Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment

Eliminate Excess Fat to Reveal a Curvacious Body!

What is Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment?

"Stubborn fat cells are a serious issue for most individuals with excess weight. Exercise, food intake and a healthy lifestyle have to be followed for effective fat reduction to gain your desired results. Body contouring surgery done by plastic surgeons can reduce fat mass but it also causes sagging skin, health complications, and sometimes further surgery. What is the most effective body contouring treatment that is non-invasive, reduce stubborn fat cells, and increases skin tightening effects? Introducing the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment which uses patented CORE™ technology that emits advanced triple-wavelength laser, inducing photothermal effects in the dermis and subcutaneous fat tissues to break down white fat cells. In addition, vacuum suction technology encourages metabolic removal of the broken-down stubborn fat cells. The laser energy also activates collagen proliferation by speeding up blood flow in the specified body parts and tightening saggy skin."

Benefits of the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment

Thorough lipolysis

Triple-wavelength RF energy dissolves subcutaneous fat cells in stubborn fatty body parts

New collagen Growth

Triple-wavelength RF energy stimulates collagen production for firming up your body.

Vaccum suction technology

This body contouring treatment incorporates vacuum suction technology to speed up the lymphatic drainage of fat cells, thus reshaping your body shape however you desire!

Non-invasive body contouring treatment

The Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment uses patented RF and vacuum suction technology certified by international authorities. The procedure is comfortable and safe.

How does it work?

How does it work?



The aesthetic therapist uses the equipment handpiece to emit three wavelengths of RF energy at the fatty body part. The three-wavelength RF energy can heat up subcutaneous fatty tissues in each skin layer, inducing fat cell breakdown.



Vacuum technology speeds up lymphatic drainage of the necrotic fat cells and fatty acids.



The RF energy also encourages collagen proliferation in fibrous tissues, making for tighter and firmer-looking skin post-treatment.

What can you expect after the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment...

Removes excess fat cells

The Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment uses triple-RF energy and vacuum suction technology to heat up the adipose tissue, effectively improving blood circulation and dissolving fat for lymphatic removal.

Non-invasive body contouring treatment

The Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that does not cause damage or side effects to the body. To ensure the maximum treatment results, please maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise after the treatment. In addition, you can massage the treated area to speed up the excretion of fat cells.

No downtime

Your treated area may be slightly red after the treatment. However, the redness will subside shortly. The treatment is painless and wound-free; hence no downtime is needed.

Professional and caring service

After completing the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment, our therapists will carefully follow up on your feedback. Our in-house professionals will customise for you the most suitable treatment plan for maximum results.

Who is suitable?

This treatment is non-irritating to the skin and can work with a number of skin conditions.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of session depends on the individual's body type and which part of the body that you want to lose weight.

Is there any recovery period?

This laser treatment does not require significant downtime. You can return to your daily routine as normal

What to do before and after the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment?

Before Treatment

  • If you have undergone other body treatments recently, you should consult a professional first before proceeding with the Reaction Body Sculpting Treatment

  • Before the treatment, please drink enough water to accelerate metabolic removal of fat cells

  • Rest plenty before the treatment for better metabolism.

After Treatment

  • Maintain healthy eating habits to prevent future fat accumulation.

  • Your treated area may be itchy and red. Massage the treated area very gentlly to avoid agitating the skin even further.

  • Your treated area should not undergo other of treatments for one month after this treatment

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