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Author: Leila Tan|2024-3-11

It may seem like impossible to grow out hair and there can be many myths as well regarding this topi. This article can help to bust that myths and give you right information about hair growth.


Top tips men to follow for faster hair growth!

Hair for men normally grows at an average rate of half an inch per month or about six inches per year. There may be tons of ads promoting hair growth products to make the hair grow faster than the average rate but the truth is there is no way to grow your hair faster than the average rate. There are many ways to promote hair growth for men so rather than trying this sort of product it is better to take steps to take care of hair health and boost your hair growth naturally without taking any drastic measures. Also focus on avoiding things that can make your hair growth slower.

Hair growth is affected by reasons. Some of them are:

- genetics - diet - age - hair type - stress levels - medications - underlying medical conditions

In this article we will help you to give some tips on how to grow hair faster for men. Some of main tips are as follows:

- Using more conditioner and less shampoo can strengthen hair and make it grow faster - A healthy diet is key to supplying your body with hair-boosting nutrients. - Avoiding hot showers and leaving hair alone for a while can benefit hair growth


How hair grows

There are around 5 million hair follicles on the human body. About 100,000 of the hair follicles are found on the scalp. Each hair strand on the scalp follows a pattern of hair growth. They come in three stages:

- Anagen: Anagen is the first phase where the new hair grows in the hair bulb - Catagen: The catagen phase marked by a period of inactivity and regression. - Telogen: The telogen phase which is also called the resting phase, the hair follicle will go completely rest and the club hair is completely formed.

During the first phase, the average scalp has 90 percent of the hair follicles and 1 percent in the catagen phase and the balance 9 percent during the telogen phase.

This process goes the same for body and facial hair. The only difference is, it doesn't include the three-stage cycle which is shorter. This is why body hair doesn’t grow as long as the hair on our scalp.

Use less shampoo

It doesn't matter how expensive or natural organic shampoo you use. If you shampoo your hair everyday, you can damage your own hair. If you want to have healthy hair growth, consider only shampooing your hair twice a week.

Shampooing your hair every single day will only strip the natural oils that your scalp produces and weaken your hair. This can cause split ends. This will travel up your hair shaft and cause hair damage.

So to avoid this and have a healthy hair growth, limit your shampoo routine from once to twice a week. It is also recommended to use a leave-in conditioner for men. This is because this leave-in conditioner helps by preventing split ends, and breakage which are all things that can lead to slow hair growth.

Be Gentle With Your Hair

This may sound so common but it is vital to be not too rough with your hair. Being so rough with your hair can lead to excessive hair fall which is the opposite to healthy hair.

It's important to have a scalp massage and stimulate it but if you aren't gentle with it, it can damage you. This can be a bummer for your healthy hair growth journey.

Have Healthy Diet

Eating healthy food and collecting needed nutrition to our body is extremely important if you want to grow hair. So you need to start working on your diet. There are many foods that can boost your hair growth. To have strong healthy hair, try eating foods like biotin-rich foods such as eggs, meat, or nuts. You can also consider eating foods including fatty fish and foods fortified in vitamin D.

There are few foods that include vitamins and minerals which are associated with healthy hair. Following foods can be include in your food for a hair healthy:

- foods that are high in iron, including certain beans, green leafy vegetables, iron-fortified cereals, lean beef, and eggs - protein-rich foods such as lean meat, eggs, and fish

Keep in mind that a healthy diet must have various fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and unsaturated fats. Also limit or avoid taking sugary foods and drinks as they consist of lots of calorie foods that add little nutritional value to your diet. So consider eating a well balanced diet that provides your body with all the hair-boosting vitamins it needs to grow out your hair, such as biotin, folic acid and vitamins A, C, D and E.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep can affect your hair growth cycle. This is because a good sleep helps your body release enzymes and growth hormones which is one of the most important elements in your hair health.

Getting enough sleep also helps to get you enough protein synthesis, directly affecting your body’s ability which helps your hair growth. As an adult, you should aim to have seven to nine hours of sleep per day. When you are sleeping the growth hormones helps speed up cell reproduction which contributes for a healthy rate of hair growth.

F8 Hair Regrowth Treatment

This is a non-invasive treatment that helps with hair growth and maintain scalp health. The low-laser energy and hair growth serum sweeps across the scalp where it stimulates the inactive hair follicles and strengthens the hair papilla within. Not only that, the energy and serum also repairs the capillaries and encourages their microcirculation, which helps to supply nutrients that energize the hair follicles. After the treatment, you will feel the increased hair growth, strengthened hair strands, and reduced hair loss.

Quit smoking

As we know smoking can lead to many health issues including hair loss. Smoking may cause some damage to the hair follicle and which can result in an imbalance in the hair growth cycle.

