Bye-Bye Arm Treatment

Target Upper Arm Fat , Get Graceful Arm Outlines

Bye-Bye Arm Treatment

Excess fat in the upper arms can impact confidence. Which is why New Beauty introduce the Bye-Bye Arm Treatment. Bye-Bye Arm employs the High-Density Electro Magnetic Energy (HDEMS) technology to send electromagnetic pulses into the triceps. The electromagnetic pulses stimulate motor neurons into inducing supramaximal muscle contractions (36,000 times per session). The contractions quicken the breakdown process of stubborn fat cells and also increase the muscle support, which fill the skin and adorn the arms' outline.

Benefits of Bye-Bye Arm Treatment

Get Exercise-like Results ³

36,000 supramaximal muscle contractions per 20-minutes treatment session, sculpting your arms' outlines without making you sweat.

Increase Metabolic Rate ³

Bigger muscle mass increases metabolic rate, which help remove excess body fat for a fit and firm body shape.

Enhance Muscle , Reduce Fat ³

Patented technology stimulate motor neurons to induce muscle contractions akin to exercising, making for stimultaneous fat reduction and muscle group strengthening.

Minimal Downtime ²

This is a non-surgical body sculpting treatment, meaning no injections and incisions. Moreover, most users only feel a contractions within muscle layers, making for a highly safe treatment with minimal discomfort and downtime.

How does the Bye-Bye
Arm Treatment work?

How does it work?



The aesthetic therapist uses the handpiece to emit electromagnetic pulses into fatty areas of the arms. The pulses reach the muscles to induce 36,000 supramaximal muscle contractions per session. The contractions strengthen the appearance of arm muscles and break down targeted fat cells to lessen the appearance of stubborn fat pockets.



The contractions strengthen the appearance of arm muscles and break down targeted fat cells to lessen the appearance of stubborn fat pockets. The dead fat cells will exit the body via lymphatic system.



After the procedure, the aesthetic therapist will clean the client's skin surface targeted areas and follow-up on the client's feedback, as well as instructing on aftercare and help book the next appointment.

What You Can Get with Bye-Bye Arm Treatment

Graceful Arm Outlines

Body-contouring electromagnetic pulses stimulates motor neurons for supramaximal muscle contractions, which encourages metabolic expulsion of excess arm fat cells. The energy also encourage muscle group growth for firm arm outlines.

Efficient Treatment

This arm tightening treatment is efficient. Witness thinning in the appearance of stubborn fat deposits as well as a skin-tightening feeling as time goes on.

Non-invasive and Highly Safe Procedure

This non-invasive treatment is non-surgical and highly safe. The procedure is relatively comfortable with a slightly warmth. The treatment area may be slightly sore but nothing too impactful and life-hindering.

Caring and Professional Services

Our aesthetic therapists will follow up on your feedback for the treatment. We will customize a fat reduction treatment plan to increase your treatment's effectiveness.

Suitable Users

This fat reduction treatment brings minimal irritation, making it suitable for people with various body types.

Recommended Session Amount

We recommend 4 sessions in 2 weeks as a complete treatment course.


The convenient treatment makes for minimal downtime.

Real Treatment Results

Must-Know about Bye-Bye Arm Treatment


  • Avoid laser treatment, as well as IPL, RF and high intensity focused ultrasound treatments for two-weeks both pre and post-treatment.

  • Avoid heated environments such as hot springs and saunas. Avoid direct sun exposure.

  • Rest plenty before the treatment for healthy and hydrated skin.


  • Hydrate regularly post-treatment for speeding up metabolism and reducing water retention.

  • Avoid hot baths and showers to prevent skin irritation post-treatment.

  • Maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise to prolong treatment results.

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Years of Experience

Our medical comestic team went through professional trainning.

Fat Reduction for unwanted fat in the arms

This treatment focuses on the unwanted fat cells at the triceps.

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What are the causes of flabby arms?

Not working out, overeating, unbalanced diet can all lead to excess body fat in the triceps. This is due to the fact that excess calories turning into fatty content to be stored inside fat cells. Moreover, we don't often use triceps in our daily lives, making for smaller muscle mass and thus thicker subcutaneous fat. Furthermore, factors such as poor postures, rachiokyphosis and unfitting bras can shift stubborn fats from the back to the arms.

Who are prone to flabby arms?

"Flabby arms" means excess body weight at the triceps, which is a muscle group rarely used in daily lives. Those who don't train triceps frequently and strenuously are prone to weak triceps and large fat cells in this areas, making for difficult fat reduction.

What is the theory of Bye-Bye Arm Treatment?

This treatment is a fat reduction and muscle gain treatment for the triceps. HDEMS technology penetrates the muscle to induce supramaximal muscle contractions akin to workout, as well as encourage metabolism to remove damaged fat cells. The loose skin from weight loss will be filled by muscles. In the end, you wil observe more streamlined and graceful arm outlines!

How does the Bye-Bye Arm Treatment feel?

Bye-Bye Arm is a non-surgical alternative to body sculpting treatments. The procedure induce slight pulling and contracting sensation. You may also feel warm. The equipment bring minimal risk of skin damage, thus little to no downtime in most cases. The treated area can be a little sore.

When will I see the weight loss and skin tightening results?

Your can feel a skin tightening sensation arounding the arm usually by the first session. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to prolong the treatment results.