RGA Hair Regrowth Treatment

RGA Hair Regrowth Treatment | Increase Growth Factors for Natural Hair Growth

RGA Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair loss in women can affect both appearance and confidence. Hair loss treatment targeting hair follicles can stop hair loss from worsening as well as resumng natural hair growth from hair roots. New Beauty understand that healthy hair follicles and scalp are necessary to promote hair growth. Our RGA Hair Regrowth Treatment extracts "growth factor essence" from the still-healthy hair follicles. The essence can encourage the scalp's circulation to restore healthy hair follicles and scalp ², which help to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth. RGA can achieve natural hair growth results akin to surgical hair transplantation ³!

RGA Hair Regrowth Treatment: The Benefits

93% Growth Factor Survival Rate ² ³

"Growth factor" is a protein that activates cell proliferation and metabolism. Our highly advanced Regenera Activa technology extracts "growth factors" from the hair follicles. The growth factors' survival rate in vitro can reach 93%. The hair loss treatment serum, which is made from these growth factors, can promote hair growth.

Internationally Acclaimed Hair Loss Treatment³

This hair loss treatment is FMA and CE-approved, which prove it a safe and effective hair loss treatment.

Two Years Long Hair Growth Results ² ³

New hair continues to grow for two years post-treatment, effectively treating hair loss.

Low-Invasive Hair Treatment³

During the RGA treatment, only a tiny cut is made on the scalp, making this treatment low in invasivness.

RGA Hair Regrowth Treatment: How Does It Work?

How it works?



"Growth factor" is a protein that activates cell proliferation and metabolism. The RGA treatment employs the Regenera Activa technology to extract a tiny bit of trichogen cells from the hair follicles (not yet completely atrophied) on the client's scalp.



"Growth factor essence" is made by extracting a large quantity of growth factors from the sample. This step is done with the RGA equipment. This step should take a few minutes or more. Then, the "growth factor essence" is infused evenly into the scalp areas experiencing hair loss. Finally, the therapist will massage the scalp area for better absorption.



Slight redness and swelling should subside within days. Your hair follicles are now healthy and will grow many strong and thick hair strands. One session takes only 30 minutes. The treatment results may be observed within 30 days or more. You can consider the RGA treatment so long as some of your hair follicles are still healthy.

What You Will Get From the RGA Hair Regrowth Treatment...

Quick Hair Growth

See partial hair regrowth in the patchy hair loss areas. New hair strands are thicker, denser and grow faster.

Treat Hair Loss with High-Tech

Highly-advanced technology extracts organic growth factors from your hair follicles to be multiplied into hair growth essence.

Promotes Hair Growth Long-Lastingly

Growth factors encourage blood flow at the scalp to promote hair growth. The results can last about two years ² ³

Easy Treatment Aftercare

Only a tiny cut will be made on the scalp to extract growth factors. The cut heals quick and is nearly invisible.

Suitable Users

RGA is suitable for those with hair loss concerns, i.e. female pattern hair loss, hair thinning, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, hereditary hair loss, age-related hair loss, crown baldness, receding hairline, male pattern baldness, severe hair loss and more. People prone to thin, brittle hair strands and scalp irritation can also take the RGA treatment. RGA is ideal for those who find the other hair loss treatments useless.

Session Amount

Treatment results per 30-minute session ³ can last about two years ³.


Low-invasive hair loss treatment with short downtime -about one week at most ²

RGA Hair Regrowth Treatment: Real Treatment Results

Tips on the RGA Hair Regrowth Treatment


  • Stop using any hair growth products, such as topical minoxidil lotion or prescription hair loss medication, for one-month pre-treatment.

  • You may wash your hair before the treatment to maintain hair and scalp hygiene.

  • Have detailed scalp and hair follicle analysis to ensure your suitability for the RGA treatment.


  • Don't dye, perm, or have keratin treatment on your hair for four-weeks post-treatment. Also, avoid swimming and going to hot springs.

  • Come to New Beauty for a check-up one-week after the treatment.

  • Don't use hair growth products that can cause irritation for two weeks post-treatment.

New Beauty: Your Best Choice

Safety First

To ensure safety and maximum results, we only use equipment by the original manufacturer ¹

Years of Experience

Our medical beauty team is professionally trained to provide you with top-rated services.

Significant Hair Growth Results

Highly-advanced technology targets a wide range of hair loss concerns.

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RGA Hair Regrowth Treatment

How does the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment improve hair and scalp health?

RGA Hair Restoration Treatment technology extracts still-active growth factors. The RGA equipment multiplies the growth factors into an essence and infuses it into the hair loss areas. The essence encourages capillary regrowth and blood circulation, bettering nutrient supply for the hair follicles, making for thicker and denser hair strands, effectively stopping hair loss.

What sorts of hair loss concerns can the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment target?

RGA Hair Restoration Treatment can target a wide range of hair loss concerns, such as female pattern hair loss, hair thinning, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata aka spot baldness, hereditary hair loss, age-related hair loss, crown baldness, receding hairline, male pattern baldness, severe hair loss and more. In addition, people prone to thin, brittle hair strands and scalp irritation can also take the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment.

Why choose the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment?

RGA utilizes highly-advanced growth factor extraction technology to create a hair growth essence which comes from the client's own hair follicles, which greatly reduces the potential allergic reactions to foreign ingredients. RGA technology is both FMA and CE-approved, with its results globally acclaimed by over 30,000 people. RGA is the perfect hair loss treatment for those who want hair transplant-like results without surgery.

What are the differences between the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment and a hair transplant?

Nowadays, there are two kinds of hair transplants: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Both FUT and FUE require extensive incisions. The surgeon's skills and attentiveness also affect the hair transplant results drastically. In comparison, RGA Hair Restoration Treatment extracts natural-born growth factors from the client's scalp for making hair growth essence. Therefore, RGA treatment gives more natural-looking and stable hair growth results.

Can I take the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment?

The RGA Hair Restoration Treatment can help you as long as you still have some active hair follicles! You can register online for a hair growth consultation plus hair follicle and scalp analysis. Feel free to contact our hair care consultants at New Beauty for any questions regarding the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment!