ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment

Freeze and Shatter Fat Cells! Spot Reduction Has Never Been Easier!

What is ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment?

"Stubborn fat cells are difficult to reduce in today's day and age as a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise are needed to obtain your desired results. Cosmetic surgery such as liposuction can pose as a weight loss solution but it may cause long-term effects post-procedure. We at New Beauty have introduced a non-surgical fat reduction and body sculpting treatment that uses fat freezing technology to remove unwanted fat cells via the body's lymphatic system. Lose weight effortlessly with ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment! This body sculpting treatment utilizes Harvard Medical School-patented technology. The treatment applicator emits cryowaves into the fat tissues, freezing and necrotizing the fat cells for natural metabolic removal and it also incorporates LED and vacuum suction technologies to speed up blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, effectively enhancing the treatment results. This CE-certified fat reduction treatment can help slim down multiple fatty body parts simultaneously and tighten the skin to reduce weight-loss-induced cellulite and skin laxity. Your ideal body curve is just one treatment away!"

Benefits of ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment

Non-invasive cryolipolysis

Fats cells are sensitive to cold temperatures. The ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment emits non-invasive cryowaves to freeze fat cells at -10°C, all the while remaining harmless to the surrounding tissues.

No side effects

ColdSculpt 3rd Gen is a non-invasive and harmless treatment with no downtime. Lose weight safely and comfortably!

Tightens Skin

This treatment's technologies can effectively tighten post-weight-loss loose skin for a firm, sensual body outline.

No recovery period

Unlike liposuction, which requires a long healing period, the ColdSculpt 3rd does not create wounds, thus requires no downtime. You can resume your daily schedule right after the treatment.

How does it work?

How it works?



The aesthetic therapist adjusts the handpiece and conducts a patch test. Then, the handpiece, with two cooling Peltiers, is aimed at the treatment area to emit low-temperature cryowave into the subcutaneous fat tissue, cooling down the tissue.



LED and vacuum technologies help break down fat cells and quicken metabolic expulsion.



Less significant fatty pockets in the treated body parts. The skin at the treated body part appears tight and smooth, preventing the chance of cellulite. Overall a more agile body outline.

What to expect after the ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment

No rebounds

The fat loss effect of the ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment is long-lasting for most. Since the number of fat cells in adults is fixed, the destroyed fat cells will not regenerate, thus no rebounding weight gain. We recommend you incorporate a healthy diet and moderate exercise to prolong the treatment results further and reduce future fat accumulation.

Non-invasive treatment

ColdSculpt 3rd Gen adopts the Harvard patented cryolipolysis technology. Since fat cells are sensitive to cold, this non-invasive treatment freezes excess fat cells at -10°C to crystalise them for metabolic excretion - you will notice significantly thinner fat layers!

No recovery period

After the ColdSculpt 3rd Gen treatment, you may experience mild muscle stiffness, soreness, slight bruising and deep itching. Don't worry, as these symptoms will fade away days after treatment. In addition, ColdSculpt 3rd Gen is CE-certified and brings no long-term side effects.

Professional and caring service

After completing ColdSculpt 3rd Gen, our therapists will carefully follow up on your feedback. Our in-house professionals will customise for you the most suitable treatment plan for maximum results.

Who is suitable?

This treatment is non-irritating to the skin and is suitable for people with most skin conditions.

How many sessions will I need?

We generally recommend 6-8 sessions per treatment course for mild obesity. For those with more severe obesity, them shall need 12 or more sessions per treatment course.

Is there any recovery period?

This treatment does not require significant downtime. You can return to your daily routine as normal

You Deserve Outstanding Results

Tips on ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment

Before Treatment

  • If you have undergone other body contouring treatments recently, you should consult a professional before proceeding with the ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment.

  • Drink plenty of water to help promote metabolism to accelerate fat elimination.

  • Do not burn the midnight oil as lack of sleep is detrimental to your metabolism.

After Treatment

  • Maintain a healthy diet to avoid future fat accumulation.

  • There may be deep itching and slight soreness at the treated area. Gently massage the treated area to avoid further irritation.

  • Avoid other treatments in the treated area for one month after the ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment

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What is the theory of ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment?

New Beauty's ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment uses the Harvard Medical School developed and patented cryolipolysis technology. This body contouring treatment emits cryo-waves at the targeted selected area, freezing and crystalising the excess fat cells for metabolic removal. Since fat cells are fixed in adulthood, ColdSculpt 3rd Gen can effectively cuts the number of fat cells for significant weight loss.

Will I experience rebound weight-gain?

Cryolipolysis technology in ColdSculpt 3rd Gen freezes and necrotises excess fat cells for metabolic removal. The destroyed fat cells will not regenerate as the human body stop regenerating new fat cells since adulthood. Therefore, ColdSculpt 3rd Gen can slim down fatty tissues with no rebounds. Nonetheless, you must maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to avoid future fat accumulation.

What are the advantages of ColdSculpt 3rd Gen over exercises?

There are so many ways to lose weight. The first choice for many people is usually exercise, i.e. running, yoga, Muay Thai, and dancing. Although exercising can burn body fat and enhance physical fitness, it is not without harm. Many beginners find getting into a practical and regular exercise challenging. In addition, you need to combine both aerobic and strength trainings for significant fat reduction and muscle enhancement results. As a result, exercising takes a lot of time and self-discipline. ColdSculpt 3rd Gen uses cryowaves to destroy excess fat cells directly and permanently. Each treatment session takes about 35 minutes, making it a time-efficient fat loss method.

How do fat cells affect the change in weight?

The most effective way of fat reduction is to eliminate fat cells directly. Fat cells stores fat in the human body - the more fat cells, the more fat accumulation. Eliminating fat cell amount reduces fat storage space and thus body fat content. ColdSculpt 3rd Gen freezes and necrotises fat cells for metabolic removal, achieving effective fat loss with no rebound.

Is ColdSculpt 3rd Gen suitable for everyone?

Most people with obesity are suitable for ColdSculpt 3rd Generation Harvard Fat Freezing Treatment. The treatment can dissolve fat in multiple body parts simultaneously. However, it is unsuitable for people with lupus erythematosus, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, long-term medication prescriptions, and more. In addition, you should not undergo this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. At your appointment, our professional beauty team will explain the theory and techniques of cryolipolysis. We will also conduct a physical analysis to ensure you are suitable for this treatment.