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作者: Sophia Man|2024年3月16日

Removing unwanted hair strands in the armpits, legs, arms, bikini line and etc. Shaving is one of the most commonly used methods to remove unwanted hair growth, in hopes of revealing a smooth and supple skin overlay. Unfortunately, shaving comes with a baggage of hyperpigmentation and dark spot issues that will ultimately make your desired body areas look darker and unappealing. Opting for hair removal creams is also a common trend among people, especially women, but the usage of these creams may cause spots on the skin. This occurrence will cause you to be more self-conscious about your appearance when wearing bikinis, miniskirts, sleeveless attires and other forms of clothing that reveal your shaved and dark skin tone. In this article, we will usher into the negative effects of shaving and using hair removal creams; and how New Beauty Australia’s A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment that provides permanent hair reduction to remove unwanted hair strands and prevent future hair growth whilst revealing clearer and smoother skin.


How Does Shaving Cause Hyperpigmentation?

Pimples, psoriasis, ingrown hairs, scrapes, cuts, and other skin irritation to the skin's surface induce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Shaving could be extremely harsh on the skin. You are, after all, sliding sharp blades upward and down your body.

Whenever one starts shaving, the hair follicle becomes irritated and expands to safeguard the skin layer. This response causes pimple-like lumps, which eventually lead to acne scarring, dark patches, and discolouration.

The swelling caused by a trauma attracts melanocyte epidermal cells to the site of the damage. A high concentration of melanocytes will create a darkened and discoloured patch surrounding the site of the incision.

Grooming without a shaving cream that is moisturising

Once users shave, the very first blade of the shaver lifts up the hair strand, allowing the second blade to cut it off. The razor is compelled to strain on the skin since there is no moisturising chemical to assist raise the strand of hair. This yanking produces severe discomfort and might result in razor pimples. Melanocytes will race to the region to defend the skin, leaving dark blotches beneath. As a result, it's critical to apply a moisturising agent before shaving, whether it's conditioners or your preferred shaving cream.

Razor nicks

Ingrown hairs are sometimes known as razor pimples. Ingrown hairs are hair strands which regrow into the skin. Ingrown hairs cause skin irritation and might get infectious in severe cases. To safeguard the skin from injury, the body releases melanin particles into the region. Melanin is known as the brown pigment that causes dark patches to develop. When the ingrown hair eventually falls out, it will be replaced by a black scar.

Razor is dull

It requires extra strokes to eliminate unwanted hair when the razor is dull. The extra 3-4 strokes aggravate the skin significantly by generating micro-abrasions (small blisters) on the epidermis. These bruises expose the skin to pathogens, discomfort, and razor lumps. As stated previously, the body reacts by deploying brown pigmented cells to the injured region to defend it.


What Negative Effects Does Shaving Cause on The Skin?

Irritation of skin

Itchy skin is frequently caused by grooming or waxing. This itch usually occurs between 1 to 5 days following a shave as the hair starts growing back. Worse, rubbing the itchy region may result in scars if you scratch it constantly.

Razor gash

Razor burns or razor gash is caused by the physical touch of the razor blade on the surface of the skin. It leads to pain, irritation, and itchy skin. Razor burns are common since individuals feel that pressing harder on the blade would result in a finer shave. Unfortunately, this causes skin damage and results in more bad effects than good ones.

Dark patches and ingrown hairs

On sensitive skin, waxing can create itchy red lumps. Nevertheless, irrespective of the skin type, these lumps are much more likely to occur following a shave. When a hair is shaved, it instantly starts to regenerate. Ingrown hairs form when hair is growing into the skin rather than through the surface of the skin, resulting in an uncomfortable, inflamed lump.


Cuts occur when a razor is worn or when hurrying to groom. Cuts are unpleasant, require a while to heal, and can lead to scarring if serious.


Folliculitis can be caused by both waxing and shaving. This refers to an infection that develops within the hair follicles. Tiny wounds in the skin caused mainly by shaving or waxing allow germs to infiltrate the follicles. These then increase in the afflicted region, resulting in large, inflammatory pimples.



Do Hair Removal Creams Have Better Effect Than Shaving?

