CoolShaping Fat Freezing

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Reduce Excess Fat Cells and Shape Your Body to Your Desire with No Rebound

What is CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment?

Losing weight is a woman's life-long goal. Every woman wants a curvaceous figure. In addition to dieting and exercising, you can also use the fat freezing technology to eliminate excess fat accumulation in specific areas for a better body sculpting experience. New Beauty's CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment uses patented cryowave technology into freezing fat cells and crystallise them. The body will naturally remove the frozen fat cells with no rebound of fat tissues. The ultimate result is a firmer and healthier body. Unlike liposuction, this cryolipolysis treatment is non-invasive, as it helps you lose excess stubborn fat without operations. Since fat cells are intolerant to cold, when cryo-energy enters the fat layer, it rapidly cools the fat cells in the body to -10°C and solidifies them, turning them into a crystal-like state. After freezing, the body will naturally remove the necrotic fat cells through metabolism, gradually reducing accumulated fat and thinning fat layers. Meanwhile, the destroyed fat cells will not regenerate, meaning zero rebounds after cryolipolysis - your new body is here to stay for a long time.

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Technology: the Benefits

Targeted Fat Cell Elimination²

Fat cells are the root of obesity. A targeted way of burning fat is to eliminate fat cells themselves. CoolShaping Fat freezing technology aims at rapidly cooling down body fat underneath the skin - the body then removes the necrotic fat cells naturally. With no chance of regeneration, fat cell accumulation becomes a problem of the past.

Target fat in areas that are hard to lose²

We understand that regional body fat is a stubborn problem. CoolShaping Fat Freezing treatment can target accumulated fat at specific body parts, such as the abdomen, outer/inner thighs and buttocks, resulting in a slimmer body.

Patented Technology, Professional and Reliable¹ ³

CoolShapingTM is a safe, patented technology invented by a Harvard Medical School research team. Cryowave freezes fat cells at -10°C, crystalising the fat cells for natural removal.

Non-invasive, No Pain or Surgery³

CoolShaping Fat Freezing technology is non-invasive - meaning no surgery, needles, medication, and no severe pain. This is a treatment comfortable for most people.

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Technology: How Does It Work Inside the Body?

How it works?



Once cryowave penetrates the fat layer underneath the skin, it rapidly freezes and crystallizes the fat cells at -10°C.



Due to the cold-intolerant nature of adipocytes, the frozen fat cells become necrotic. The body then removes these dead cells through metabolism. As a result, the accumulated fat layer will become thinner.



The necrotic and eliminated fat cells will not regenerate, meaning there will be no rebound for your slimming result - your new body shape will last a long time.

After CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment, You Will Receive...

Fat Reduction with No Rebound

The theory of cryolipolysis is breaking up fat cells and crystallising them. Since the number of fat cells in the body is fixed, the eliminated fat cells will not regenerate. There will be a reduction of body fat volume, alongside the chance of fat accumulation.

Visible Slimming Effects

Unlike generic whole-body exercises, the fat freezing technology can reduce stubborn fat in specific areas. The body removes the broken-down fat cells naturally, achieving regional fat reduction and an overall more S-shaped body.

Safe, Painless Procedure

Fat freezing technology manages to reduce stubborn fat while being non-invasive. No surgery is needed for a slimming effect similar to that of liposuction. The entire treatment process is very safe and wound-free.

Attentive and Sincere Service

After the fat freezing treatment, our aesthetic therapist will massage your treatment area to promote your metabolism and enhance the fat reduction results. The therapist will also customize for you the most suitable treatment plan for optimal fat reduction and slimming effects.

Who is suitable?

Suitable for most people who want regional fat loss. To qualify for the treatment, you only need to have a thick enough fat layer in the specific body area, plus passing our evaluation.

Recommended Session Amount

We recommend breaking down the entire treatment into 10 to 12 sessions, with at least 1 month between each session.

Recovery Periods

There is no need for inconvenient recovery periods after each session - you can jump right back into daily work and routine.

Real People, Real Results

Precautions Before and After CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment...

Before Treatment

  • .Ask your aesthetic therapist for all details concerning CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment and make sure you understand all precautions related to the treatment.

  • .Eat lightly and in small portions before the treatment, as you must not eat for 2 hours after the treatment.

  • .If you have any long-term illness or skin condition (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, severe eczema and lupus erythematosus), you must first ask our consultant for approval for the treatment. Those who are pregnant or are breastfeeding cannot take the treatment.

After Treatment

  • .After one session, you must wait at least one month before another session on the same body area.

  • . After each treatment session, you should sufficiently hydrate yourself every day to speed up your metabolism and increase the speed of fat removal.

  • .Once the skin at the treatment area has healed, you can gently massage the area for better circulation and a faster slimming process.

New Beauty - A Wise Choice

Safety First

For the safety of our treatments, we use only certified products from the original manufacturers¹.

Experienced Professionals

Our medical aesthetic team has received professional training. They will provide you with services of high quality.

No Rebound

Fat Freezing treatment can target body fat directly, eliminating the regeneration of the removed fat cells and preventing rebounds after treatment.

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2The effect and progress of the treatment will vary due to factors such as individual skin and physical conditions.

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What is the principle of cryolipolysis?

The cryo-lipolysis technology was developed by a team from Harvard Medical School in the United States. It especially takes advantage of the weakness of adipocytes that are not cold-resistant. Using patented cryo-wave technology, it is launched deep into the adipose tissue and fat layer. The fat cells in the treatment site are frozen to -10°C. Once frozen, the fat cells will slowly coagulate, and then be naturally excreted through the body's metabolism process. Since cryo-waves are aimed at fat cells, it can reduce fatt tissue in obese parts, without the need for special exercise. Through this treatment, you can reduce fat gradually and re-shape your body.

Who is suitable for cryo-lipolysis?

Most persons who desire to shed the appearance of fat and weigh can undergo the cryo-lipolysis treatment. Cryo-lipolysis technology may remove fat in specific areas of the body without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. Cryo-lipolysis is an excellent fat reduction procedure for people who want to improve their body form.

What precautions should be taken after completing the cryolipolysis treatment?

The cryo-lipolysis treatment freezes the subcutaneous fat to -10°C, causing the fat cells to congeal and be naturally evacuated from the body. There may be some typical mild redness and itching in the treated area afterward. The problem normally resolves after a week. If you rub the skin too hard, you may damage the skin tissue and cause further discomfort. Furthermore, the body should maintain a regular metabolic rate - to do so, drink plenty of water and manage your stress.

Will the results of CoolShaping be long-lasting?

Cryo-lipolysis technique is used to target fat cells and cause them to freeze and die gradually. Cryo-lipolysis technique can remove fat storage space in the long run since the amount of fat cells in the human body is fixed, and once gone, they will not regenerate. Therefore, fat formation can be reduced by increasing the number of cells. We recommend 10-12 sessions per treatment plan to receive the best outcomes from this fat freezing procedure. The fat reduction impact can be prolonged if you keep a healthy diet and regular exercise routine after the treatment.

How to make the fat-reduction effects of cryo-waves more obvious?

After the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment, our in-house beautician will massage the treated region to improve the metabolism of the area and the fat-dissolving speed. This makes for faster fat percentage-loss results. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day is recommended if you want to see most drastic effects. Drinking enough water helps speed up the body's metabolism, eliminate toxins, produce more dramatic treatment results.