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Author: Sophia Man|2024-3-16

Eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and other common eye issue problems that occur to everyone as time flies by. One of the main reasons behind this ageing change is the lack of collagen production in the eye area after a certain point in time. Collagen plays a crucial role in brightening and tightening the eye skin, to give you younger and more vibrant-looking eyes. On the contrary, collagen creams, eye masks and other forms of eye bag treatments may not apply to all individuals due to the change in genetics, health condition and other factors that will affect the use of collagen. In this article, we will explore the science of collagen, its importance to help your eyes stay strong, and also introduce you to New Beauty’s Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment – a non-invasive eye skin treatment that not only promotes collagen production but also induces blood flow that helps decrease the appearance of under eye bags, reduce under-eye puffiness eyes, treat dark circles and tighten skin under the eyes.


Collagen: What Is It?

Collagen exists as the most prevalent protein in the human body, and it is a strong, insoluble, complex protein structure. It is important in numerous tissues, including:

It is important in numerous tissues, including:

· dermis · ligaments · blood vessels · cartilage · bone · connective tissue, which holds cells together

Collagen is an important aspect of the extracellular matrix, a web of proteins that keeps the body's tissues together. Optimal collagen levels help to:

· bone health · kidney and other organ protection · skin suppleness · a healthy heart · a firm skin

A person's body has a lot accordance to some previous research, collagen accounts for 33.3% of the protein in the human body and three-quarters of the dry weight of the skin.

There are approximately 28 distinct forms of collagen, each with a unique structure. The majority are made up of fibrils, which are lengthy, narrow, tough, and flexible structures.

Collagen gives the skin strength and flexibility. Collagen levels decline as people age, and collagen fibres grow thinner and weaker. According to some specialists, this may lead to skin ageing. As a result, collagen is found in many skin care products.



How is collagen used in the fields of medicine and cosmetics?

Collagen is a protein that may be broken down, transformed, and taken into your body again. It has several applications in healthcare and cosmetology. Collagen used in medicine is derived from people, cows, pigs, or sheep.

a. Dermal fillers

Collagen implants and shots can fill up small skin depressions such as lines and wrinkles.

b. Dressing the wound

Collagen promotes wound healing by drawing new epidermal cells to the injury.

c. Periodontics

Collagen functions as a barrier to stop fast-growing gum tissue from forming a hole in a tooth, allowing tooth cells to recover.

d. Vascular prostheses

Volunteer collagen tissue implants have been utilised to rebuild arteries, assist in the regeneration of peripheral nerves, and create blood vessel prostheses.

Although these prospective impacts appear to be encouraging, additional research is required before definitive conclusions can be reached.

e. Supplements containing collagen

Because collagen is found in so many vital portions of our bodies, it is not only useful but also necessary to maintain optimum health. The advantages of collagen supplements, on the other hand, are still being contested.

While there is some evidence that supplements help keep skin moisturised and alleviate osteoarthritis pain, additional study into less well-known advantages, such as decreasing blood pressure and glucose levels, is needed.


Why Does Collagen Become Scarce in the Body?

Aspects that may lead to collagen depletion or low collagen production include:

· hormonal imbalances caused by pregnancy, menopausal, and other health problems · oxidative stress caused by cellular metabolism and lifestyle habits like smoking and food intake · the natural aging processes · excessive sun exposure, which can induce collagen degradation in the skin · low levels of vitamin C, which can lead to scurvy.

Certain hereditary disorders can interfere with collagen formation. Osteogenesis imperfecta can result in brittle bones. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) can cause a variety of symptoms, depending on the kind of EDS. In certain situations, both illnesses can be deadly.



How to Prevent Collagen Loss?

Listed below are some methods for avoiding collagen loss:

· Consume lots of fruits and vegetables, which are packed with vitamins and enzymes · prevent smoking and consuming processed meals, both of which contribute to oxidative stress · Consume less salty foods · Avoid excessive sun exposure · Speak with your doctor about supplements and other forms of medications and products


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How Does the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment Promote Collagen Naturally?

With the abundance of medical aesthetic technology, beauty clinics around the world have taken up non-surgical treatments to treat many body areas, that also includes the eye and skin area. With aging skin, it is difficult to pick just the right cream that aids your eye skin issues, but not all creams and ointments provide definite or long-lasting results as they may not target the root of the problem.

