i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment

Target Under-eye Circles and Restore Youthful Eyes with i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment!

What is i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment?

"As we age, we encounter countless eye issues that diminish our confidence, such as under-eye bags, dark circles, tear troughs, wrinkles and more. Although numerous under-eye creams and ointments are produced, none target the root cause of eye problems. We at New Beauty highly recommend our i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment - it combines ultrasonic and monopolar radio frequency technology to remove your eye issues! First, the ultrasonic waves accelerate the microcirculation of blood around the eyes. After that, the radio frequency energy penetrates deep into the skin cells around the eyes, stimulating collagen regeneration for lifting the under-eyes and giving skin elasticity. This non-invasive treatment addresses tear troughs, dark circles, eye lines, deep wrinkles and eye bags for a youthful radiance and supple skin!"

Benefits of i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment

Metabolises under-eye fat

The photo-thermal effect induced by ultrasound energy and monopolar radiofrequency helps dissolve excess fat under the eyes. These fat cells are excreted out of the body via the metabolism process.

Stimulates collagen production

"Ultrasound and monopolar radio frequency energy can reach the collagen tissues under the eye to stimulate collagen regeneration. This improves skin elasticity around the eyes and lifts the eye area."

Promote micro-circulation

Radiofrequency energy can be evenly transmitted to the dermis layer of the skin. Supplemented by ultrasonic energy, this treatment can help promote blood flow and improve the appearance of puffiness and dark circle around the eyes.

Non-invasive treatment

i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment is a non-invasive process that does not require surgery, injections, or medication. It is suitable for most people after an evaluation by our in-house therapist.

How it works?

How it works?



Our professional team examines the client's eye area skin. The team will also try to discover the causes of eye-area concerns by getting to know the client's daily habits. Next, the therapist explains the theory and steps of i-Genius. A patch test will be performed to get the client's feelings and skin reaction.



The therapist uses the CRYO cooling probe on the client's eye areas. The ultrasonic plus monopolar RF energy dissolves excess eye bag fat for less obvious eye bags and puffiness.



The energy activates collagen proliferation, which tightens the skin and is helpful for wrinkles and skin laxity. The energy also encourages microcirculation for expelling melanin, improving the appearance of dark circles.

What results can you expect after the treatment...

Remove dark circles for clear eyes

Ultrasound and monopolar radio frequency can induce photo-thermal effects to dilate blood vessels around the eye for improving blood circulation, stimulating collagen proliferation, reducing oedema, and excreating excess fat under the eyes via metabolism. As a result, this treatment can improve the visual appearance of eye puffiness, dark circles, eye bags and eye wrinkles.

Encourage collagen production

After the i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment, the skin around the eyes will feel firm as collagen will continue to proliferate after the treatment. A healthy and balanced lifestyle helps maintain the firming and lifting feeling of the eye area.

Low risk and non-surgical treatment

i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment is non-invasive treatment that evenly distributes ultrasound and monopolar radio frequency to the surface of the eye-area skin. The treatment process is fairly safe and cause no wounds in the treated area.

Professional and considerate service

After completing the i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment, our therapists will follow up with you on your reactions and comments about the treatment. Our beautician will customise the most suitable treatment plan for you to ensure your reach the maximum results in improving your eye problems.

Who is suitable?

This treatment is low-irritating to the skin and is suitable for most skin types. It is recommeneded to people with minor to severe eye problems.

How many sessions are needed?

We recommend you partake in 10 to 12 sessions as a complete course of treatment. There should be at least one month gap between each treatment session.

Is there any recovery time needed?

After each treatment, you do not need to reserve a long period of downtime. You can return to your daily work almost immediately after the treatment.

Proven Results of i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment

What are the precautions to look out for?

Before Treatment

  • Before treatment, you are advised to use sunscreen with SPF 30 or above

  • Avoid direct contact with sunlight before the treatment

  • Before the treatment, you can moisturize the skin around the eyes by applying a moisturising eye mask.

After Treatment

  • Continue to use a sunscreen product with SPF 30 or above to protect your skin from sun exposure.

  • Within 2 weeks after the treatment, you must avoid undergoing high-energy photothermal treatments such as laser, IPL, and radio frequency.

  • Do not use AHA, exfoliating products, and Accutane medication for 1 week after treatment.

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i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment help soothe eye bags, eye lines, dark circles, and bright and youthful-looking eyes.

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What daily habits can lead to the formation of eye problems?

Constant rubbing of the eyes, putting on and taking off contact lenses and more will cause the skin around the eyes to be stretched excessively, which may result in fine lines around the eyes. The eye problems may also occur due to lack of rest for a long time or due to frequently looking at electronic products in dimly lit places. This results in saggy skin. In addition, ultraviolet rays can damage the skin barrier and cause loss of moisture. This will accelerate the skin aging process and the appearance of eye lines and eye bags.

What is the principle of the i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment?

The principle of i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment is to use a special eye probe, combined with ultrasonic and monopolar radio frequency technology, to stimulate the growth of collagen deep in the eye skin. This accelerates blood circulation around the eyes thus sooth puffiness around the eyes. The body's metabolism process naturally removes excess fat and melanin from eye bags and dark circles. You will begin to see improvement in the appaerance eye bags, dark circles, eye lines and tear troughs.

How long does the entire i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment take?

It depends on the type and severity of eye bags. However, for mild eye bags, 6 sessions as a complete course of treatment is recommended; severe eye bags will need 12 sessions as a complete course of treatment. Each session should be taken monthly. As for the first-time customers, our beauty consultants will first use a professional skin analyser to conduct a detailed skin evaluation to see the condition of the your under-eye muscles, the problems that need to be improved, and the severity of the problems. Then, according to the problems, our in-house therapist will customise a treatment plan just for you to ensure that the treatment sessions can exert their maximum effects.

How invasive is the i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment?

i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment is a non-invasive treatment that will not cause any long-lasting wounds to the skin around the eyes. The ultrasonic and monopolar radio frequency energy released are relatively mild. During the treatment, customers will only feel a slight warm feeling, similar to that of an eye massage. The entire process is fairly comfortable and will not cause too much irritation to the skin. It is also fairly safe to undergo this treatment.

How should I care for my skin after i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment?

After the i-Genius Eye Bag Treatment, you should use more moisturising skin care products to add moisture to the skin around the eyes. This reduces the chance of re-formation of eye lines, and make the treatment effect more long-lasting. In addition, you can regularly massage the acupuncture points around the eyes to improve blood circulation. This simple method will help remove excess fluid retention, prevent fine lines around the eyes, resolve eye bags and other problems - keeping your eyes sparkly and shiny!