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Author: Sophia Man|2024-3-4

Bags around your eyes may appear as you get older. They may manifest as slight swelling or puffiness in your lower eyelids and dark rings on the area behind your eye. They can be caused by fluid retention, fat shifting to a new place behind your eye, or, in rare cases, by specific medical disorders. Bags beneath the eyes do not always indicate a severe problem. Caring for your skin and making little modifications to your routine may often enhance its appearance. But, without everyday applications of creams and other remedies, it can be difficult to sustain bright and smooth under-eye skin. In this article, we will look at the cause of eye bags and the treatments that are available in today's market as well as how the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment treats under-eye circles. puffy eyes and under-eye bags with increased microcirculation in blood vessels.


What Causes Bags under the Eyes?

The internal tissues and muscle structures that sustain your eyelids weaken as you age, causing the skin to droop and produce bags beneath your eyes. In other circumstances, the fat that typically surrounds your eyes falls into your lower eyelid, making it puffy with excess fat and casting shadows.

Fluid gathering behind your eyelids might cause bags under your eyes. Because salt encourages your body to retain fluid, consuming too much salt may contribute to creating dark circles.

While certain behaviours may be changed, not all eye bags go immediately. Among the most prevalent reasons are:

· Sleep deprivation · Allergies · Smoking · Sinus problems · Dehydration · Stress · Crying · Heredity · Medical condition · Natural ageing process

The majority of the causes of eye bag creation are caused by inadequate self-care and a lack of discipline and respect for our bodies. However, according to Chinese Traditional Medicine, there are three basic types of eye bags that represent a severe threat to creating a healthy lifestyle.



Types of Eye Bags

a. Spleen Eye bags

The upper and lower eyelids appear to be splenic. Spleen eye bags are usually large and glossy. When you have the following symptoms and puffy eye bags, you should take special care of your spleen.

Symptoms: · Swollen and glistening eye bags · Diarrhoea · Insomnia · Fatigue · Memory Loss

b. Kidney Eye bags

Kidney eye bags like green bruises, as if someone punched you in the eye (like a black eye). Kidneys perform a crucial function in blood cleaning. Consuming antioxidant-rich foods like goji berries can help you battle such eye bags.

Symptoms: · Eye bags that are green and bruised · Ulcers · Weak legs · Muscle pain · Frequent urination · Swollen tongue

c. Temporary Eye bags

These transient eye bags are frequently caused by excessive weeping or bloating. These eye bags are often large and puffy in appearance. Sagging eyelids and tightening skin around the eyes will be visible. Temporary eye bags will fade within a few hours. You may also notice dark shadows behind your eyes at times.

Symptoms: · Eye bags that are green and bruised · Ulcers · Weak legs · Muscle pain · Frequent urination · Swollen tongue


Home Remedies & Complementary Care

Natural remedies have the highest chance of working when the bagginess beneath the eyes is attributable to lifestyle factors rather than heredity. The formation of eye bags is sometimes an indication of a bad diet, a lack of sleep, persistent stress, and other factors.

If the bagginess is caused by these factors or by other health conditions such as allergies, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome, and so on, natural remedies (together with your doctor's recommendations) will promote energy and general health. Supplements may help reduce bagginess and promote public health, but lifestyle modifications may be required to make the natural method of treating eye bags for effective and long-lasting.

The most basic home cures include enough sleep, stress control, and a nutritious diet. The therapeutic properties of flowers and plants are widely employed in natural eye care to cure minor ailments such as puffiness beneath the eyes.

Although severe cases of eye bags may require surgery or other treatments, there are a few home remedies available as treatments for eye bags. Depending on the quality and compatibility of your surroundings, you can even do this outside of your home.

a. Diet

Consume plenty of freshwaters. Reduce your sugar, salt, and processed carbs; juicing is an excellent method to obtain plant-based nutrients.

b. Avoid rubbing your eyes

Massage around your eyes to promote circulation and energy flow. Constantly scratching your eyes might result in the rupture of tiny blood vessels around the eyes, giving you a tired appearance. Rubbing may also cause corneal damage and raise the risk of infection.

c. Quit smoking

Smoking, in addition to creating cardiovascular difficulties, can induce skin thinning owing to interference with blood flow to the skin. The smoke from a cigarette can also irritate the eyes. Smoking also depletes the body of essential nutrients such as vitamin C, necessary for skin restoration.

