Acne Scarring Treatment

Acne Scarring Treatment: Laser Resurfacing Technology for Treating Acne Scars

Acne Scarring Treatment

"Acne scars can be even more stubborn than acne itself! What's worse, the generic lightening creams are not only useless but also expensive and can even be dangerous! Want a once-and-for-all solution to erase all acne scars? New Beauty's Acne Scarring Treatment employs 1064nm laser technology to penetrate the dermis. The photothermal effect shatters excess acne-induced melanin for metabolic removal. Moreover, laser energy also stimulates collagen and elastin production for repairing skin tissues. This treatment is great for all types of acne scars, such as rolling scars, hypertrophic scars, atrophic scars, brown and red blemishes, ice-pick scars and more!" New Beauty understands the struggles of having acne vulgaris, which is why we have introduced the Acne Treatment - this treatment uses a two-way spiral suction and drainage technology to deep-cleanse and exfoliate the pores, sucking out the oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Once the skin is clear of impurities and sebum, a medical-grade hydrating serum is infused into the pores to restore the water-sebum ratio and promote collagen production. By cleansing the skin and calming sebum secretion, future acne breakouts decrease, revealing smoother, brighter, clearer and well-nourished skin!"

Acne Scarring Treatment: The Benefits

Treat Acne Scars³

1064nm laser erases acne scarring hyperpigmentation by shattering melanin for natural via metabolic expulsion.

Promote Collagen Production³

Higher collagen content makes the skin bouncy, giving off a bright skin tone with refined skin texture.

Fill Pockmarks³

The laser energy can activate collagen and elastin production for pushing up pores and deep acne scar tissues (i.e. ice pick scars) from the inner skin layers. Unlike skin needling or dermal fillers, laser treatments can plump the skin's surface harmlessly and naturally.

Non-Invasive, No Wound, No Pain²

The 1064nm wavelength laser hits and leaves the melanin without lingering in the dermis, thus bringing no burn and pain to the surrounding skin.

How Does Acne Scarring Treatment Work?

How it works?



1064nm laser technology emits energy to target and break down melanin within acne scars in the dermis.



Laser energy stimulates collagen proliferation for supporting the sunken scar tissues from underneath, effectively shrinking pores and pockmarks, as well as holding moistures for a balanced water-sebum ratio, giving off a brighter skin complexion.



The shattered melanin leaves the body via metabolism, effectively achieving spotless, clear skin.

Acne Scarring Treatment: What You Will Get...

Improve Acne Scarring

High-focusing 1064mn laser energy penetrates the dermis to break down acne scarring melanin for metabolic removal.

Enhance Skin Texture

Collagen production repairs old and damaged skin tissues, which support hallow skin areas (i.e. deep acne scars). Skin texture will see a smoothening effect.

99.9% Painless²

Unlike other acne scar treatments, the Acne Scarring Treatment utilizes fast-travelling laser technology to focus on the melanin without impacting the surrounding skin, bringing no pain and burn.

No Downtime¹

Non-surgical treatment for acne scarring. Brings no wound to the skin's surface. You can put on markup and continue with your daily routines immediately post-treatment.

Suitable Users

This acne scar treatment targets all types of acne scars, as well as those with acne-and-comedo-prone skin, darker skin types, and dull skin tone.

Session Number

10 to 12 sessions per treatment plan; more sessions can be arranged for those with more severe acne scars.

Recovery Period

Non-surgical, painless, wound-free, no downtime, safe and reliable.

Acne Scarring Treatment: Real Treatment Results

What You Need To Know About the Acne Scarring Treatment…


  • Avoid exfoliating or acidic skin care products for at least one-week pre-treatment.

  • Hydrate the skin often to avoid discomfort from dryness.

  • If you have eczema or any other skin diseases, you should consult our beauty consultants on taking this treatment.


  • Avoid direct sun exposure after the treatment. Use SPF30+ sunscreen regularly.

  • Avoid exfoliating or acidic skin care products for one-to-two weeks post-treatment.

  • Avoid strenuous or heated activities, such as going to the sauna or long-distance hiking, for one-week post-treatment.

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We only use original equipment by the manufacturer¹ to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

Experienced Staff

Our professional team is trained to provide you with top-notch services.

Professional Follow-Up

Our professional team follows up on each client's case and ensures each client has a personalized treatment plan.

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2The effect and progress of the treatment will vary due to factors such as individual skin and physical conditions.

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What are the common causes of acne scars?

Common acne scars are the byproducts of damage to the dermis and capillaries. Usually, these scars subside gradually. However, handling the acne inappropriately, such as squeezing or popping the acne, can worsen the damages, which induces post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and textures, leading to acne blemishes and pockmarks.

Can acne creams reduce acne scars?

Acne creams can calm down acne inflammation. However, acne creams can, at best, only lighten mild acne scars and acne redness. The most severe acne scars such as dark blemishes, raised scars and depressed scars. Moreover, acne creams can induce dryness and allergic reactions to the scar tissues.

What's the theory behind New Beauty's Acne Scarring Treatment?

The patented 1064nm laser technology reaches the dermis to hit and shatter all melanin within the scar lesions for metabolic removal. In addition, the laser energy can stimulate collage proliferation for repairing the old and damaged skin tissues. As a result, your skin will become plumped from within, thus efficiently improving the appearance of acne blemishes of all shades, depths, and sizes, as well as raised scars and depressed scars.

Can Acne Scarring Treatment improve ice pick scars?

Yes, it can. The Acne Scarring Treatment technology can target both post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations can collagen loss of the aged and scared tissues. In most cases, we recommend 6 to 12 sessions per treatment plan. You can fill in the online booking form for a consultation session with our professional skin experts, who will design the most specific treatment plan based on the severity and depths of your ice pick scars.

What are the aftercare instructions for the Acne Scarring Treatment?

Use gentle and non-irritating skincare products for 1 to 2 weeks post-treatment. Also, you should drink plenty of water for maximum metabolic rate and treatment results. Furthermore, you should wear plenty of sunscreens daily and avoid direct sun exposure in order to prevent the appearance of hyperpigmentation.