Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment

Get Perky and Pinkish Nipples with Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment!

What is Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment?

"Many women experience skin aging that causes collagen levels in the areolas to decrease. Reduced collagen synthesis causes loose skin around the areolas which causes nipples to grow darker and wrinkly. Hyaluronic acid treatment, topical vitamin, aloe vera gel and collagen supplementation are used to boost collagen production but they can cause damage to skin health. Why not try a non-invasive nipple lightening treatment that restores the youthful appearance of your nipples by boosting collagen production naturally? Introducing Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment that uses 100% non-invasive medical-grade 2940nm laser that targets and shatters melanin of areolas without burning the tissues. Photothermal energy activates collagen production to reveal bouncy, perky, and pinkish nipples. This treatment also improves skin elasticity to give you supple and smooth nipples!"

Benefits of Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment

Brightening the areolas

Many women prefer supple and shiny areolas. The Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment can break down and remove melanin particles for soft, glossy-looking areolas.

Non-Invasive, non-irritating

The laser energy is gentle on the areolas. This treatment is safe and comfortable.

Collagen Proliferation

The 2940nm laser energy activates collagen production in the areolas and more collagen can plump up the shrivelled areola folds, restoring velvety areola.

Long-lasting results

The Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment results last about 12 months. You don't need to buy costly creams to maintain the treatment results.

How does it work?

How does it work?



Using the laser applicator, the aesthetic therapist sweeps the nipples gently with the 2940nm wavelength laser beams. The gentle laser energy seeps through all skin layers to target and break down all accumulated melanin.



The laser energy also encourages collagen proliferation at the dermis layer to improve elasticity, texture and radiance.



The laser energy is gentle to the nipples and the surrounding breast tissues. After the treatment, your nipples will look more radiant, bouncy, smooth and pink.

What can you expect after the Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment...

Rosy and bouncy areolas

The gentle laser energy shatters melanin in the areola and stimulates collagen growth. After the treatment, your areolas will become pink, velvety, and bouncy.

Quick and safe results

Results are quick as the laser energy shatters melanin directly. Unlike nipple creams, which may cause allergic reactions, the Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment is effective and safe.

Long-lasting brightening effect

You can prolong the treatment results if you maintain healthy breast care routines, such as avoiding squeezing the areola too hard and reducing the friction between the areolas and undergarments. You may also consider coming in for another treatment session in the future.

Non-invasive treatment

Who is suitable?

This treatment is non-irritating to the skin and can work with most skin conditions.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions needed varies. Each client receives their personalized treatment plan after a careful evaluation by our in-house wellness professionals.

Is there any recovery period?

This laser treatment does not require significant downtime. You can return to your daily routine as normal

What to do before and after the Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment?

Before Treatment

  • Wear loose undergarments before the treatment to avoid pressure on the nipples

  • If you have received other breast care treatments, consult a professional before you undergo the Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment.

  • Clean your body as usual before the treatment; moisturise your breasts to prevent dryness.

After Treatment Care

  • To relieve dry skin, apply moisturisers for 2 to 3 days after the treatment.

  • Witness calmed down and brightened treated skin within 5 to 7 days post-treatment

  • Do not take piping hot showers for a few days after the treatment to avoid driness and discomfort

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High Quality

We use genuine instruments from the manufacturer¹. The safety and quality of the treatment is guaranteed.

Experienced Team

Our medical aesthetic team is professionally trained to provide you with top-quality service.

Professional Follow up

Our consultants follow up on each client's case. Each treatment plan is tailor-made to suit the individual's needs and conditions.

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Why do the areolas become pigmented over time?

Genetics determine the colour and size of the areola. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and natural ageing increase melanin accumulation, resulting in pigmented areolas. In addition, non-fitting underwear constantly rubbing against the breast skin will also increase pigmentation in the areolas.

What other methods are used to brighten and smoothen areolas?

Methods include applying areola cream; exfoliating the areola; applying a whitening serum; and even applying under eye creams. However, these methods are ineffective and inefficient, some of which can even hurt the delicate and sensitive tissues. Wounds or allergic reactions can lead to skin inflammation,tenderness and tingling. In constrast, the Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment is used to remove areola melanin without causing damage to the areolas.

What is the principle of Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment?

The 2940nm wavelength laser technology gently seeps into the areola to remove excess melanin and stimulates collagen production, making for youthful, supple, smooth nipples. By the end of the treatment, your nipples look naturally pinkish.

Is the Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment painful?

The Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical. Our in-house therapist will first evaluate your skin for suitability for the treatment. There will also be protective tapes applied to your breast skin. Each laser treatment session is short, comfortable and gentle.

Who is not suitable for Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment?

People with lupus erythematosus, severe eczema, pregnancy, diabetes and long-term medication prescriptions are unsuitable for the Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment. If you have other medical conditions, kindly notify our professional consultants beforehand, and we will conduct an in-depth consultation with you before recommending the Pink Lady Nipple Lightening Treatment.