d. Sleeping posture

If you usually fall asleep on your side or stomach, consider sleeping on your back with an additional pillow under your head.

e. Use sunscreen everyday

Use a natural sunscreen, particularly one with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15, preferably 20. Use it every day to protect the skin around your eyes.

f. Allergies

A neti pot may help minimise excess fluid build-up if you suffer from hay fever or allergies.

g. Makeup

Remove your makeup before going to bed.

h. Moisturiser

Use a decent moisturiser that includes vitamin C, liquorice, fennel, and stabilised oxygen to slightly fill out your skin. Vitamin C, an antioxidant, is commonly used to produce face creams and moisturisers that protect your skin cells from harm and aids in collagen formation. Inflammation is reduced by liquorice and fennel, and stabilised oxygen is a kind of hydrogen peroxide that stimulates circulation.

i. Acupressure

This therapy is a simple circulation-boosting workout that you may practice independently. Close your eyes and softly push your ring finger from the inner to the outer corner of one eye. Repeat this procedure 10 to 15 times. Repeat on the opposite eye. This treatment method requires an expert in acupuncture as the needles are sharp, and the process can be dangerous if the wrong nerves are stimulated.

j. Cold compresses

Please close your eyes for about five minutes and gently cover them with a cool towel several times a day. This home remedy can help to improve blood flow and minimise puffy eyes in some people.

k. Switching between hot and cold cloths

For 10 minutes, alternate a heated (but comfortable) washcloth with a cold washcloth beneath your eyes to promote circulation.



Old-Fashioned Remedies

Some people still swear by traditional cures passed down through generations. Here are a few home remedies:

a. Cucumber

Apply cucumber water or small slices of cucumber to the area around the eyes, especially if the skin appears dry. If you leave the slices on your skin for at least fifteen minutes while resting, your eyes will appear brand new!

b. Tea bags under your eyes

To enhance circulation and minimise eye bag formation around the eyes, use a cold compress of rosemary tea. Bring a quart of water and a half-cup of fresh rosemary to a boil to make tea. Steep for 20 minutes before straining and chilling. Soak a washcloth in the tea, ring out the excess liquid, and apply it over the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes.

c. Make some ice cubes out of parsley

Use parsley cubes instead of eye creams to reduce dark circles and puffiness. The chlorophyll in parsley helps decrease darkness, while the ice cubes lessen the formation of eye bags. This treatment for eye bags has significant effects on your eye condition.

d. Potato and cucumber combination

For 15-20 minutes, close your eyes and cover your eyelids with raw potato or cucumber pieces. Apply the cream after washing with warm water. Grate a cucumber, squeeze off the liquid, and place it in the refrigerator. Apply lemon juice, lanolin cream, and cucumber juice around the eyes for around 10-15 minutes—dip cotton in a 1:1 ratio of potato and cucumber juices. Apply the cotton to your eyelids for 20 minutes. Use cold water to clean your eyes.

e. Tomato pastes with lemon

Make a paste using one tablespoon tomato juice, 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice, a sprinkle of turmeric powder, and one tablespoon flour. Use around the eyes. Allow 10 minutes before rinsing.

f. Pineapple with turmeric paste

Make a turmeric-pineapple juice paste.

g. Mint

Apply crushed mint to the area around the eye.

h. Almond butter

Massage almond oil beneath and around the eyes every night before bed for two weeks to observe the results. Almond is a fantastic "skin food."

i. E vitamin

Rub the affected area with a powdered Vitamin E pill and then wipe it clean with a honey and egg white combination.

j. White egg

The astringent egg white tightens pores and decreases puffiness and bagginess. Egg whites are high in B vitamins, which help with circulation and inflammation. You should ensure that your eggs have been tested for Salmonella. Do not get half a teaspoon of raw egg white into your eyes; instead, dab it on the clean, dry skin surrounding your eyes. Allow it to dry for about 15 minutes before rinsing well with warm water. Finally, use soap and water to wash your hands.

These basic conventional treatments for eye bags are helpful. But, if you are allergic to these treatment methods talking with your physician about your treatment options is essential.


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Advanced Surgical and Non-Surgical Methods

Because of the rapid advancement of current science and technology, cosmetic beauty companies worldwide have developed breakthrough treatments for eye bags and other health and beauty concerns that have become popular with urban netizens. Customers worldwide have made surgical and non-surgical treatments for eye bags one of their top choices.

