chapati.



Balanced Diet Plans for Weight Loss

When creating a diet plan, it is important to keep in mind that food you eat is well balanced and receives all the essential nutrients for your body. So make sure that you include the following nutrients in your diet plan:

The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet has been considered as the proper standard for nutrition. It is also known to prevent disease, improve wellness and longevity. This is based on its nutrition benefits and sustainability.

The Mediterranean diet is originally from countries like Italy and Greece. It is based on the foods that people from this country have traditionally eaten. This foods are rich in :

- vegetables - fruits - whole grains - fish - nuts - lentils - olive oil

Poultry, dairy products and eggs can be taken in moderation and red meats are limited to certain portion

In the Mediterranean diet you also can find that it is limited in refined grains, trans fat, processed meats, added sugar and any other highly processed food.

Health Benefits of this diet

This diet offers minimal processed foods and increased veggies. Veggies are known to reduce the risk of multiple chronic illnesses and increased life expectancy. Though the diet was designed to lower heart disease risk, numerous studies indicate that its plant-based, high unsaturated fat diet can aid weight loss journey.

There are some studies that show this diet has a preventive effect against certain cancers. This diet have designed in a way to reduced heart disease risk and various studies have shown that it is plant base,

After the systematic review observing five different studies, the mediterranean diet has shown major significant results in weight loss after 1 year compared to low fat diet plans. While a low carb diet, have shown to produce the same weight loss results. Additionally, the Mediterranean diet encourages eating plenty of antioxidant rich foods which helps in fight inflammation and oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals.


The Mediterranean diet does not put a big emphasis on dairy products. So it's important to include enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Maybe you can consider adding low fat dairy products in your diet.

Carbohydrates Diet Plan

Carbohydrates can be found in a wide range of food, whether it's healthy or unhealthy food. Some of them are bread, milk and popcorn. The most common form of carbs are sugars, fibers, and starches.

Carbs being the body's primary part of energy supply, it should make up half of the daily calorie requirement. But keep in mind that it is important to choose the right carbs.

Instead of taking simple carbs such as bread, biscuits and white rice that contain too much sugar, try taking complex carbs which are high in fiber and packed with nutrients. This is because fiber rich carbs take time to digest where it leaves you full for a longer period of time. Brown rice, oats are examples of complex carbs.

Health Benefits of this diet

Carbs helps to fuel your brain. You brain needs glucose and it can’t store much. So, you need to refill it through carbs-rich foods. If you glucose lowers below the optimal levels, you brain will start to act weird. This can lead you to experience brain fog, difficulty in concentration and learning.

Carbs also help with digestion. Carbs like veggies, fruits and whole grains contain dietary fiber. This fiber is good in maintaining your bowel movements. This means you will less likely feel bloated. This is because your body is constantly efficiently eliminating waste.

Lower the risk of cardiac arrest. Carbs can improve or worsen your heart health. Oatmeal, nuts, and apples, are rich in soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is essential in reducing blood sugar levels and lowering LDL cholesterol. And, it's well known that high circulating levels of both sugar and LDL cholesterol are risky to your heart.


Taking too much carbs can lead to weight gain. Eating large servings of carbs, heavy dishes like rice, pasta and breads which can contain hundreds or over a thousand calories can lead to weight gain. If you eat foods like this on a daily basis, this can lead to weight gain. Not just that, over consuming carbs can lead to having type 2 diabetes.

After you eat a carbohydrate-containing meal, your blood sugar increases where your pancreas releases insulin. This helps in transforming your glucose into a storage compound in your liver, muscles and other tissues, which lowers your blood sugar. Type 2 diabetes occurs when your body stops making insulin. So to avoid this risk try to consume fewer calories and add more healthy carbs in your diet..

Protein Diet Plan

Most of us may fail to reach daily protein intake as we focus so much on carbs. Proteins are important for the body which helps the body to build and repair tissues, muscle, cartilage and skin. A high protein diet can help promote weight loss as it helps with building muscles(which burns more calories than fat).

About 30% of your diet should consist of protein such as eggs, lean meats, fish, green leafy vegetables. and sprouts. Having one helping of protein with every meal is essential. If you are someone who follows a vegetarian diet there are some options available for you too. Try to choose protein according to your diet plan.

Health Benefits of this diet

Eating the right amount of protein helps to reduce appetite and hunger levels. These effects on your appetite can be really powerful. Research shows that an increase in protein intake from 15% to 30% of calories can make overweight women eat 441 fewer calories each day without intentionally restricting anything .

If you are considering losing belly fat, consider replacing your carbs and fats with protein. This can be as simple as lowering your carbs and increasing your protein. Protein also boosts metabolism and increases fat burn.

Consuming high protein intake has shown a drastic change and increases the number of calories you burn. It can burn around 80 to 100 calories per day. Some research shows eating protein rich foods can help you burn even more calories.


Eating way too little carbs and a lot of protein can cause bad breath. In a study, 40 percent of participants reported bad breath. This is because your body goes into a metabolic state called ketosis, which produces chemicals that give off an unpleasant smell.

Not just that, eating way too much protein can cause constipation. In the same study, 44 percent of participants reported constipation. High protein diets which have a limited number of carbs are low in fiber. Consuming water and fiber can help to cope up with constipation.



Dieting can be a little complicated if you are a beginner. So this sample diet plan can help as a guidance. Remember, whatever it is, eating a calorie deficit is what can help you lose weight. Try to avoid certain foods such lean meat, sugar, and processed foods.

Focus on eating more from the major food groups such as nutritious foods, healthy meals, low sodium foods, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. Avoid trying crash diet plans for weight loss which can be detrimental for your health. It also can result in nutritional deficiencies.

Adapt healthy habits and make it a priority to include healthy foods in your diet. Stick to a weight loss meal that is apt for you and be mindful to your mind and body during this process.

A healthy diet and proper nutrition prevent health problems, and supply your body with the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Diet containing all kinds of food in the required proportion is referred to as a balanced diet. Therefore for someone to have a healthy living he should mindful of the diet and ensure it is a balanced diet

“Sorry, there’s no magic bullet. You gotta eat healthy and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy. End of story.” – Morgan Spurlock, documentarian, filmmaker and producer


What is THIS 7 Day Challenge diet?

The 7 Day GM Challenge diet is a diet plan that can help you lose 2 to 5 kg in a month.

What drink helps burn fat?

There are no such drinks. But there are certain drinks that can boost your metabolism and get rid of the excess fat. Those drinks are lemon water, amla juice and jeera water.

What is the most effective weight loss diet?

The most effective weight loss diet is a diet that compliments whole foods rich in nutrients. This can be sustainable if followed consistently. However, the above weight loss meal plan is effective as well.

Is banana good for weight loss?

Banana can keep you full for a long time because it is rich in fiber and it takes time to digest. Because bananas are high in calories you need to look at the portions.


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