Hair removal creams, according to professional dermatologist Dr Ailynne Marie Vergara-Wijangco, founder of VW Dermatology, are widely obtainable, very affordable, and completely harmless as long as you do not have hypersensitive skin conditions. This sort of treatment is also quite simple to use since you simply apply it, sit for just a few minutes, and then rinse it off.

Hair removal creams are very quick to use and give you beautifully smooth skin and no stubble. Many cosmetics are also created with hydrating elements to preserve your skin soft and smooth. It's no secret that there are several fantastic benefits to using this hair removal approach. However, you must use hair removal products with caution.

The disadvantage of creams is that they might cause damage to the skin, which can result in inflammation, discomfort, and burning. Prior to use, you should do a skin test to verify the skin does not react negatively to the hair removal cream.

It is also crucial to adhere to the time recommendations provided in the product box. Placing a quick hair removal cream on the skin for more than the required time might result in burn injuries and skin inflammation. However, unlike grooming, you do not have to bother about blade cuts, unattractive lumps, or ingrown hairs.

Ultimately, both shaving and using hair removal creams will cause damage to the skin in the long run. Not to mention the aftercare for them can be quite tedious as well.

What if we tell you there is a painless and non-invasive hair removal treatment that not only eradicates unwanted hair strands but also cools the skin to prevent redness and skin inflammation?


A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Hairless, Smooth and Silky Skin

We at New Beauty Australia have introduced the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment – a non-invasive hair removal treatment which comes with a dual cooling system to soothe the skin right after the hair removal process!

The A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment utilises a squared handpiece tip that is 10mm x 10mm wide which emits 808nm wavelength laser technology. The laser hair removal treatment’s larger surface area of the handpiece combined with the 808nm wavelength energy allows the removal of 500 hair strands per second to give you a permanent hair removal effect.

The 808nm wavelength laser energy also has a stunning effect of penetrating deep into the skin and targeting melanin particles to disintegrate them and make the skin look clearer and brighter. The unique laser energy used in the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment also shrinks blood capillaries to cut off the supply of nutrients to hair follicles.

Once the laser hair removal treatment is completed, the handpiece tip is equipped with a cooling pad that encompasses a dual cooling system. This cooling technology will calm down the skin when hair is being removed and prevents future redness, skin inflammation, irritation and bumps that are commonly caused during shaving and utilising hair removal creams.


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A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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The Final Note

Traditional methods of removing unwanted hair strands such as shaving and using hair removal creams may give you the desired results, but it comes at the cost of darker and bumpy skin. The A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment at New Beauty Australia is the ultimate hair removal treatment as it is painless and removes rough and fine hair despite hair colour and density.

This non-invasive laser hair removal treatment helps with skin pigmentation removal as the laser energy targets melanin particles and breaks them down to reveal a smoother, clearer, brighter skin tone that is hairless!

Book your appointment today to achieve flawless and velvety skin without any bumps or dark spots!


What are the symptoms of strawberry legs?

The occurrence of dark spots and black dots on your skin after shaving is what may be perceived as strawberry legs. The symptoms include: · a spotty or pitted look on your legs' skin · a discoloration of enlarged pores on the legs /· the impression of brown or black spots after grooming

What makes the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment better than generic laser treatment?

The A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment utilises 808nm wavelength energy that targets and breaks down melanin particles while typical laser treatment is too dispersed to target melanin particles underneath the skin. The A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment also utilises a dual cooling system to calm down skin inflammation and redness after the hair removal process.

Who is suitable to undergo the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

The A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment is suitable for light and darker skin tones; light and dark hair as it is non-irritating and non-invasive to the skin.

How many sessions of the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment will I need to undertake?

Optimum effects of the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment can be seen after 6 to 8 sessions for permanent hair removal effects.

What are the precautions that need to be taken before the treatment?

Before undergoing the A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment, you must avoid excessive sun exposure and remember to apply sunscreen before going outdoors. If you have undergone other beauty treatments, kindly speak with our in-house consultants before opting for this laser hair removal treatment. Most importantly, you must trim the unwanted hair on the treatment site, leaving only 2mm in length, to make it easier for hair follicles to absorb the laser energy.


Book Now to Experience
A3 Laser Hair Removal Treatment

1 Minute Self-Registration

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