Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment

Got Under Eye Bags? Dark circles? Fine Lines? Exilis Pro Gets Your Skin Firm Again!

Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment

Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment uses the patented under eye area-specific handpiece to emit three wavelengths of radio frequency (RF) and ultrasonic technology into the orbicularis muscles. The energy encourages metabolic removal of excess eye bag fat and edema reduction via microcirculation. What's more, the energy also activate collagen production. This treatment can bring results to those concern with under eye skin concerns, such as eye bags, puffiness, fine lines, dark circles, tear troughs and more.

Benefits of the Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment

Efficient Results ²

Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment can improve skin texture, tighens eye area skin, relieves puffy eyes and dark circles, and reduce fine lines quickly.

Long term Results²

Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment can target various types of under eye bags, under eye wrinkles and appearance of dark circles. Results are usually more long-lasting than regular eye creams.

Three Major Functions ²

Improve the conditions of lower eyelid skin with eye bags, under eye wrinkles, dark circles and more.


Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment suits most people, as it is non-invasive, meaning no injections (i.e. hyaluronic acid fillers), incisions (i.e. eye lift), and medications. Exilis Pro brings you no allergic reaction.

How Does the Exilis Pro
Eye Bag Treatment Work?

How does it work?



The aesthetic therapist first explains the theory and procedure, and then does a patch test to ensure no adverse reaction to the RF and ultrasonic energy.



After cleansing the skin, the therapist uses the patented probe for gently massaging the orbits, emitting RF plus ultrasonic thermal energy into the orbicularis muscles. The thermal energy aims to dissolve eye bag fat and tighten skin.



The thermal energy should also be able to encourage blood flow, which is good for expelling water and toxin via lymphatic drainage, relieving puffiness and dark circles. The energy should also help collagen proliferation, which firms up the skin.

What You Can Get from the Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment…

Bright Eyes with Younger Looking Skin

Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment gently tightens the delicate skin around the eyes for a lifted look. RF of three wavelengths plus ultrasound can heat the orbicularis muscles to encourage blood flow and stimulates collagen production. The eye area skin becomes healthy, which helps treat under eye wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags.

Maintenance for the Under Eye Area

Factors such as electronic screens, UV rays, excessive eye rubbing and overworking your eyes can help develop dark circles, under eye wrinkles and baggy eyes. Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment needs no incisions nor injections, making for a non-surgical and highly safe eye rejuvenation treatment.

Non-Invasive and Low Harm

Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment is non-invasive, as it employs RF and ultrasonic energy to gently warm up the snesitive skin around the eyes. The procedure causes no wound on the lower eyelids, relieving the look of dark circles, fine lines and eye bags.

Professional and Caring Services

After Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment session, our aesthetic therapist will care for your feedback regarding the treatment. Our team will customize your treatment plan to maximize your treatment results.

Suitable Users

Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment is low in irritability, making it usually suitable for each skin type. You are welcome to try Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment if you want to relieve or prevent under eye wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, and puffy eyes.

Session Amount

In general, we recommend 6 to 12 sessions per treatment plan.


Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment usually requires little to no downtime, making it convenient for those with a busy work schedule.

Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment : Real Treatment Results

Must-Know about Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment


  • Drink plenty of water right before the treatment to speed up the metabolism for renewing skin cells.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure pre-treatment by wearing 3PF 30+ skincare products around the eyes.

  • Rest plenty pre-treatment. We recommend wearing hydrating eye area skincare products.


  • Avoid direct sun exposure post-treatment. Wear sun screens and protective garments, i.e. hats and umbrella.

  • Hydrate frequently post-treatment to relieve treatment-induced dry skin.

  • Avoid acidic, exfoliating or other irritating skincare products.

New Beauty: Your Ally in Medical in Aesthetics

Safety First

We use equipment from the original manufacturer¹.

Years of Experience

Our medical comestic team is professional trained to provide you splendid services.

Target Deep-Seated Eye Area Concerns²

Three wavelengths RF plus ultrasonic technology emits thermal energy, seeping into the orbicularis muscles for lifting effects and encouraging collagen proliferation, addressing dark circles, fine lines, baggy eyes, tear troughs and more. Exilis Pro Eye Bag Treatment's efficacy has more depth than general eye creams.

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