Surgical Method

a. Eyelid surgery Blepharoplasty, often known as eyelid surgery, is an outpatient operation for removing bags beneath the eyes. This eye bag treatment has two the hazards such as eye infection and dry eyes that results in problems with vision, tear ducts, and eyelid repositioning.

Non-Surgical Techniques

a. Filler A filler material (typically hyaluronic acid, a jelly-like substance) is placed where the under-eye region and cheek meet to achieve a smooth transition. The injection is given under local anaesthesia at a doctor's office. The effects of this treatment for eye bags persist for six to twelve months.

b. Laser skin resurfacing This laser resurfacing procedure removes superficial layers of wrinkled skin around the eyes and stimulates new collagen formation, resulting in tighter skin. Depending on your skin type and exposure to the sun, the results of this treatment for under-eye bags might persist for years.

c. Chemical peel A chemical peel can also address wrinkled under-eye skin by removing the top layers. A chemical solution used in-office removes old skin cells, revealing tighter, brighter skin. Results of this treatment for under-eye bags persist for years, depending on your skin type and sun exposure.



The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment: One Treatment for All Your Eye Concerns

This revolutionary eye bag treatment is available at New Beauty and uses three different radiofrequency wavelengths to induce collagen production delivered by a professional handpiece. These waves eliminate under-eye bags by dissolving the excess fat cells around the eyes, resulting in a firmer, brighter appearance.

The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment, on the other hand, increases blood flow and stimulates continuous collagen production beneath the eyes, reliving you of eye concerns such as dark under-eye circles, tear troughs, under-eye bags, and wrinkles to give you natural and radiant-looking eyes.


What Improvements Can Be Seen After the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

Reduced dark eye circles and under-eye bags

After the undergoing the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment, most clients have noticed improvement in appearance of dark circles, reduced puffy eyes and under eye bags. The radiofrequency energy emitted by the eye bag treatment penetrates deep into the eye skin to the eye muscles. The thermal energy emitted by these 3 wavelengths encourages a rise in metabolism via blood vessels that eliminates excess fat cells under the eyes. This helps to decrease circles under the eyes, under eye bags, and improve the laxity of skin.

Lighten dark circles

Due to the increase in collagen and microcirculation in blood vessels under the eyes, infraorbital dark circles under your eyes will become brightened and less visible over the course of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment.

Low-risk under eye bags medical treatment

The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment does not utilise any external anaesthesia, sedatives, medications or injections. The low-risk radiofrequency energy of 3 different wavelengths penetrates deep into the eye skin without harming the sensitive skin under the eyes and dilated blood vessels.




Eye bags are becoming more common as stress and tiredness levels rise. This problem usually resolves itself on its own. However, if you have a significant eye bag problem along with other eye issues, visit us at New Beauty, and let us customise the best Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment plan for you.

With brighter eyes, you will have regained your confidence and youthful nature to live a healthier and more colourful life!


Why is the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment better than the surgical procedure?

A surgical procedure like blepharoplasty is an invasive procedure that surgically removes fat under the eyes via incisions. This procedure may cause long-term infections that will affect the functionality of your eyes and not to mention the scars that this method will leave behind post-surgery. The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment at New Beauty uses 3 different radiofrequency wavelengths that penetrate deep into the eye skin to increase blood flow, and dissolve under eye fat cell accumulation that is naturally excreted via the body’s metabolism. This eye bag treatment also stimulates collagen production to firm up and lift your eyes.

Who is suitable for Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment is suited for individuals with moderate to severe eye skin issues such as under-eye circles, tear troughs, under-eye bags, wrinkles that develop due to burning the midnight oil and the current lifestyle that does not encourage a good night’s rest. It is also suitable for people with darker skin tones.

Is the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment painful?

The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment is a non-invasive and low-risk procedure that does not use any form of incisions, surgery, external medications or general anaesthesia. You will feel fairly comfortable during the treatment as the energy pulses are short and do not stay on the skin for a long time.

How many sessions will I need to see results?

We at New Beauty recommend 10-12 sessions as a complete course of treatment which is held for one month once. You will notice reduced dark circles, eye bags and firmed-up under-eye skin after the first few sessions of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment.

How will I know if I am suitable for this treatment?

Before proceeding with the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment, our in-house wellness professionals will conduct a simple yet efficient patch test after applying the RF gel onto your under-eye skin. This is to ensure that you are suitable for this treatment and ensure that the energy causes no discomfort.


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