We at New Beauty have introduced a non-surgical and non-invasive eye bag treatment that uses three different radiofrequency(RF) energies that improves your eye concerns – The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment!



How Does the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment Work?

The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment combines 3 various radiofrequency(RF) energy to penetrate deep into the eye skin to induce natural collagen production and promote blood flow thus giving you vibrant and radiant-looking eyes.

At the beginning of your Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment session, our in-house wellness professionals will examine your eye area and familiarise themselves with your daily routines and eye care rituals to determine the causes of puffy eyes, dark circles, tear-throughs, under-eye bags, wrinkles and other skin issues you may have. Then, they will proceed to explain the theory of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment and the flow treatment. To ensure your skin does not experience any allergic reactions or discomfort to the upcoming treatment, our beauty consultant will perform a simple yet effective patch test on your eye skin.

Once you have passed the patch test, our consultants will guide you toward the next step of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment. The three different radiofrequency (RF) energy are emitted to different layers of the eye skin. The three variety of radiofrequency (RF) used penetrates the eye skin to increase microcirculation of blood that decreases fat cell accumulation and expels toxins under the eyes. This eye bag treatment also promotes natural collagen production that firms up and improves laxity of the skin under the eyes thus removing dark circles, wrinkles, under eye bags, and eye puffiness.


Pros of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

This non-invasive eye bag treatment not only addresses issues concerning bags under the eyes, but also multiple other eye concerns that you have encountered. Here are some of the benefits of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment:

Reduces under eye fat cells

The photothermal energy pulses emitted by 3 spectrum of radiofrequency energy technology increases blood flow in the eye area which helps to dissolve fat cells under the eyes without affecting the surrounding skin. The fat cells are then naturally expelled via the body’s metabolism process to give you less puffy eyes.

Even distribution of energy

The combined energies of 3 radiofrequencies are evenly distributed using medical grade handpiece to the dermis layer of the under-eye skin. This equitable distribution of the combined technologies in the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment allows increased blood flow that reduces eye puffiness, dark eye circles, and other eye concerns.

Natural collagen stimulation

The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment naturally stimulates collagen production that helps to increase skin laxity and elasticity. With the proliferation of new collagen, the wrinkles and tear troughs will be filled to give you lifted and refreshed eyes.

Non-invasive eye bags treatment

The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment is low risk, non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that does not use any form of injections, external medications, creams or general anaesthesia which makes it suitable for most people. But then again, a thorough evaluation will be conducted to determine your suitability to undergo this treatment.



The Final Takeaway

So if you're looking for a way to address all of your eye bag concerns in just one treatment, the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment is the perfect solution for you!

This non-invasive and low-risk eye bag treatment can be done in a short time and you'll see results as the course of treatment progresses. Plus, with continued use of your regular eye skin routines, you'll enjoy the long-term benefits of the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment that keep your eyes looking young and radiant.

Ready to book your appointment? We'd love to help you achieve brighter and more beautiful eyes!


How essential is collagen?

Collagen is crucial for the development and well-being of bones, skin, blood vessels, and other organs. Inadequate collagen levels can cause joint issues and skin elasticity loss.

What are the risks of collagen supplements?

Mild diarrhoea, abdominal heaviness, and a rash are all possible side effects. There might be conflicts with other medications. However, science has yet to reveal which ones cause these side effects

What type of technology is used in the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment uses the combined energies of 3 various radiofrequency waves that is emitted via a medical grade handpiece that promotes blood flow to reduce excess fat cells, induces collagen proliferation and eliminates toxin accumulation under the eye skin. By the end of the treatment, you will have reduced puffy eyes, increased microcirculation in blood vessels, and decreased under-eye bags as well as dark circles.

Who is suitable for the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

The Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment is a low-irritating procedure that is suitable for most skin tones including darker skin tones. We also recommend this treatment for individuals with moderate to severe eye skin issues problems.

What are the precautions I need to take after undergoing the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment?

After completing each treatment session, you must protect your skin from excessive sun exposure and also avoid participating in any form of high-energy laser treatments such as IPL and radiofrequency. You must also prevent using eye care and skin care products that utilise AHA/BHA, exfoliating scrubs, and Accutane medication for a week after treatment. Remember to avoid alcohol consumption and vigorous activity for one-week post-treatment.


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Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment

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