Toxins like formaldehyde, arsenic, hydrogen cyanide, lead and ammonia are toxic chemicals that can cause harm to your health. These compounds together with a number of others are produced when smoking tobacco.

It is also known that smoking may lead to hair loss by vasoconstriction, by forming DNA adducts, free radical damage to hair follicle, by enhancing senescence and hormonal effects.

Reduce Stress Through Exercise

Doing regular exercise can help for your hair growth in two major different ways. First, doing regular exercise helps with growing your hair faster through blood flow and circulation increase. Try going to the gym, go for a run, or follow workouts online.

As we know,when it comes to hair growth among men stress plays an important role in deciding if men can grow their hair faster. High stress levels have been associated directly to hair loss such as with telogen effluvium.

Focus on taking steps to reduce your stress in a proactive way. You can do journaling, workout, sleep well and eat well can be some of the examples that you can take to reduce stress and bring it under control.

Be gentle on your hair

Being gentle with your hair when brushing or styling can save your hair from damage. Frequently twisting, twirling, or pulling your hair can cause breakage and this can lead to slower hair growth.

So try to avoid the following actions:

- doing tight hairstyles like braids, ponytails, or cornrows - often perm and use hair straightening chemicals - regularly using hot straightening or curling irons - bleaching your hair often


Hair growth supplements and vitamins for men

Our hair needs necessary vitamins and nutrients for healthy growth. But oftentimes it can be challenging to get enough vitamins and nutrients from diet alone. If you are not getting these vitamins and nutrients from your diet, you may consider taking supplements and vitamins. Before taking any supplements, consult a doctor first.

If you are someone with an iron deficiency, your doctor may suggest iron supplements. However, people with iron deficiency may have other nutritional deficiencies as well. So it's important to see your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The following nutritional supplements may be helpful for you to refer:

- biotin - omega-3 and 6 fatty acids - zinc - B-vitamins - vitamin C - vitamin D

Anyhow the above vitamins aren't alone enough for nutritional deficiency.


Hair growth products for men

Healthy hair growth doesn't come easily if it is significant to make sure you are taking good care of your skin and scalp. Using the right products can help to keep your hair healthy and help to stimulate hair growth. Using less chemical hair products can help to strengthen hair, support scalp health, improve hair thickness and stimulate the hair growth cycle.

As mentioned, reduce shampooing your hair every single day, as this can lead to scalp dryness and strip it of its natural oils. Switch to shampoo your hair every two to three days and use a good conditioner every day.

Using conditioners can help to minimize tangles, split ends and prevent breakage. Apply a leave-on conditioner on the hair length and remember not to apply the conditioner on the scalp. After applying make sure to wash it well and it's important to read the ingredients when purchasing a new product for hair.

Ingredients to avoid

There are few ingredients that can be avoided in order to have healthy hair.The below ingredients can strip your hair moisture or break down hair proteins.

- sulfates - alcohol - polyethylene glycol (PEG) - bleach - peroxide - Dyes

Ingredients to look for

As much as avoiding ingredients that can cause damage to your hair, there are a few ingredients that need to be added for healthy hair.

The most common hair tips that we can normally hear is to include shampoos that are free of potentially irritating ingredients, such as sulfate-free shampoos.

Below are listed some ingredients that may help to improve the health and condition of your hair:

- fruit and seed oils, like coconut, avocado, argan, olive, and jojoba - keratin - protein - caffeine - essential oils, like peppermint oil and rosemary oil - aloe vera


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As we mentioned above , the hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month. The rate at which your hair grows is largely determined by genetics. If that is the case there’s nothing much you can do about making it grow faster but you always can do your role in keeping your hair healthy and take steps to promote hair growth.

Maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise can keep your hair healthy and ensure it grows at the fastest rate possible. You also can prevent breakage by using moisturizing hair products and avoiding harsh chemicals as well as tight hairstyles.

You can follow the above tips as well as do your own research for increasing hair growth. But the most important thing is to have healthy hair habits. Also remember to consult a doctor to identify the underlying cause for your hair loss and get the right treatment to restore your hair.


Can I use heat to style my hair on a daily basis?

It is best to use less heat on your hair as too much heat can destroy the strength of your hair. Also remember to use the heat protector when applying heat to your hair.

Is there any home remedy I can follow for hair growth?

Yes, there are multiple home remedies for hair growth but it is best to find the underlying cause and take proper treatment. If you want to try a home remedy, you can go ahead with that first. A simple home remedy that promotes hair growth is using onion juice as a hair mask twice a week and washing it off after 30 minutes. Following this home remedy, you can witness increased hair thickness.

Is hair loss permanent?

Hair loss can occur under many reasons, one of them is genetic. While genetic hair loss can be permanent other hair loss types can be restored with right care and treatment.


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